Geko - Situation Lyrics

Since the fame and the life changed, I watched all the times changed,
I came up as a kid with fucked mind frames, I was so advanced I was travellin' around
I look back to think it's mad what's really happenin' now
From school I was known to have some troubles at home, I had some rage I felt one day I'm gunna explode
But I was loud, always jumpin' like to stay on my toes, tried to make everyone laugh, but only god ever knows
Years down the line, after heartbreaks and hurts B, I was kicked outta collage back on roads in the first week,
You know as a yute am in the hood I wanted money, so I copped me a nokia started shottin' to them druggies
I weren't doin' music either I was just out here,
Them days me and skizy burgled ever house round here,
That was my brudda, he never wanted shit, all he really wanted was the paper circle and some chicks

It was this night I was sat in a cell, do I wanna get life? it's not me I could tell,
Everyday I'm gettin' flashbacks of bad nights I thought back to that and left the shootin as well
My older bro used to say I'm wasting my life, he told me "Fuck the estate" and go an make it alright,
I kept havin' thoughts like is this what it's coming to I sat up from the bed and thought this is what, I'm gunna do,

I started my own label of course, but this one was natural, I promise nuttin was forced
Now I'm that famous kid that every girl wants, when I walk in the room now every girl stunts
And this tune I ain't mentioning shit, but just know that shit I've seen and felts is making me sick
It's just heart breaks and heart breaks it's making me flip,
I thank god my friends don't I've to live what I live,
I thought making it in like was the thing I need and now I'm sat here with some pills so I don't get up and leave,
And maybe run away from the world my bro Ay told me all I really is a girl

I said I can't afford another heartbreak
All this poison in my cup of sweat it's making my heart shake,
Yo fucking hell, let me start
I know my life is fucked already,
So I like to give my circle advice,
And when I love, man my love is so heavy so if my people are happy it's the only way I can smile, real shit

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  1. ronaldov5

    my soul felt that

  2. XxFreestyleGamingxX

    Absolute love for this song 😰❤️

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  4. Rising Stars

    How do i get this instrumental

  5. countlosses

    Instrumental asap 💯💯

  6. Tanvir Hussain

    takin in my sitatuion

  7. Shaun Sharp

    52 thousand subscribers jheeze

  8. Abbas Hussain

    Hardd 🔫⚒🔪

  9. Leaks101

    Real talk geko goses in

  10. abdul hassan

    this is hard man true story aswell

  11. Libby geko

    this is mad

  12. joe

    whats the instrumental to this?

  13. AS _

    love this song ah

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  15. m eee


  16. Nines Icecity

    Can't hate on this

  17. Salman Ali

    this guy just makes asian ting wet.

  18. Dynamic_ Vicz

    bare Muslim girls commenting lol that's ur fan base

  19. Dynamic_ Vicz

    ur actually dead geko

  20. Claire Rosser

    Bitch just makes music bout bitches now.. I hope he keeps up to date with his gp appointments

  21. akram abdullah

    a long time ago he was mad at rapping hes gone shitter

  22. samuel Taylor

    💯🔥🔥👊 song is deeeeep 😭

  23. Dash Dash


  24. Josh

    Geko needs more songs like this 🔥🔥


    This brought back memories when he rapped about real life


    +football-invasion uno

  25. axel Sommers

    defo going to blow in 2016

  26. emily ammon


  27. Maryan Ali

    I love it

  28. Fatima Adam

    I can feel what he's feeling cah I been a gekster since day!! 💞


    same <3_<3

    m eee


  29. Azar.sheff

    Jheeeeez 💯💉💯🔫

  30. MansourEntertainment

    Nearly 40k Subscribers, i knew this channel would blow from day.

    Mixtape Madness

    +Supermansour121 We remember bro, the supports appreciated!

  31. Dilan Osman

    geko is the only one that can make the best music but stormzy cakey peigy and dem lot make the best music too

    Dilan Osman

    +Yoo Gamer why

    Dilan Osman

    +Yoo Gamer ok sorry

  32. Iqra K

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    Started shottin to them druggies uno

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    Deep Geks, loving your sounds b 💯 💜

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    This is what you call music!

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    bars are maarrdddd beats haaarrrdddd

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    One mad tune geko 😊👍🏿

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    I like how real this song is 💯

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    Nice little Christmas treat

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