Genesis - Domino. Part One - In The Glow Of The Night Lyrics

The grey of evening fills the room,
There's no need to look outside,
To see or feel the rain.
Then I reach across to touch her,
But I know that she's not there.
Rain keeps running down the window pane.
Time is running out for me.
Can't you see what you are doing to me?
Can't you see what you have done?
As I try to pass another long and sleepless night,
A hundred crazy voices call my name,
As I try to pass them by,
I almost can believe that she is here,
Here in the glow of the night.

Do you know what you have done?
Do you know what you've begun?
Do you see we shall never be together again?
All of my life.

Lonely people, empty rooms,
Pointless violence, silent tombs.
Could it be that we shall be together again?

Sheets of double glazing help to keep outside the night,
Only foreign city sirens can cut through,
Nylon sheets and blankets help to minimize the cold.
But they can't keep out the chilling sounds.
Will the nightmare soon give way to dreaming
That she is here with me?
Here in the glow of the night.

Do you know what you have done?
Do you know what you've begun?
Do you see we shall never be together again?
All of my life.

Lonely people, empty rooms,
Pointless violence, silent tombs.
Could it be that we shall be together again?
Could it be that we shall be together again?

In silence and darkness
We held each other near that night
We prayed it would last forever.

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Genesis Domino. Part One - In The Glow Of The Night Comments
  1. MrPlantpot20

    Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Daryl Stuermer, Chester Thompson....great musicians one and all. This is a masterpiece .

  2. Matthias Hubbert

    I'm dislike the dislikers.....

  3. Joe Sycamore

    I was at this gig. Breath-taking

  4. joseph humphrey

    I have had this song stuck in my head for a week. Just amazing. Combines the best of the pop hook and real prog. Genesis never 'sold out' (other than arenas) they just got better and better and more and more people found them. I was an early adopter, and am glad they changed and gained worldwide recognition. I love songs like 'Carpet Crawlers', but that is gonna have a pretty limited appeal. As a fan, they never let me down by moving on musically. Their live shows are just spectacular. Always at the forefront of stage and lighting design.

  5. espen thoresen

    best song ever

  6. John Grey

    I saw them at Roundhay Park, Leeds in 1992. This absolutely blew me away along with "Home By The Sea". Love the long songs by Genesis and sadly I don't think we will see the likes of them again...

  7. Peter Green

    How is it that garbage like PSY and Miley Cyrus get more hits for their tripe than Genesis do for this magnificent piece of prog pop? 🤔

  8. Peter Green

    Best track on Invisible Touch-along with Tonight Tonight Tonight. The rest? Nah. Everything she does? 😫😨💩

  9. Peter Green

    4_26 in_ Holy Shit! What must that have looked like from the front rows? Glorious!

  10. Fabio Almeida Guitar

    Keyboard chords seuence similar to "Leave it" by Yes . on 1:06

  11. Jeebee56

    By God.. Genesis...

  12. Eric Kleefeld

    The album version of this song is really good, but the live versions consistently blew it away, from tour to tour. The energy of a live performance brought in an extra ingredient.


    Eric Kleefeld: Omg!!! That’s what I was thinking as well!! It’s sounds super great on the album, but live , & the visuals & everything > mind blowing!! 😘😍🙂✨💥🌟⭐️

  13. Craig Rodmell

    I prefer this version to the one on the Invisible Touch tour (Live at Wembley Stadium). The bass is at the right octave in The Last Domino. It just didn't Rumble when played up an octave. Great stuff. Love it!

  14. markrooke1961

    I've been a Genesis fan since 1973. Peter or Phil makes no difference. The band evolved with the times, they rock. A big thank you to Chester and Daryl for their support. Best band ever.

  15. Claude Tomaro

    What does Phill say at the beginning?


    He talks about the domino effect, how one thing leads to another.

  16. Richard Rejmer

    Saw a performance of this, live in Melbourne, Australia on the tour. .
    TOTALLY blown away by this song. . the performance. . the sound. . the light show. . the energy. . the passion. .
    I had tears in my eyes as I watched it and listened to it. .
    Still moves me to this day whenever I see it or hear it. .

  17. Karl Dodenhoff

    Do you know what you have done?
    And do you know what you've begun?

  18. Tracy Simmons

    Sounds like old Genesis.

  19. Gabriel Waggoner

    Great drummer and band

  20. Gabriel Waggoner


  21. Jason Barbush

    a thousand crazy voices with me is more than just schizo o so meaningful

  22. Jason Barbush

    without Peter and Hackett leaving we wouldn't have their awesome solo work like in Phil

  23. David Leverett

    Love this song, I was there also!!

  24. alfredo reinaldo Alberto

    Best Genesis concert ever

  25. alfredo reinaldo Alberto


  26. Kip Deards

    this was genesis at their very best blew me away.great memories

  27. alfredo reinaldo Alberto

    Ever changing and rich song. Great quality the video too.

  28. heidi andrea benedetoo

    so nice like it

  29. Laura Mounier

    Now here we have what Phil can do best. This makes me feels like lost love (The Glow of The Night). And it is. To me. Forever it'll have this special meaning to me. As I'm it sure does with many other people as well. Philip is a God Send. His voice is still so pure and clear. Just beautiful.

  30. Mogs

    Was privileged to see this live at Knebworth. 92 I think it was?

  31. sejo tosant

    I dont like the black drummer im not racist..

    Peter Green

    😨😨😨😨💩💩💩Are you for real?

    Serena Khan

    If you're not racist then why do you refer to his colour then?

  32. Robert Middlemiss

    Anybody who ever wondered what the fuss was all about with this band - Have a taste of this performance and maybe you'll see why I love them so much.


    Robert Middlemiss: omg !!! Sooo true!!! I just saw Phil Collins live & he did 4 Genesis songs (sadly not these songs... but fantastic still!!) & his 17 year old, JUST AS TALENTED SON, WAS DRUMMING & playing the piano = Mind blowing..!!! ❤️💜❤️

  33. MrPlantpot20

    Fantastic drumming from Chester.....brilliant musicianship all round....simply a great band!

    Carl Rylatt

    In my mind he definitely gets in the top 3 of all time, and Phil Collins ain't to shabby either!

  34. Bostonclassics1

    Should be 87 million views......amazing


    I have seen some Genesis albums getting more than the million views... it seems that more new people are listening to Genesis now for some reason, i should know, i'm one of them, i've been listening to them since 2012.

  35. John Soper

    Amazing. No one jams better than Genesis. No one.

  36. supersandman86

    Been a fan since I was 3 years old, I'd be there in my parents room, giant headphone attached to the hifi listening to the invisible touch album on cassette, absolutely loving it, I was saddened when they went to go and see the way we walk tour and took my sister instead of me because I was too young :( she didn't even like it. But to this day I listen to them and love it.

  37. Hans Huf

    Best band ever !!!!

  38. The Eradicator

    I'm the next!

  39. Caleb Bartlett

    Domino is easily their best work since W&W

    Caleb Bartlett

    @ajd626 do you agree with my comment? 


    Yes I think I do. Obviously Duke and Abacab were exciting moves away from their more whimsical past but Invisible Touch and Domino in particular is really the big break through to some kind of progressive version of electronic pop. I also think this live version blows the studio version out of the water. The extra vocal bits at the end and the mind-blowing visuals are just audio/visual heaven. My biggest inspiration!

    Caleb Bartlett

    @ajd626 I can't listen to the studio version anymore I have to listen to either this video or the one from Wembley in '87  


    That's cool. It's amazing how that happens often.

    Caleb Bartlett

    @ajd626 same with Home by the Sea! 

  40. 2coves

    Love this combo! Xoxoxo.....

  41. Alexander Wyatt

    I am speechless...I am without speech!

    Dave Nutter

    Alexander Wyatt does that make you a redundant mute? not that there is anything wrong with that! 😂

  42. chris ruona

    1980s magic will never end and Genesis was my band in High School Lynbrook HS San Jose California 74-79..renoruona

  43. chris ruona

    Still a Genesis fan to this day once your a true fan it never leaves your brain body or being..chris reno ruona 55 reno nevada..Even when life seems tough i think of Genesis and Phil Collins and i get back in the mood to win again..winning is what life is about ..girls come and go but friends and music last forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jennifer Beyer

    chris ruona I agree with you. I joined the club when mama came out. and will listen to them till I die. and I will he this music played at my funeral.

    chris ruona

    today jennifer im outta my brain on the train one of my all time favorites and the Seeker by the who..renoruona out

    chris ruona

    Genesis and The Who still are played at my condo on a daily basis till the day i die..chris

  44. Phil Adams


  45. cristobal gonzalez

    2001,a space odyssey

  46. Jeff Pike

    I'm wanting more chester Thompson ! Who cares about faggitty organ video!

    chris ruona

    yes jeff my favorite times was all the shows i saw of Genesis 1982 to late 1990s shoreline mt view california was the best one Phil and Chester had a 22 minute endo drum solo ..amazing


    I don't know how anyone can dislike this. There are about 4 songs in this. So there must be something they could like about it. I miss these guys, but I am thankful to have been blessed to be a part of SOME of their unique music since the 70s.. Anything that got played on the radio, turned me off, but there is lots of variety here to pick and choose. And that's a good thing! Happiness is this band.

  47. Remo Nardini


  48. lochlee

    Chester is magnificent.

  49. Captain Fantastic

    Screw all the dopes who put down Genesis after Peter left! This was a phenomenal period, a phenomenal song, and a phenomenal performance! Just bursting with energy! And Phil was the MAN. The FRONT man! Show those disrespectful Oasis @$$holes this performance so they can only DREAM of doing better!


    +Captain Fantastic Yes. And who says genesis wouldn't have gone pop with Gabriel on board? I mean, shock the monkey and sledgehammer are not the epitome of intellectual prog rock.

    chris ruona

    those losers are 60 now we know that phil collins is genesis he learned from gabriel and turned the band into a musical box with sparklers streaming out of it..Reno NV..chris reno ruona


    Couldn't put it any better!

  50. Hitchlowski

    simply amazing...and i saw it over 20 years ago in Hockenheim


    Hitchlowski: voll eifersüchtig!!! 🙁😕😢 klasse!!

  51. Cynthia A. Pacheco

    They r the one even comes close..

  52. Matt LeDonne

    4:24 hits like a train!! Amazing song, by the best group ever!

    chris ruona

    There is no life in my house without a Genesis record being played almost daily...chris ruona..reno nevada

  53. captaincomputaa

    They are the greatest ever!

    Cynthia A. Pacheco

    OH hell yeah

  54. Jon Lawrie

    92 at Knebworth was just the ultimate performance. I havent seen better since.

    jim north

    Oh yes knebworth

  55. เอกพล ทองศรี

    best song ever.

  56. genesis0932

    No one is better.  No one.

    Ron T.

    genesis0932 AGREED DUDE...

  57. HKPSG1Shooter

    Genesis rules. Enough said.

  58. robert glenn

    Has anyone here seen the documentary that led to the 40 show tour? Seven months it took to determine song list and most of all the technological applications. Man, for a time there, it seemed the music was secondary to computers, graphics and lighting. A large bank of computers with a few techs attempting to synch everything and the frustration was obvious when problems became serious issues. At the end, I concluded that technology is undermining the very reason for rock...FUN! Overproduction can often kill the wonderful idea that belies a great group and great songs. Phil offers up some very funny comments while rehearsing during the initial stages. He said, "the only thing we need to really make this work is more talent..."  


    Interesting comment. I remember going to see U2 when they toured Achtung Baby and they turned up with walls and walls of huge video screens everywhere. As they started the second song of the evening Bono yelled "Im over here , ya didnt come all this way to watch television did ya?" and he was right. We'd all paid a hundred bucks to see them yet to a man we were all staring at the screens and not watching the band!

    robert glenn

    @kiwizeppelin I also noticed this twice during Rolling Stones concerts in Seattle. I figured that Mick no longer demanded all the attention and that TV in the middle of a concert was okay. 

  59. L.J. Eljay

    That's what I'm talking about!!

  60. MrDell292

    One of the best songs that has ever been written. I have to say I prefer the version from the Invisible Touch tour. It seemed to have more energy. This is still a good performance though.

    Xavier Vega

    His voice was still in peak form in the Invisible Touch tour. Here it's starting to degrade just a tiny bit.

  61. adizmal

    Besides the one break on "You're the next!" after the 10 minute mark, Phil crushes this performance. So does the drummer, god damn.... by the way, go sing for 10 mins; good luck going flawless. This is a great performance by a professional band, even if it was truly the end of the domino for them.


    +adizmal I love Phil in this too! I actually love it so much I even dig when his voice goes at the point you mention.

  62. bebop drone

    I am the last domino.   Cant you see what you have done

  63. Irineu Fernandes Filho Fernandes

    Aos 4,27" a coisa pega fogo... muito bom.

  64. John Mercury

    Chester is a great drummer

  65. giggabyt78

    i sing this at work on my fork

  66. beggindogs

    Wish you had added the beginning where Phil involved the crowd...

  67. Chris H.

    dat guitar part at the intro tho! :D

  68. pinjic mirza

    Genesis on stage - thats EPIC !!

  69. Christian BLIN

    Merveilleux vraiment un grand groupe

  70. Jose Encinoza

    Long live to Genesis!

  71. whatk2


  72. bkbeban


  73. ajd626

    Definitely! :)

  74. Jean H.

    Genesis - EPIC !

  75. ajd626

    I love how Phil Collins' voice completely breaks on the last 'You're the next!' at the end. Always loved it and watch it on repeat a lot :) :)

  76. Michael Keating

    Truly a great rendition of an underrated song, and frankly an underrated group !

  77. Mike Brock

    i can't see it often enough....the good old times...just great

  78. ajd626

    Yeah, his voice definitely went down a whole tone or so between 86 and 91/92. It pretty much happens to all singers around that time in their career from what I've seen and heard. Around about 35-45 years old. Even opera singers start to change despite all the training. I don't know about you though, but I actually get a kick out of watching Phil struggle to hit the notes, particularly in this song at the end. It seems so passionate and powerful!

  79. MyDrummerjoe

    here in the glow of the night!!!

  80. MyDrummerjoe

    love the sound of chester"s snare drum in this video!! it's got a nasty pop!!

  81. Aurore-Amethyste Australe

    awesome *o*

  82. JamesSCameron

    Incredible song, performance. Genesis was at their peak on this tour. just f'n incredible! Thanks for posting this TheRipples70 ;o)

  83. adamtzsch


  84. MyDrummerjoe

    insane epic!!!!!!

  85. MyDrummerjoe

    omg!! fucking awesome!!! my favorite genesis song right now!!! chilllssss

  86. Topper Harley

    Chester Thompson on the drums - EPIC !