Genesis - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Lyrics

I'm coming down, coming down like a monkey, but it's alright
Like a load on your back that you can't see, ooh but it's alright
Try to shake it loose, cut it free, just let it go, get it away from me.

Cos tonight, tonight, tonight - oh, I'm gonna make it right
Tonight, tonight, tonight - oh.

I'm going down, going down, like a monkey, ooh but it's alright
Try to pick yourself up, carry that weight that you can't see,
Don't you know it's alright
It's like a helter skelter, going down and down, round and round
But just get it away from me - oh.

Because tonight, tonight, tonight - oh
We're gonna make it right
Tonight, tonight, tonight - oh.

I got some money in my pocket, about ready to burn
I don't remember where I got it, I gotta get it to you
So please answer the phone, cos I keep calling, but you're never home
What am I gonna do
Tonight, tonight, tonight - oh
I'm gonna make it right
Tonight, tonight, tonight - oh.

You keep telling me I've got everything, you say I've got everything I want
You keep telling me you're gonna help me, you're gonna help me, but you don't
But now I'm in too deep
You see it's got me so that I just can't sleep
Oh get me out of here, please get me out of here
Just help me I'll do anything, anything
If you'll just help me get out of here.

I'm coming down, coming down like a monkey, ooh but it's alright
It's like a load on your back that you can't see,
Ooh don't you know that it's alright
Just try to shake it loose, cut it free, let it go
But just get it away from me
Cos tonight, tonight, tonight - oh
Maybe we'll make it right
Tonight, tonight, tonight - oh.

Please get me out of here
Someone get me out of here
Just help me I'll do anything, anything
If you'll just help get me out of here
Tonight - oh, I'm gonna make it right
Tonight, tonight, tonight - oh.

Yes tonight, tonight, tonight - oh,
Yes I'm gonna make it right, tonight, tonight, tonight - oh...

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Genesis Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Comments
  1. AJ BOSS 77

    Genesis music was Real.

  2. María s

    Me encanta este tema casi todos son buenísimos 😊👍❤adoro a phil

  3. Kevin Prior

    Berlin Wall springs mind

  4. Elif Nur Demir

    In the air tonight more beautiful

  5. Rabi Khaled

    Durch und durch ein Meisterstück!!


    I love the darkness. I love the melancholy. I love Genesis.

    Carlos Edmundo Rivera Manifacio

    Me too..

  7. Kommissar

    It's an epic meditation on intangibility.

  8. jim le reveilleur

    Master pièce and master vocal performance

  9. jutubaeh

    is that jou Raje bRätbüR€€´ ^ ^

  10. jutubaeh

    tonight ! tonite, tvneidt ?

    the bRä$illyän.
    . ! ^?^

  11. Glenn Gaskin

    Stunning classic. End of story. Best song on Invisible Touch !

  12. Célia Curci


  13. T G

    Once the drum beat gets in your head it’s with you for the next month..awesome track

  14. Евгений Валерьевич

    looking in 2019

  15. GIMBLETT Souvenir Khas Jakarta youth ..oh my youth moment (13s years old) long journey for my difficult life at that time,,,hicks

  16. Andres Pantoja

    Esos teclados esas gitarras uff

  17. Horizon 59

    That amazing instrumental section!

  18. CP Doldi

    Elle est où la France ??!!!!!!!!!!????!!!! 😄😄😄

  19. Veríssimo Gomes

    blade runner all around lol

  20. Mourad Ferrad

    master peace

  21. Sebastian Chiaramonte

    I fucking love this song

  22. marcelo dioses

    Zarpado tema

  23. Gianni Baron

    Michto Les tchova kaplo ok.merci encore merci.gia le tchavo merci beaucoup salut tenez bon on n'y est presque terminé tchoom la fête foraine.

  24. Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    From Invisible Touch, recorded Autumn '85
    I think.

  25. Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    Great song! Great vocals.

  26. amanda prill

    My favourite Gensis song

  27. Hoppy Hippie

    3:20 reminds me so much of Hawkwind

  28. Reid Ripley

    I'm stunned that this only has a million 1/2 views - this is a dark brooding masterpiece from the best decade in music. 80's forever!

    Winz Winz

    They don't know the real music bro

  29. Fractal Universe · all things are connected

    ✨💓💓💓 Love this song!!!


    One moré One more favorite

  31. Katherine L. A. B

    Such a powerful song! And Phil’s voice !!! Simply amazing. 👏🏻

  32. Cássia Buarque de Lima

    dos anos 70 ao ano 2019 <3

  33. Ses Terzisi

    Phil Collins 😍

  34. TheLEGEND313

    *This album (Invisible Touch) defined the 80's for me... Still does*

  35. TheLEGEND313


  36. Carlos Moretti

    Top top class 😎😎😎

  37. Wat

    Blade Runner set. Gotta be. Bradbury Building.

  38. Rik Wraith

    Never seen this video before but being a blade runner fan and actually watching it in 2019 is wierd! How time flies

  39. Jānis Lazdāns

    Anyone in 2018? Fantastic song

  40. Mario Martin Troncozo

    Temaso de los ochenta ,grande genesis ,musica q no pasa de moda

  41. carlitos yatusabe

    Sólo recuerdo el comercial de Gillette del 87, con este rolon!!!!

  42. anii chan

    Someone 2018?

  43. Jonathan Walker

    When I was a child I used to think that this sound which starts here 0:10 was made by crickets 😂

  44. Mike Boxall

    So love this

  45. Minelvina Rosa

    Phil Collins, gênio: incomparável, insubstituível, único, ficará para sempre por gerações e gerações.

  46. Deano

    best of 1986.

  47. Maximilano Rodriguez

    Que buen clasico nunca me canso de escucharla😎😎

  48. David Williams

    Who said Genesis couldn’t make good music after Gabriel and Hackett left?

  49. Erni Hakato

    Mega klimat

  50. Capitan Futuro


  51. Susan Taylor

    Is this song about drug addiction?

  52. Aimée Lo

    Fav track ever

  53. Jay Bong

    Legendär :)

    Jay Bong

    Bleibt :)

  54. Seniorita Allegra

    Tonight, tonight ('_') ❗

  55. Nicole Lessy

    Always one of my favourite!

  56. Morales Garcia

    Domm is the House without the Door /El destino es la casa sin la puerta by the drama por el sueño.

  57. Severino machado Machado

    Linda música melodia maravilhosa

  58. Rameshcs Bb1

    One of best songs ever.. Genesis is genesis..

  59. Пол Банки

    blade runner Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

  60. luis acosta

    Todo un genio Phil Collins desde Chico lo escucho gracias a mi mama

  61. luis acosta

    Todo un genio Phil Collins desde Chico lo escucho gracias a mi mama

    Javier Fueyo

    GUAPAS habilidades te enseño tù mamâ Luis

  62. Pani Smith

    Awesome & powerful song..
    You gonna help me...but you don't...tonight - tonight.
    Seen this song Live..the music & lyrics. Amazing.

  63. Jem KMJ

    DOPE. Too good to be true !

  64. Vanesa Cajel Argentina


  65. Goldie Tom Gaura Kemper

    i got some money in my pocket ,gotta ready to go , dont know where i got it , i gonna give it to you ´´ cool !

  66. Victor Sanchez Madrigal

    The best group

  67. Ari Samsali

    Genesis is the best forever group of musician in the world.

    Célia Curci


  68. William Hagood

    I like to imagine that this is the song that describes Rael, the half-Puerto Rican street punk protagonist of the 1974 album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, one decade later as he journeys through the 1980's Manhattan scene, hooked on heroin and living in a drug house.

  69. Camilo Espinosa

    Buena rola hace tiempo no la escuchaba

  70. Mitch Clark

    Bet not many people notice that this is the set of Blade Runner.

  71. DesertRose122

    I love this band and this kinda stuff. Screw Simon Cowell and his manufactured cheesy pop shite.

  72. Si Aldridge

    This is it onwards @ 3:17 - Masterpiece

  73. Amitabha Chaudhuri

    Way back in 1987 I remember my son who was 2 yrs old then I use to play this no every night while he sleeps in d night .n he became a great music lover. Thanks Phil.

  74. stigward duke

    The music in this track has a real cop show feel to it.

  75. Lee Johnson

    love it

  76. mimimaisie Hogan

    Only 14 but I bloody love this song !!! Anybody see Phil on the not dead yet tour !i did it was brill

  77. mayu ishi


  78. tano Angélici

    Good song

  79. Эдгар По

    Genesis - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight -it's forever

  80. sony sriwijaya

    lagu lagunya ok banget...

    Yeshiva yehweh

    sony sriwijaya telek mas

  81. DBYouthMovement

    They have a very unique sound underrated though a popular group. Should be getting more attention

  82. Eduardo Augusto

    tira onda phil collins

  83. Eduardo Augusto

    muito lindo pocha que cara pra cantar

  84. Juliano Rondinelli

    Me again.

  85. Gustavo Diaz

    grandes por siempre

  86. AndRock

    Great clip! I really liked the Blade Runner reference.

  87. Fractal Universe · all things are connected

    LOVE it.. and love Phil!

  88. Pani Smith

    Great Song!!!☺

  89. Paulo Rogerio

    The sound is muffled it has not been remastered

  90. Lima Costa

    transport me to kingdom of art :D



  92. Pippa Jones

    song about drug addiction

  93. Pippa Jones

    song about drug addiction

  94. Mauro RAELIANO

    CIAO RAEL GRAZIE MILLE PER IL PARADISM.ELOHIM !!! [email protected]@@!!!