Genesis - Anything She Does Lyrics

You know,
You decorate the garage walls,
Hang in people's halls,
Live in secret drawers,
If you could look around you,
Wonder what you'd see.

That's all you really are I know,
Editorial dreams.
They can't make you real,
Tell me where you came from,
And where you're going to.

I won't ever, no I'll never get to know her,
Or be the cause of anything she does.
I won't ever, no I'll never get to hold her.
Do you think this aching could be love?

Oh you know,
You've figured in some fantasies.
You would not believe,
What you've had to do,
Life goes on around you and all because of you.

No I won't ever, no I'll never get to know her,
Or be the cause of anything she does.
I won't ever, no I'll never get to hold her.
Do you think this aching could be love?

I won't ever, no I'll never get to know her,
Or be the cause of anything she does.
I won't ever, no I'll never get to hold her.
Do you think this aching could be love?

You know,
That in twenty years or more,
You'll still look the same
As you do today.
You'll still be a young girl,
When I'm old and grey.

No - I won't ever, no I'll never get to know her,
Or be the cause of anything she does.
I never, no I'll never get to hold her.
Do you think this aching could be love?

I won't ever, no I'll never get to know her,
Or be the cause of anything she does.
I won't ever, no I'll never get to hold her.
Do you think this aching could be love? (no you'll never...)

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Genesis Anything She Does Comments
  1. yesica uzal

    Benny Hill 😍

  2. Julio César Montes

    Sounds like mario kart game xd

  3. Anastasia Ozerova

    That's hilarious!

  4. alextestudog974 YTB

    Tony Banks keybords piano 🎹 phil collins vocals trumpet saxophone drums Mike Rutherford bass guitar

  5. manisch kreativ


  6. Pengupas Kacang


  7. Marlene Sullivan

    💗Dear Benny You Still Have Me In Tears💗xx

  8. Simone D'Angelo

    He was (and still is) the number 1!!! 😂😂😂🔝🔝🔝❤❤❤ Greetings from Italy!!! 😉

  9. Mary Bird

    I made all Benny Hills costumes at Berman and Naithans xxx

  10. gavin reid

    It  looks like  the last one sneaking in &  chased round the corridors is Hills angels Sue Upton.

  11. darren king

    Funny fella. He was a comedy God when i was a kid. Everyone was talking about his shows at school the morning after seeing him on telly the night before. RIP Mr. Hill and thank you for the laughs.

  12. iamfondoftmnt

    Oh wooooow ! I've never watched that MV before !!! Such a joy to see Benny Hill and what a good laugh !!! :D

  13. cgpal78

    What's That Small Keyboard At 5:47?

  14. Mauro Cuttano
    L'Ambasciata degli Elohim - Il Movimento Raeliano
    Elohim Embassy
    Elohim Embassy - The Raelian Movement -

  15. Roy Chivers

    Fastest security guard in the west!!!

    Roy Chivers

    Dan. 2017 cheers Dan made me sad Benny is no longer with us!

    Roy Chivers

    Dan. 2017 One of the best live gigs ever. Wembley stadium sold out. wish we could do it all again!!!

    Roy Chivers

    Dan. 2017 genesis are planning to reunite some time soon with Chester Thompson and Phil's son on drums...Wembley stadium has been mentioned...

    Roy Chivers

    Dan. 2017 Phil Collins not dead yet world tour kicks off next month(October) due here some time early next year..

  16. Crispin Castro

    Benny hill and Genesis the best

  17. Gary Smith

    Benn hill so funny R.I.P.

  18. Juam Manuel Ortiz Rodriguez


  19. Grapefruit Face Productions

    A song practically about waifuism written in 1986, absolute class. Also Banks smoldering hot look at 1:11 to 1:12 , definitive husbando material right here.

  20. SimmonsDrums

    Good soldier Svejk :-D

  21. tryptychUK

    How the mighty fall.
    The band that made "Supper's Ready", resorting to crappy pop videos with bad miming and Benny Hill.

    Roy Chivers

    tryptychUK for your information genesis are planning a reunion next year!!! Wembley stadium has been penned in!!

    Henry Stanley

    They started out as a baroque pop band. You do know that, right?

  22. Robert Lange

    Great song, terrible video

    Henry Stanley

    You serious?

  23. Marilyn Monroe


  24. Red Bandit

    Gabriel is Genesis


    The thing any person that has no clue about Genesis says.

  25. Gary Haber

    RIP Benny.
    Grew up watching you.
    We miss you.

  26. asia frank

    the guy at the start is scary

  27. Denny Darrington

    no words for but a classic....

  28. Mooseteets

    never seen this video before, didnt know benny hill was in it! awesome

  29. Rodrigo Miranda Chirau

    En que te convertiste genesis?? Antes eras chevere!, tocabas musica d calidad

  30. Federica Pudva

    Benny Hill as the head of securitiTY!

  31. Harald Schmid

    Even Tony Banks could not avoid the Yamaha DX7 ;-)

  32. Alex Bukreev

    it's time to geu on stayge, my dear


    BENNY BRAVO!!!!! LOVE !!!!!!!

  34. Overtime Freak

    The best Song for many years after 1986

  35. Kingpin306

    The woman at 4:21 looks familiar.


    Long Forgot Benny Hill was in this Genesis -I mean Genius of course...😊

  37. Christian González Alfonso

    So this head of security is the reason why we need to protect Phil Collins when he visits Vice City???

    Imhotep ,

    Christian González Alfonso
    Actually a really cool comment for once....nice one

    Rapisu and Hamutarou

    In 1984 Victor Vance protected him but in 1986 he got killed.

  38. tom kent


  39. Fantazi Cherif

    Hello Phil colins

  40. TheMoonchild1969

    Benny please...come back and bring the bald one!!

    S. A. Debre

    +Terry Tibbs


    Jackie Wright

  41. Bob Brown

    looks like princess Diana at 4:20

  42. Thomas Winkelmair

    Great song, but the video isn't very good.

  43. Mario Barrientos Garay

    Genesis y benny lo mejor de este video.capos!!!

  44. San Kaito

    0:01 LOL!!

  45. Liviu Stefanache


  46. paskuda

    ile cm chuja ma phil collins?


    więcej niż ty

  47. RETROJuegos byFabio

    Benny Hill y Genesis... Listo!!!

  48. Lau Ra

    Hahahaha!! How great! Benny Hill was so funny! And I like this scene: 5:30 with the banana very funny.

  49. Friedrich Kass

    Benny Hill is immortal!

  50. David Bull

    I think this was the final single from the album. Probably one too many

    Alex K.

    Interestingly, it was never released as a single, yet there is a promo video for it. Otherwise it would have been the 6th single of an 8-track album.

    Joshua Batten

    Never released as a single - I think this was played at the start of every show on the Invisible Touch Tour.

    Roy Chivers

    Joshua Batten. Mama was the opening song of the invisible touch tour.!!!

    Doc Rock

    Roy Chivers I think Joshua was referring to the video.

    Roy Chivers

    Doc Rock no he was referring to the invisible touch tour!!!

  51. Jim Williams

    Everything she does including the late Benny Hill Fantastic

  52. Bernardo Casarin

    from the mighty year 1986!!

  53. Carlos Amaya

    Como no lo conocia a este tema , como no me contastes , carlitos ¡¡¡

  54. gael jehanno

    Phil&Benny and only 409k viewer it's a shame, damnit mtv what have you done (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

  55. Jim beam

    benny fucking hill, blast from the past. what a funny fella .



  57. Trusteft

    I miss Benny Hill so much.


    Benny Hill forever the best

  59. Hernan Lopez

    Benny Hill...genius!

  60. Kris Roberts

    Benny hill... When people could make daft funny and not just seem stupid!

  61. Clara J

    Me, I just really like this ong and anything Phil Collins did in general... Just keep calm and enjoy the music!

  62. Andy Kolb


  63. zandola1

    Is that Lady Di? and those 4 rock girls looks like Bangles or Bananarama...

    E Dixon

    They looked more like Page 3 girls (i.e. soft porn models).

    gavin reid

    4;03 The first one is Suzanne Mizzi whose sadly passed away. She thought  she was the only P3 girl invited so wasn't too pleased to see Maria  who she hated. Benny when told to  leer at the girls joked "S,alright Little heart , I,m  gay anyway."

  64. Shag Nasty

    gud old benny...r.i.p. benny


    Sacré Benny Hill : un grand là aussi tout comme notre groupe GENESIS.....

  66. Eric Miranda

    Genesis and Benny Hill, what a great combo...

  67. Jaimee Coleen Aguelo

    that Princess Diana lookalike killed it haha

  68. Ned B

    Not the best Genesis song but good ol' Benny makes this video worth watching

  69. payan caroline

    j 'adore

  70. Stefan Sings Swing

    Good lord, I just realised this is a ska song!

  71. James Atkinson

    Oh, I'd forgotten about this. How marvellous. Didn't the Invisible Touch tour start with Benny Hill on the big screen? In the UK at any road?

    Roy Chivers

    James Atkinson live on stage.

  72. João Costa

    What a good surprise. Searching for Genesis music and find also the great Benny Hill ! This is a bonus!
    Que boa surpresa. Quando esperava ouvir Genesis, tenho também direito a matar saudades de Benny Hill

  73. Terry Thomas

    We miss you Benny Hill !


    Dear God we do!



  74. Ryan Baron

    Anyone know the name of the cute brunette in the red dress? I've been looking for her name in credit lists and I can't find it anywhere.


    dilwich123 for some reason I was just about to reply with a similar comment lol

    Darren Marsh

    Maria Whittaker.

  75. Roy Chivers

    were you at wembley for the invisible touch tour 1987 ? do you remember benny hill behind the stage?

  76. margus kiis

    My first meet with Genesis, about 1987. I did not know anything about Genesis, Collins or Benny Hill. I liked the singing drummer (first time I saw such thing), especially how he hit the lamp.

  77. Chelsea Aitken

    Tony: "AND people we didn'T INVITE TOO!!1!1!"

    A+ acting babes

  78. Peter Kraus

    From which Album is that Song, please?

    Henry Stanley

    +Peter Kraus Invisible Touch

  79. Rafael Horácio

    Can someone transcript what they are talking? I'm not so good in English and I want to make some subtitles in my language.


    -what do you need Rafael?, which language would be best


    Spanish, I guess, pal :)

  80. John Bonham

    the only good thing about this song/video is Benny Hill
    gosh, collins is so annoying

    John Bonham

    @Cefas Garcia Pereira he's so very fucking annoying, everyone hates him

    Matt K



    John Bonham not now john were trying to get on with the film show

    Dylan Asheton

    John Bonham eat your own fuck

    Henry Stanley

    @John Bonham Everyone? I somehow doubt it

  81. Santiago 12

    benny hill master

  82. skintrade

    Reminds me of my first year at university.. love that dx7 bass

  83. FTM Fun

    sooo awesome. love phil collins although he always seems overly aggresive in his vids.


    +unfairerMcLovin   That would probably be because Collins is a twat.


    +Trotskyxx It takes one to know one!!!


    +1megane98hp Thanks for your input, Phil...   ;)


    Always a pleasure my soulmate!!!

    Phil Piotr

    agressive? Why? I don't understand your point.

  84. Riff Raff

    I can't belive the same band made such masterpieces like Tresspass, Nursery Crime, Foxtrot and Selling England by the pound, 15 years before.
    What a 80's kitchy crapy electro disco !
    Anyway, they made money.....and Benny Hill is great.

    Ben Stevens

    Guy Saltis Duke is a fantastic you murder prostitutes in New York with a chainsaw by any chance? Do you work in Murders & Executions?

    Henry Stanley

    @foljs Nice trolling

    Henry Stanley

    @poeha007 Watch what you say, kid

    Henry Stanley

    @Zontar82 I wouldn't say that

    Henry Stanley

    @Ben Stevens Your point?

  85. kevin perimony

    Great song

  86. juan josé

    la wea mala 

  87. eski76

    r.i.p . benny hill

  88. Michele cristiane da silva

    Como assim? Esse som eu nao conhecia?

  89. luciano miguel


  90. mark199

    Good song and very funny video. Nice to see Benny Hill and Maria Whitaker again too 😀


    mark199 oohhh Maria Whittaker many an adolescent wank was had over her

  91. Anthony Hobson

    "'Ave no fear, Scuttle is here! Securititty will not be laxative while I'm here, sirs, I promise you that! I've been in this job 30 years you know, I've handled 'em all I 'ave. 30 years man and girl. I've handled The Osmonds - I've handled them, The Ink Spots - I've handled them, Herman's Hermits - I've handled them... Dolly Parton... I 'ad the pleasure of working with her once, yes."

    pete smyth

    Benny at 'is best 'ere..looking good at 62 - died only six years later.

  92. Peter Kraus

    W hAT`S THIS???? A nice Song from Genesis that i`ve never heard before??? UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Im a great Fan for more than 30 Years!

  93. bmf0505

    ...he wil go straight out on his ...... ear. :D

  94. 李韶明

    Phil Collins is much alive in Genesis

  95. Rogelio Gamborra

    Very funny one

  96. edgardo paterson

    and Benny Hill, tooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  97. dodolurker

    The lyrics are by Tony Banks, actually ;-)

    manisch kreativ

    The 'serious guy' smiling 🥰

  98. Oliver Goldsmith

    Just love Fred Scuttle, RIP Benny Hill.