Gene Watson - She Found The Key Lyrics

I like the way that she unlocks my door
To the places that you've never hungered for
You loved me, girl, but not enough to stay
She found the key that you threw away

She found the key that only fits one door
To the room that I wore out walking the floor
You'd be locked out, girl, if you came around today
She found the key that you threw away

She found the key that only fits one door
To the room that I wore out walking the floor
You'd be locked out, girl, if you came around today
She found the key that you threw away
She found the key that you threw away

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Gene Watson She Found The Key Comments
  1. Marlene BADYRKA

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT

  2. Donna Johnson

    THE MAN CAN SING ////////////////////////////////////////

  3. Hayward Smith

    Very talented and sings with clear sound bites!!!

  4. Diana Dietrich


  5. Debra Gentry

    What is the Country Music Hall of Fame waiting for?
    There will never be another Gene Watson!

  6. Shooting Star

    Lefty Frizzell sings the hell out of this song!! The great Gene Watson should be in the Hall of Fame BTW 😲🤷

  7. Miss Kitty 1944

    Love your singing gene thanks you are great thanks so much love love ya2019

  8. Miss Kitty 1944

    Love love Gene thanks for all music great 2019

  9. Miss Kitty 1944

    Great gene wonderful 2019 July best of the best love love this song thanks thanks love all your songs God bless

  10. Jim Halfpenny

    Great song from Gene

  11. betty stephenson

    lovely song

  12. Paul Murphy

    Right up there with the best, never heard a song from Gene that i didn,t like

  13. Ellen Holland

    Love love love Gene Watson, to bad Country Music isn’t like this now😔

  14. Willow Follows

    How do I get to meet this man! Before I meet my maker


    Really good!!!

  16. Miss Kitty 1944

    My favorite song from this album thanks gene wonderful god bless you

  17. Miss Kitty 1944

    2019 have a happy new year Gene you can sing anything god bless you thaks lots

  18. Miss Kitty 1944

    Love this song it's great Gene you are great singer the best of the best. Merry Christmas to all 2018 God bless you Gene

  19. Miss Kitty 1944

    Happy thanksgiving to all 2018 thanks for singing all these good songs love this one alot

  20. Miss Kitty 1944

    Merry Christmas to all 2018 love this one of my favorites by Gene Watson so good I could listen to it over and over thanks Gene

  21. Linda Johnson

    Love his music!!!!

  22. Miss Kitty 1944

    Love love this one by Gene Watson favorite love it number one to me

  23. Miss Kitty 1944

    One of my favorite songs love it I play it all time thanks Gene God bless you it's such a wonderful song

  24. Pondy Hsu

    I like the way that she unlocks my door
    To the places that you've never hungered for
    You loved me, girl, but not enough to stay
    She found the key that you threw away

    She found the key that only fits one door
    To the room that I wore out walking the floor
    You'd be locked out, girl, if you came around today
    She found the key that you threw away
    She found the key that only fits one door
    To the room that I wore out walking the floor
    You'd be locked out, girl, if you came around today
    She found the key that you threw away
    She found the key that you threw away.....

  25. Wileen Byroads


    Wileen Byroads

    WISH I HAD IT! YOUR ON MY MIND 24/7!!!!!!!!!

  26. Becky Collins

    Great as always Gene, love this

  27. Nedra Southworth

    I am Nedra's sister and I totally agree with her he does belong in the country music hall of fame.Not only is he a marvelous singer but a very humble man.I have seen many country concerts but none as good as when I saw Gene Watson. He is the best a great singer and man.He is the BEST

  28. Miss Kitty 1944

    The best song I love this song it's great it's older but love it good lyrics great message God bless you Gene keep singer you are great gene

  29. Miss Kitty 1944

    Some of these I have never heard each one is great good writers they are all beautiful God bless you

  30. Miss Kitty 1944

    I love this older song around 10 years ago it's so pretty love love Gene keep singing these great songs God bless you you keep getting better and better.

  31. Dolores Vella

    Country music at its best and for me Gene is the best, every song he sings touches my heart

  32. Jimmy Cagle

    if I could only fly I hope I get some wings

  33. Jimmy Cagle

    My name is JimmyCagle and my son enjoyed the music because he has three disability's thank you!

  34. Wileen Byroads


    Wileen Byroads

    I WISH I COULD FIND YOUR KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Wileen Byroads

    The other day I read what somebody sai! Gene could sing the phonebook and it would be great!

  36. Retha Green

    Love every song u sing love your voice. Yr #1 fan always

  37. Peggy Hopkins

    I totally love his songs and music.

  38. Joan Stephens

    Brilliant song yet again from Gene, I just love his music. How anyone can down vote anything by this great country singer really beggars belief. They can't have much tast in good old fashioned country music.

  39. Eddie Williams

    Love this song. He is The BEST in COUNTRY MUSIC... KEEP IT GOING GENE. Eddie

  40. Debbie White

    Everything he sings is pure. Country love me Gene Watson

  41. Anna Passmore

    Can't beat this man, he is so smooth. He's the best their is. I love you Gene Watson.

  42. Lois Kelley


  43. Linda Conder

    Absolutly the best!

  44. Wille Morgan



    Just when you think this ones the best he comes within one better.

  46. Wille Morgan


  47. Noah Rose

    Love it❤️

  48. ian moore

    love this

  49. Jan Ivar Stølan

    This is pure gold

  50. ulzana1880

    True "Country" performer. I wonder who'll step up to the mike and continue this rich tradition because so far country has been moving to the suburbs and pretty soon.....the city, no more down to earth music that has enriched the lives of those who love the genre.

    dana kirkwood

    Moe Pitney

  51. Helen Kelly

    Beautiful what a voice

  52. David Bell

    Typical good Gene Watson Style. Keep it going Gene, it's hard to find this good country in today's media.

  53. patsy goodnough

    he looks so good in that shirt and he sounds like a million bucks!

  54. Barbara Emmons

    Who is livingadream2

  55. Barbara Emmons

    This is another great song by Gene Watson it doesn't get any better than this

  56. Elizabeth Biggs

    Gene, u r the GREATEST !!!!

  57. sharon anderson

    so handsome love to watch him sing

  58. Michael Van horn

    only the best !!

  59. Rick Jj

    Is that a young Mike Johnson on the Pedal Steel ?

    Fiona Tomany

    Might be when that album came out im sure he hada steel player called Steve paulosk-not sure about the spelling or tiny olsen its not tiny yas Tiny wasa big guy.

    Jayne Anderson

    Fiona Tomany y

  60. lora Schultz

    What a great singer, love, love him!!!!!!

  61. Carmen Gilliard

    Gene Watson at his best!

  62. Frank Ezell

    love his songs all of them

  63. lindalovesal

    Always loved this song thank you.Gene is such a great singer.

  64. Ashley Bell

    Top notch country. Gene's a blessing.

  65. mosrite60

    Great song to waltz to. yeah , with that beautiful gal you've had your eye on all night.

    Mary Fontenot

    mosrite60 he has been married to the same women for 51 years.

  66. mosrite60

    well, folks we can expect such talent from Gene. This is pure country stuff, not the other bull crap heard on "country " radio these days. mosrite60

    Michael McCloskey

    Jean Watson song she still wears my weeding ring she.still kisses me good nite

    Wileen Byroads

    Your absolutely right!

    Wileen Byroads


  67. Warlita Ledesma

    At last I found the key !!!

  68. Becky Bicknell

    love his songs have not found one I do not like. got see him live 3 years ago dance to all most of the songs

    Fiona Tomany

    he did a tour in Ireland years ago no one knew who he was and he played to empty houses the word got arond and the next time he toured the places were packed.

  69. Ladyroadrunner15

    One of the best!!!!

    Taco Gillespie

    +Ladyroadrunner15 Oh yea saw Gene a few months back at The Strawberry Festival down here in Plant City Florida. and I can tell ya "gene's still the man"

    julia henson

    Ladyroadrunner15 b

  70. MyCanadianeh

    never able to get enough

  71. Dorothy Peters

    Best singer ever

  72. Herb Houston

    I don't know how I missed it, but I have never heard this song before. It is beautiful. Great song and great job singing it.

  73. Betty Lyons

    first time I heard this, awesome, just awesome

  74. Cheryl Floryance

    I found the key that only fits one door.

  75. Larry Rockett

    Gene is just a born natural for country music

  76. Brian Roos

    Good job Gene on an old Lefty Frizzel song.

  77. MyCanadianeh

    there will never be another singer like this man he breaks all boundaries with his will take a lot of singers with a lot of songs to even reach the bottom of this mans ability to bring country to country music

  78. ardie S.

    I'd never heard this one and I love it.

  79. Pete Carpenter

    I saw Gene in an restaurant north of Atlanta.I can't remember the name of the place,the auditorium was down stairs. the restaurant was on the upper level
    Iwas working at the time,but slipped the waiter a few bucks and he slipped me in the show, this was in the 60.s hope the L&N RR will forgive me .PETECARPENTER

  80. larry . otero

    I love this guy. Pure country is what this is folks. Anybody know the name of the young steel guitarist? Very good player indeed.

  81. barb zook

    great song, they dont sing like this anymore.

    they dont sing like this anymore. thanks.

  82. Paul Murphy

    there is something about a country singer, as they get older, especially people like Gene Watson, they just get better with age, to see Gene perform today is just awesome;; i'm looking forward to seeing Gene perform in Canada real soon,, thank you for posting,,

  83. mosrite60

    Gene is number 1 in country its that simple folks. Too bad radio has given up on this giant of singer. Makes you wonder which idiot is running country stations these days.

  84. Dolly Kester

    This shirt should be in the Country Music Museum, and Gene Watson should be in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Every one reading this, call them and tell them so..

  85. Dolly Kester

    Dara, what a fun story!!!

  86. carol biggs

    nice song

  87. Dara Stone

    I love this song.I have a Key to A Room where you stayed one night in Col Ohio on West Broad St at Ramada Inn.You left a pair of Pants in the room and I run them out to Your Bus.And the Bus Driver said You could keep them.I said thats alright I have his Room Key.And could have kicked myself for not asking to at least meet you.I have always listened to your songs on the jukeboxes as I toured.And never got to run into you.

  88. jinger hart


  89. picksalittle

    i love how singers back then just stood there and sang their hearts out, no running around stage hiding in smoke in lights behind 10 harmony vocalists.

  90. buddyzroadie

    I have very much enjoyed listening to your videos today. They suit the mood perfectly. Great selection... Thanks!

  91. dave lewis

    yes its real country not todays crap

  92. MsBeaver2011


  93. Donnie Winters

    I guess someone has already mentioned that Lefty Frizzell recorded this as well, both Gene and Lefty's versions are awesome !

  94. Orbie Olsson

    Gene Watson is awesome! I love his voice. Thanks for this great post by the # 1 singer!!!

  95. Orbie Olsson

    I listen to Gene while I walk on my treadmill! Makes it fun!

  96. rufftele

    One of the greatest and most underrated country singers in the business. For all you trivia buffs... that is Tony Booth playing bass and singing harmony.

  97. twinPaula12

    Mercy sakes. I have to listen to this song a lot. Gene is one of the greatest artists of all time. This song is what real country gold is all about. The lyrics are terrific and when Gene sings there's so much warmth and soul in everything he sings. I am glad he is keeping it country - there's not enough true talent around these days and artists like Gene are the cream of the crop. Thank you again for posting this winner. - Paula

  98. Kitty Ghoots

    The wonderful man can sing any thing and make it sound like heaven, Thanks Gene for sharing your talent for all us country fans, We love ya