Gaye, Marvin - You're A Special Part Of Me Lyrics

[Both:] That special tear I shed means you're a part of me
Thoughts of you running through my head mean you're a part of me
Yeah, I'm satisfied to know you're a part of me
[Marvin:] What I want to say is
[Diana:] All I want to say is
[Both:] That I love you ‘cause you're that very special part of me
[Marvin:] Oh oh baby
[Diana:] Anytime you look into my eyes (ah yes baby)
Can't you see what you mean to me (talk to me)
And every time you hear me speak your name (oh oh oh baby)
Can't you tell what you mean to me (ah mercy)
[Both:] Wohoh hey moving moving can't stop the passing time
Anyway by now you can't move this love of mine
Just as simple as the last rerun
[Marvin:] What I want to say is
[Diana:] All I want to say is
[Both:] That I love you ‘cause you're that very special part of me
[Marvin:] Oh when the morning comes I wipe the sleep from my eyes
Well I can't walk away from what I feel inside
[Both:] Can't find the cure for not having you around (sugar)
[Marvin:] Oh I've searched far and near ah
But the cure just can't be found no no no
[Both:] That special cure just out of reach means you're a special part of me
That special cure just out of reach means you're a special part of me
I'm satisfied to know that you're a part of me
[Marvin:] All I want to say hey hey hey is
[Diana:] All I want to say is
[Both:] That I love you ‘cause you're that very special, very special
I love you ooh, how else can I explain, I love you ‘cause of that special thing
I love you every time I shed that special tear
I love you every time I feel that special thing for you

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Gaye, Marvin You're A Special Part Of Me Comments
  1. Gwill301

    Sorry Diana, but Marvin blew you away LOL...and he sound even better with Tammi!! Lol okay let me stop, real talk, Dirty Diana, you are awesome!!

  2. Teena Thomas

    This is music!!

  3. Kelli Elaine

    WRITTEN BY: Kelli Elaine

    Some days and nights can be so hard to get through, when feeling all alone, no one to talk to. You don't want to really share; always used to be the strong one, so you think no one will care. The pain is paralyzing, the thoughts are terrifying and in that instant, in that moment enough is just enough. You sit and you think, I've been there for everyone, I can't be here for me. Depleted, energy gone, hard to find the strength to carry on. You believe in love, as elusive as it sometimes is, you believe anyway, the hope that that gives. You want to reach that spot, where the pain is so deep, it has you crying, unable to speak. Many choices to make, when really there's just one. Do you pretend you're okay or do you go the other way. Damn, there you go again, wanting it all to end, so you make a choice, because that inner voice tells you that you've done all you can do, just give up, give in, nobody knows or even cares about what you're going through. You attempt and then you fail, there you have it, you do everything well, even fail. You came closer, this time, than you ever have before, one more and surely you would have been at Heaven's door. You know, or believe, had you succeeded you weren't going to hell, you prayed for his forgiveness, HE knows your struggles, very well. It fits but you can't make it work, where there's pain, there's got to be a hurt! Your head betrays your heart because although you desire love, you make loving you hard. Is this a joke, are you being punked, feeling like you're in the twilight zone. You wake up, the pain has grown and is all yours, to own. Don't give up again, don't quit like that. Next time, talk to someone who cares, family, friends. You won't know how good tomorrow can be, if you end it all because of today's hurts, pains and misery. Damn, Kellz, I hope you hear me.

  4. ShelzyJ Jones

    My all time Fabulous beautiful musicians, love them both so much x

  5. kathy Johson

    Woe, hold up! I almost forgot about the gem, again thank you youtube 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. kathy Johson

    I love all their duets!!! Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross, yessss!!! So good!!!

  7. Reggie Robinson


  8. Reggie Robinson


  9. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #12 on the pop charts in 1973!!!

  10. Alípio Moraes

    One of the best duet albums in my humble opinion

  11. Derrick Daniel


  12. Desiree Buford-Jones

    That special tear I shed means your a part of me! Mr. A. Ain't it plain by now you can't mbe this love of mine? Always have been! Always will be!

  13. Desiree Buford-Jones

    Cause of you running through my head means you're a part of me...

  14. Kelli Elaine

    Thoughts of you running through my head means you're a part of me......
    This is classic music at a time when people spoke from the heart, no games, no motives just truth, win or lose. I miss yesterday.

  15. Thomas Petrose

    nice special tune also.

  16. Thomas Petrose

    very nice song.

  17. Micaï. Claude.

    Fabulous Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye.

  18. Marlon Lloyd

    GOAT! #MarvinGaye

  19. Michael Davis

    If these two greats did not record together, then thank God for technology!!!! Lionel Richie is also a great singer. He mentioned he learned a lot from Marvin too. Marvin was a genius musician. A Master.... The Prince of Motown...

    Marlon James

    oh yah brother---

  20. Michael Davis

    Another one of my favorite songs from this great album.

  21. Melody Sanger

    REMEMBERING MARVIN GAYE (APRIL 2, 1939 - APRIL 1, 1984) [04/01/2017]

    Ced Bigby

    Melody Sanger His Bday is coming up next week.He wld have been 79 years old this year

    kathy Johson

    I still feel some-kind- of-way when I hear Marvins' beautiful voice. Still missing him rip, Marvin 😇😇😇😇

  22. John Brocklehurst

    Loved and still Love the album.Pledging my love my fave with this second. xx Motown-For Life xx

  23. K Moore

    Nobody ever could take Tammi's place, but she's a legend in her own right, so she did ok!!!

    Elizabeth Williams

    Kaye Moore
    Nailed it...please!!

    Roger Wood

    Agreed, though Gladys was the purist of voices.

  24. antij1

    Marvin described attempts to record with Diana as being like two spoiled kids screaming at each other over the same cookie. These two Aries could not play well with each other and had to be separated for this to be recorded.

    K Moore

    antij1 Yea. Marvin would smoke his weed in the studio just to piss her off...But at the end of the day, they had that brotherly and sisterly love for each other!! She dedicated her song "Missing You" to him after he died.

    Speedy Jefferson

    antij1 they were separated because Diana was pregnant with her first child, Marvin was smoking weed, Ms . Ross was not having it.

  25. 2003hajja

    take me back when music was the best sing ༺༻

  26. Sandi Mann

    brilliant album - I've still got it :)

  27. AlwaysaLady365

    I disagree, Marvin didn't want to sang with her anyway.

    Jim Obasa

    Interesting statement which I have never seen anywhere else despite knowing the album well and being a fan of both artists since the mid-1960's. The only complications to the project were (a) Marvin still mourning Tammi Terrell which delayed things two years and then there was Diana's pregnancy. Gaye later publicly expressed regret over his "cavalier behavior". I suspect AlwaysaLady365 is simply a Diana Ross hater.

    Schatze Lady

    John Watt I' ve read the book from Marvin 's wife Janis ," After the dance " and in the book it states that Marvin didn't want to sing with Diana Ross she sang her parts separately then Marvin sang separately not together. Berry put them together. Pls read the book . Yes I am not too fond Diana Ross , but I am not a hater to anything.or anybody . 😊

  28. Cedric Bigby

    Miyoshi darling no matter wat ur are a very special part of me

  29. Randolph Jones

    This song is special to me that i said well to CLASSMATE 1973 THEY WERE SPECIAL PART OF ME

  30. NetanyaJudah1971

    My mother played all the time growing up in the 70s, & "I LOVED IT!!!' I still know all the words & I think of my mother every time I hear it! I love you Mom, thanks for the great memories!

    ShelzyJ Jones

    All I wanna say is ... X

  31. Marianne Lambrecht

    He'll ya !!! Tammi and Marvin. but I like Dianna too.

  32. AlwaysaLady365

    Marvin sang strong than Diana this was not a match Tami & Marvin was perfect combination

    Rob Jackimiec

    Bullshit. I hate when I hear these comments. She was just as strong a vocalist on this joint as Marvin. If not more. Her high harmony was what carried this song.

    kathy Johson

    2 things can be true, at the same time!!! Love all of it!!!!

  33. Karen

    Still got my origional albumn from the 70's still love it :)


    +Karen Still got mine from Woolworths :)


  35. Nomathemba Ndlela

    i am satisfied to know that you are part of me ....ooh best ever 

  36. Dave Wollenberg

    Lionel Richie was a witness to the recording session. He said that Diana and Marvin DIDN'T record their vocals together.

    Aaron Wells

    +Dave Wollenberg Dave I read several times that during the recording of the album...Marvin kept out-singing recorded many tracks separate...

    Rob Jackimiec

    They indeed didn't record it together. Because? Marvin was smoking weed throughout the sessions. She was pregnant with Rhonda. She wasn't having any of that. God Bless Miss Ross

    Rob Jackimiec

    Bullshit. She sang just as strong as him on these session. There was no outsinging Miss Ross. She held her own.


    She was actually pregnant with Tracee, but, yeah.

    Ced Bigby

    @Rob Jackimiec it was actually tracee ellis

  37. christine ruscoe

    Why is the video your that special part of me not available in uk ? Can any one post just the song ?

    christine ruscoe

    Your apart of me 😘 shug xx

  38. Zahri48

    This song indeed has meaning and truly a tribute to the love ones in our lives. The ones gone on before us as well and "they will always be a special part of me/us. Love this song.