Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Lyrics

And the lamb lies down on Broadway

Early morning Manhattan
Ocean winds blow on the land
The Movie-Palace is now undone
The all-night watchmen have had their fun
Sleeping cheaply on the midnight show
It's the same old ending-time to go
Get out
It seems they cannot leave their dream
There's something moving in the sidewalk steam
And the lamb lies down on Broadway

Nightime's flyers feel their pains
Drugstore takes down the chains
Metal motion comes in bursts
But the gas station can quench that thirst
Suspension cracked on unmade road
The trucker's eyes read 'Overload'
And out on the subway
Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid
Exits into daylight, spraygun hid
And the lamb lies down on Broadway

The lamb seems right out of place
Yet the Broadway street scene finds a focus in its face
Somehow it's lying there
Brings a stillness to the air
Though man-made light, at night is very bright
There's no whitewash victim
As the neons dim, to the coat of white
Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid
Wipes his gun - he's forgotten what he did
And the lamb lies down on Broadway

Suzanne tired her work all done
Thinks money-honey-be on-neon
Cabman's velvet glove sounds the horn
And the sawdust king spits out his scorn
Wonder women you can draw your blind
Don't look at me! I'm not your kind
I'm Rael
Something inside me has just begun
Lord knows what I have done
And the lamb lies down on Broadway
On Broadway
They say the lights are always bright on Broadway
They say there's always magic in the air

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Genesis The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Comments
  1. Hugh Jass

    wow man this is fabulous! I'm 18 so ive never heard this before, 10/10

  2. marc er

    you can make a judgment of where we are as a spieces by what music is being written at that time. What are we now?

  3. Broccoli

    This is a great mastering. Better than the original.

  4. sujaul khan

    this is album simply a miracle....... a secret world only these genius' could share.............. . incredibly great sound, semvai! cheers

  5. Toolpusher

    Even Rick Wakeman is on record as saying that this is the finest concept album ever made. High praise from a master of his art.

  6. Porfle Popnecker

    The only trouble is, I got so used to hearing this on my 8-track copy back in the 70s that now I prefer the different song order on it. It's actually better in my opinion, especially the great way "Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging" leads into "Lilywhite Lilith."

  7. Leanne L sound...all gone...sorry..this mix is SHIT..

  8. Stephen Myers

    Amazing drumming. Most people listen to the vocals ,keyboards and bass when listening to Genesis( unfortunately Steve has always been mixed out) but I like to listen to Phil's great drumming,..and I'm a keyboardist...

  9. bal esp

    Llevo 40 años con este disco y no me canso de oír a genecis

  10. paul rodwell

    On hour 12 of return to my youth....bought the album at the market cheap, because I remember the music press didn't rate it......I did.....loved it.....vinyl died.. bought cassette cassette died .bought CD.....CD died spotify gives me shingles so currently on you tube.......still want to hear it... and every wrong decision in my life, I hear chamber of 32 doors

  11. Denice Garberina

    Wow! Just as good as I remembered in my teenage years; in the 80s! There will never be music like this again! That is for sure! Majestic Is Right!

  12. al va

    I have 6% battery and I'm listening to Lamb lies down on Broadway.

  13. Luka Meah

    I've studied and played music from the Renaissance to current,
    1965-1975 is the high water mark for great music.

    Denice Garberina

    That's so true, I concur!

  14. Rich Reicher



    Pretty much not. I saw the wind and weathering tour in New Orleans. They opened with dance on a volcano and the rest of the concert was fantastic.

    The wheels loosened with... Then there were three---then pretty much fell off at Duke.

    Porfle Popnecker

    "Trick of the Tail" and "Wind and Wuthering" are two of the very best Genesis albums.

  15. Algo Tu

    Majestic, Supreme, Eternal, INVIGORATING...! No wonder such generation, we came so firedup, dreamers of english tales in progressive rock. Still Bitchen !

  16. Rek One

    The very last true Genesis album but time for change was more than required as the commercial generation was ready and waiting. I remember the “new” Genesis in November 1975 in Paris for the first Gab-less show.... well even a Gab fan like me liked was i saw with Phil. Yeah I missed Gab but the Genesis commercialization had stated..,we know the rest...

    Rek One

    btw I saw the Lamb concert a year earlier in Paris as well... yeah was totally blown away by Gabriel’s incredible but last show with Genesis

  17. Michael d'amico

    my ma got me this for x-mas the year it came out. went to my room, did not come out till it was over. my ma passed 11 days ago.

  18. Guitar George

    Who else here loves a great lyricist? Absolutely spectacular. Jon Anderson of Yes is another favorite of mine. Thank you to those who helped shape this progressive rock era. You're the best! And no need to thank my generation for the music we have today. Please, DON'T!

    Denice Garberina

    Hahaha. So true.

  19. Thomas Jones

    I saw this concert at the Philadelphia Spectrum 1974 (?). Top 3. The Wall at Nassau Colisseum1980, first US performance. The Grateful Dead at Englishtown 1977. A toss up....

  20. Jarrod Schroeder

    We dont need to see all the tech crap about licensing and who produced wgat n when all that tech stuff! Enough! Lets just Enjoy The Music!!

  21. Yanquirocker

    In the rapids, it.... and earlier the grand parade where you can hear peter stepping in to the factory floor!!!!unequaled.

  22. Yanquirocker

    Got the cd before I had a player for it. A masterpiece. Side 4....the scree, etc. great climax to an epic film of an album

  23. Giorgos Velentzas

    Peter Gabriel in his most amazing form and inspiration. Ever.

  24. terrypussypower

    Man, I LOVE that little piano “pleeng; at the very end of “Chamber Of 32 Doors”! 45:23

  25. Alexandra Ribeiro

    The Colony of Slippermen ❤️

  26. Jose Renato

    Simplesmente fenomenal !!!!
    O melhor


    Foi este álbum que eles tocaram em CASCAIS. Ainda hoje sonho com aquele concerto.

  27. Ir Da

    eines meiner top100 Alben, ich denke, dies ist die Geburt von Genesis als Prog Rock

  28. Eleuterio Ramalho

    The best set of Musiks ever. Extraodinary work of genesis

  29. Antonio Lamy

    The best

  30. Cindy Burrell

    Being the asshole that I am at times my good friend joe heart suggested I listen to this he was a very good judge of music,I said I wanted to hear something else he had( don’t even remember) and it took me a year to get it?thank -you joe heart Cindy ,very far away.🥰

  31. Kent Crawford

    In the late 1970s and early 1980s I played This Record a kazillion times

  32. Tod Guinda

    masterpiece!! in the rapids.....fantastic

  33. Caro M

    You listen to this a few times and then, Collins' modern stuff and wonder what the heck happened!!


    Well Gabriel left, thats what happened.

  34. Comandante Narcos

    Después esto , correcto y justo es dejar la música igual que un campeón al ápice decida dejar .Cierto es que la nostalgia te mataría por el resto de tu vida.

  35. Richard Ebbs

    As you listen to what is the best Genesis album, you hear bits of Selling England, Foxtrot and Nursery Crymes....brilliant! It makes you wonder what would have come if Peter Gabriel stayed....


    We still got some good albums like wind and wuthering after he left. And he made some great albums too but yes... If only he stayed.

    At least we have the lamb :)

  36. Erick McNerney

    This album is like Dr Seuss meets the Adrian Lyne film Jacob's Ladder.

  37. Vinçent Fernando

    This album was the trigger for the departure of the band's vocalist. Tony Banks considered it a record "too long and dense", although time has proved right to Peter Gabriel. Between the two there was a lot of rivalry and it is a pity that a work, now considered masterful and original, has had that consequence for the group. (I can visualize how Peter wrote the lyrics and Tony struggled to adapt it musically along with the tension of the environment that this caused).

  38. Marco Tagliavia

    It is here, it is now

  39. Gregg Goss

    Thank you for this upload. Made my day.

  40. King Kor

    great for relaxed overcast/rainy afternoons at home...

    Vasilii Chebyshev

    I only listen to it when it's dark outside, especially when I'm walking the street. Best feeling I've got was when I listened to it at night time when walking down the real Broadway in NYC... Such a shame I don't live there.

  41. The Cat

    most of genesis sound is because of steve hackett. if you look at his solo work it is the most genesis-like.

  42. Bernardo Di Giuseppe

    Un album di altissimo livello.

  43. Johnny B

    Brill album, but listen to the vynal. so much more to hear quality and depth of the instruments being played is amazing

  44. Mama Deutsch

    Thumbs down to the thumb downers!

  45. G. B.

    Hats off, great, immortal

  46. Jouko Heikkala

    I don't hear any difference compared to the original, listening from a phone.

    Jerry Vivanco

    Who cares!! Just crank it up, and enjoy it!!!!

  47. pata lata


  48. Tom MacEgan

    Well that was incredible. Going to listen to that again. . . .

  49. Charles Hoppner

    I love it on vinyl, but you REALLY get the power of Collins' drumming on this mix.

    Jerry Vivanco

    Phil Collins!!!! One of THEE premier drummers, EVER!!!!!

    Cindy Burrell

    Charles Hoppner yes

    Guitar George

    @Jerry Vivanco Indeed Mr. Jerry. Indeed!

  50. lsloan0000

    +SevmaiLaif: Why use "Helium Audio Joiner" to make this video? Was it to join the two discs into one recording? I'd prefer to have each track as individual videos, then make all those videos part of a full album playlist.

  51. augusto iannitti

    un opera d'arte

  52. Mimi Mimi

    Son merdique

  53. robk236

    Remarkable how much better this mix sounds than the mix on the cd I own. Thanks for sharing this.

    Rusty Kuntz

    Very good mix for this album

    Charles Hoppner

    It's honestly punchier and clearer than my vinyl - although could be my player.

  54. Mark Hackett

    Rael was according to the band / Gabriel the most common name for a boy, taking the first two and last two letters of any name.

  55. Mark Hackett

    Thank you for uploading, sounds superb. Saw the lads perform it live at Manchester free trade hall. Must of been about 15 .

  56. lsloan0000

    Thanks for making this available. This is the only place I could find the original "Carpet Crawlers" with all the verses intact. The re-recording from the 1990s with Phil Collins on some verses omits some of the original verses.

  57. Lindeman


  58. hyuma99

    Japanese cut?

  59. robertof286

    Back in the NYC is so powerfull! Gabriel’s vocals on it is absolutely brilliant!

    tonio netho

    How It is done? Taking previously weekendly large amounts of Whisky, smoking pipes ful of most different vegetables, screaming out loud. Who takes this, Him, Rael, or, someone called GABrael.More, I'M NOT FULL OF SHIT .

  60. Yuri Dio


  61. Tim Oesau

    Hard to find a favorite part but Fly On A Windshield into Broadway Melody is up there. Also, Lilywhite Lilith. God damn.

    Jerry Vivanco

    Great call on both tunes. I concur.......

  62. John Hughes

    I was 12 when I got this off my brother for Xmas/birthday? present. Pre-recorded cassettes. Use to listen to it on my little cassette player/recorder that was next to my bed. This band.


    You have a cool brother, never forget that.

  63. Dennis Waske

    this concert was my introduction to genesis/peter gabriel. had not even heard of them. life changing nite. followed PG ever since.

  64. Turner Manc

    Genesis formed something in my 14 year old brain., back in the 70's, that never changed
    And here I am, still listening to it.
    It wasn't Banks favorite and he criticized Gabriel's concept . Perhaps the time wasn't good for him, what with band problems and touring stresses.
    The time was good for me in my teens, and I know every lyric verbatim, so it sticks with me as a wonderful album.


    Banks is a lightweight idiot. All comments here prove it. Imagine if Genesis had Rick Wright instead....

    Jerry Vivanco

    With all due respect to Tony Banks, who is 1 of my ALL-TIME favorite keyboardists and composers, EVERY documentary I have ever seen on the recording of all their albums, he is nothing but bitter. Always criticizing and sniping. He always complains about EVERYTHING!!!

    Turner Manc

    @Jerry Vivanco I am pretty certain it would have been Banks who blocked everything Hackett brought in. 'Please dont touch' was a rejected Genesis track.

    Denice Garberina

    I agree.


    I wish William Friedkin had made the film with Gabriel as Rael. The British film industry was on its knees,.


    I'm 48.When I heard this at the age of 16 it completely blew my mind. I went from Invisible Touch to Trespass and The Lamb. I still adore those early classics. There's Howard Hughes in blue suede shoes smiling at the majorette's

    Vasilii Chebyshev

    Smoking Winston cigarettes.


    And as the song and dance begins


    At that age I didn't think anyone else was into that kind of music. Prog was a dirty word. I always liked Monty Python and saw a lot of similar aspects.

    Vasilii Chebyshev

    @TREVOR LACK Well I guess prog was never really fashionable. It's true art, but unknown to most people

  67. BandfromtheBand

    This version sounds so very different from the other re-issues/remasters. Personally, I'll take the remixed, box-set CD version by Nick Davis, though I will always keep the John Burns/David Hentschel CD mixes forever. I also have to consider that this is the remastered vinyl version, which typically sounds far superior to remastered CD's. I got rid of all of my vinyl albums and my turntables years ago. I don't want to shell out thousands to rebuild a vinyl library again, even if they do sound superior (?) to CD's.

  68. Matthew Gillenberg

    This is what happens when 5 musical geniuses write and record a double album


    And 5 *kids* to boot. All in their young to mid 20s at the time. Remarkable.

    Len R

    robk236 You stole my thunder. They were 23 years young when they recorded this masterpiece. What’s even more mind-blowing is they were 21 when they wrote and recorded Supper’s Ready.

  69. Antonio Melillo


  70. Gunter De Clercq

    No words... masterpiece... just listen...

  71. Joseph Boston

    Fly On A Windshield is a powerhouse.

  72. Henry Fester

    Best genesis album of all time. so sad when Peter left the band. I was 15 when this was released and it changed all my views on music and life in general. nothing compares to the performance writing and music this band put out... Phil was an apt replacement as the frontman but not what Peter brought to the band.. Love it. Thankyou, thankyou..


    Get what you are saying, but it was for the best. Peter got to follow his road, Genesis got to follow theirs. Both roads leading to critical acclaim and success.

  73. Eli Eli

    Un álbum, magnífico 👌😘

  74. P.S. Visual

    I hate the cover art, looks rushed, unoriginal, doesn't match the music at all.. this is probably the most energetic and experimental side of classic Genesis and it doesn't make it justice, it could've had a classic album cover like pink floyd or king ctrimson

    A Banana 2

    The art is classic

    P.S. Visual

    @A Banana 2 It's only Classic thanks to the music of Genesis. It's not up to par with the content.

  75. Lisadibartmarc

    Absolutely the best music EVER... yet, never again...



  76. David Stewart

    Some parts sound very fresh to my ears with the shift in the mix. Always a little surprise to discover a new overdub!

  77. October 19th, 20 beyond

    Took until 1:09:53 to finally get to my favorite track. A masterpiece. LOVE it reversed. Best song of this album for sure.

  78. dariusz m

    The best of the best. They played for music not for money. I love them....

    Vinçent Fernando

    at the beginning, yes. But then it was a money generating machine and each component sought its way in other groups for money. I would highlight them as an example of adaptation, and a band full of musical talents.


    @Vinçent Fernando Sad fact: If you don't eat, you die.

    Cindy Burrell

    dariusz m got and understand !


    dariusz m $150,000,000 in 2007. Not too shabby! One of my favorite bands.


    Not entirely. They were committed to making serious music, but none of them wanted to be poor. Phil Collins thought of himself as just a jobbing drummer at the start. Ironically, he was the one who went on to make crazy money as a solo artist. ;)

  79. Fábio Alegre


  80. Santiago Navas Llamas

    1979,Melilla beach,smoking hash

  81. World Trad & Ethno Folk Channel

    Oh, I have spent decades, hitting the like button till its touchdown at the middle of the earth. I can still sing every nuance of the melodies ...

  82. Pgt Halim

    Many to many

  83. Dirk Hermance

    While I never got to see this with Peter Gabriel, over the years I got to hear all the songs of this album live through many concerts I attended in the 70's. This still remains as the best of the 'rock opera' style concept albums ever made.

    Robbie Clark

    Dirk Hermance I know Gabriel only ever played The Lamb Lies Down and Back in NYC live, and to my knowledge Genesis played The Lamb, In The Cage, Carpet Crawlers, Lilywhite Lilith, It, And parts of Slippermen with Phil Collins, just curious where you saw the rest of the album played.

  84. Mario jackson cezar neto

    Uma verdadeira superprodução, acho que eles deveriam fazer um novo d. v d deste disco.

  85. Mario jackson cezar neto

    O Genesis deveria ter explorado mais essa obra com shows e d v ds, eu não me canso de ouvir essa maravilha.

    Mario jackson cezar neto

    Eu acredito que eles deveriam fazer uma reunião da banda, regravar ,editar,começar uma tournée mundial dessa obra não há quem não gostaria de ver e ouvir novamente.

  86. Waldo Rojas

    We're only as strong
    As the weakest link in the chain

  87. David Timber

    I think it's sad that the members of Genesis, except Steve Hackett, abandoned this part of their musical legacy. Especially Tony, Mike and Phil have never shown this level of exceptional devotion and artistry in their careers over time. I know people will disagree but that's my point of view. I shouldn't be so hard on those guys especially when this was really a Peter Gabriel project. I wound up being more of a PG fan eventually if that's means anything and mow Steve Hackeett keeps me believing, what an enduring artist he is, just saw him at the Beacon Theater, amazing and devoted to keeping Genesis Classics relevant.


    @David Yep, i do get my back up a bit when the core of Genesis get's a perceived slight so away I go on a rant. As for your question, I really do move around quite a bit with all of the Genesis' albums. Some days my fav is Lamb, then off I go to Duke. Did a revisit through all of Nursery Cryme the other day and I thought to myself "this is really good!' I really have always found something interesting and good in all the albums. So the short answer is (if I am ever short winded) is I have never admitted to a fav (though i spent a ton of time as a 15 year old blasting Genesis Live on repeat). Any favourites for you?


    @SkinyVinny i do 100% agree with your comment BTW. Tony Banks shines on the lamb especially the second half.

    For me its also the lamb. I feel it just has such a longevity to it. I've probably listened to that album 80 times this year since discovering it late last year. I mostly listen to the live version on Genesis Archive 1967-1975 (its on Spotify and google play) i think its superior especially to hear Phil's drumming.

    Genesis will always have a special place in my heart. Im so glad I've found progressive rock in general. Its what i always wanted to listen to for like 6 years since i discovered pink Floyd when i was 14 but i never knew what that sort of music was called. I just knew what i wanted.

    Im not a huge fan of modern prog bands. I think its a bit like modern hard rock bands, its kind of been mostly done to death (not totally, and maybe more subgenres could emerge). I think there are other areas music is moving forward in now. Kids See Ghosts (self titled debut album by kanye west and kid cudi) and Igor by Tyler the Creator (very influenced by the 70s but still modern) being examples of rap/Rnb having what i would call progressive music. Although dont expect any 25 minute epics haha. Hopefully my rant made sense. Prog exists, but prog rock has already peaked. Perhaps now prog lives on in other genres and keeps on actually progressing with new sounds.

    Its very easy to become dismissive of new music, i used to be. But when you give stuff time (like the two albums quoted) it really grows on you. It took me ages to love the lamb. Ages to love Jethro Tull and Yes and all these bands because it was new to me.

    Ive had a bit to drink so hopefully my grammar is somewhat legible


    When i say prog lives on, i mean the idea of making progressive music. The same idea inspiriring certain classical composers, miles Davis, King Crimson in 1969 etc.


    @David, great stuff and I agree new music needs a chance just like this "old new music" from the past needs a few listens to catch on. I'll try your suggestions from above and also leave you a little old gem of an album adventure that shouldn't be forgotten and would be a great music intro to your future children on a long summer road trip: "Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of War of the Worlds" Spotify has it...enjoy!


    @SkinyVinny i will listen right now!

  88. mark johnson

    Not completely sold on some of the mixes, drums have lost their presence in some of the tracks as a result of "cleaning up" the ambience. They were after a big, broad, drum sound with big-ass Tom's when they first produced it, please don't undo what was intended. Also in many of the tracks, Hackett's edgy, jagged guitar work is totally smothered in layers of moogs, mellotrons, hammond organ, piano, Taurus bass pedals, etc. Poor Steve Hackett,... someone should have removed some of Tony's limbs so he would stop taking up all the chordal and tonal space. Lol...(kidding)

    Greg Osbo

    I can understand what you're saying. On the other hand, I hear notes and words on this I don't have on the most recent remaster.

    Back in the 70's I decided I needed a DBX on my stereo so I got a DBX-3. This recording sort of sounds like music run through that without the wawa it seemed to add. That wawa on the DBX made me return it and get a 10" reel to reel, but other than the wawa edge it put on music, I really thought the DBX added nice spectrum and enhancements to the sound. I think the same with this. It is a bit muddy in some channels(?) like it was recorded on 64 track and 16 of them are getting a little muddy in parts but the other 48 are enhanced and vibrant as hell.

  89. Aspartamebraintumor

    tony banks is god

    Jerry Vivanco

    He is NOT God!! He's one of my ALL-TIME favorite keyboardists and composers, though. He is a bit of a whiny arrogant bitch on interviews recalling recording their albums.

  90. mark castillo

    Musically,the best double concept album ever. Lyrically, The Wall by Floyd. Both genius

  91. 747panos

    Αnother boring Genesis album lacking musicianship , Gabriel babbling as usual . . .

    Strait Mind

    Hey now different strokes for different folks huh? Some are Dirckheads, some are Smartarses. Shows by what is coming out of our mouths.

    gary burrows

    usually coming from someone im guessing who cant play a musical intrument , or , um , write a song , or even record thier 7th studio album in thier early 20's , i cant imagine any musicians this age producing a double album of this complexity these days .. and if you find it boring ? moterhead is better for you ..... as a musician i can play most moterhead songs ... simple crap powerchords , with simple 4/4 time .... and you want to talk about boring ......... orgasmatron ,, really ??? your not serious...lacking musicianship ?... you know nothing about music except how it makes you feel ... thats it . i appreciate that ... but genesis is not lacking anything when it comes to detail and musicianship ....

    Joseph Nobile

    Babbling voice really?

    Joseph Nobile

    Wish id babble that way well guess what ur missing is how hard it is to play this as a musician c it live I did its not babbling

  92. david garione

    Conceptual prog rock music where Peter Gabriel preanounces punk with Rael character and his voice inflections. Total masterpiece.

  93. david garione

    Masterpiece for future generations.

  94. Linda Fleetham

    female and LOVE Genesis

  95. Another YouTube Account

    All lyrics penned by Gabriel and would also make a great short novel. But without the brilliant musicianship & arrangements of Phil Collins, Michael Rutherford, Steve Hackett and Tony Banks, this record would not have been possible.

    Maryo Nesty

    Really, without druns of Colins, guitars Hacket and Rutherford and keyboards of Banks, i think it very hard ;)

    Jerry Vivanco

    It was EVERY band member!!!

    Another YouTube Account

    @Jerry Vivanco, yes. Every band member recorded it. It was produced just as I said.


    Actually, Tony Banks helped out on some of the lyrics due to a deadline that had to be met.

    Another YouTube Account

    @ronspop01 , actually, you know that isn't true. I understand you want to be an expert, but try something else. "Tony helped, due to a deadline". Lol

  96. Mattias Vejdegren

    The Ultimate progressive album of all's just amazing!!😁💕

  97. Abi Zhohir

    Pernah punya kasetnya😣

  98. Attila Gáspár

    Whatever audio quality you upload, the download quality will be 128kb or less.

    Dhalgren TV

    OK, but what if you record the stream in 320? Wouldn't THAT be in HD, at least?

    Attila Gáspár

    @Dhalgren TV : No difference; checked w Audacity.

  99. Thomas Randall

    Agree skinny vinny, Collins sang much on the lamb, and you're right many can't tell the difference of him and Gabriel in some songs. I personally didn't like the direction the band went after Gabriel left, kinda pop. But they made a much better living after doing so.


    To be fair they couldn't keep producing the same stuff - Genesis would have been consigned to the prog rock history books. There's still, imo, a long list of great Genesis tunes after Gabriel and the live versions on Three Sides Live with Phil singing are (imo!) better than Peter sang.