Gaye, Marvin - Pledging My Love Lyrics

Forever my darling our love will be true
Always and forever I'll love just you
Just promise me darling your love in return
Make this fire in my soul forever burn

Forever my darling our love will be true
Always and forever I'll love just you
Just promise me darling your love in return
Make this fire in my soul, dear, forever burn

My heart's at your command, dear
To keep love and to hold
Making you happy is my desire
Keeping you is my goal

And I'll forever love you
For the rest of my days
I'll never part from you
And your loving ways
No I'll never part from you
And your loving ways
And I'll never part from you
And your loving ways

Yes, forever my darling
I won't love nobody but you
Give me love in return

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Gaye, Marvin Pledging My Love Comments
  1. Bald Bearded

    The most beautiful version of this song.

  2. Zemariaa Maria

    Caramba que tempo bom linda demais essa canção


    you gotta be a real dumb ass to thumb down on this...

  4. JohnOutraVolta

    Ninguém cantou essa música melhor do que eles!!!

  5. Desiree Buford-Jones

    Dedicated to my special friend! You know who you are E.A.. and I'll forever love for the rest of my days.....

  6. Chris Shelton

    Can't wait until my wedding day to play this song and slow dance with my wife until my life is done.

  7. Lucifer Inlustris

    Johnny Aces version is still best.

  8. Milton Souza

    Pra mim essa é a mais bela, perfeita versão dessa canção. Amo, amo muito 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Arnold Sills

    Missing you all.

  9. Elaine Cristina


  10. Bárbara Almeida

    Marvin e Diana fabulosos...

  11. Leviathan Bathory

    Ross kills it...she should've did it alone

  12. Micaï. Claude.

    Fabulous Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye.

  13. Zipporah

    Ive been bumping Marvin consistently for 3 years now , im 16 now, and i still find new music

  14. MrStyle23

    Marvin is really singing on this one. It really shows his grit. Diana just can't keep up. He was a far superior vocalist. Not a big fan of the Marvin and Diana duets. Tammi and Kim were the best with Marvin.

  15. Michael Davis

    The premier song on this album. Barry Gordy- brilliant bringing these two together after the Tammy Terrell death. This album brought Marvin back during this period. I wish they had done a follow up album with the same writers, Thank you Miss Ross for bringing it too.

  16. Lady V Ann


  17. james Edgerson

    Thank you for the memories!

  18. Gina Villani

    I Agree Sandra Great Memories

  19. Sandra Rivera

    Love this album great memories

  20. AlwaysaLady365

    My Mother loved this version. She would keep this on repeat. I miss my Mama 😭

  21. Cúem

    Clássico da Motown Records....

  22. アオキケイコ


  23. supremester2

    I couldn't agree more. I've played this record to pieces for 40 years and it still gives me goosebumps! My two fave voices together......I will see Miss Ross live this week.......RIP Marvin xo

  24. LouisianaKing1212

    ladies ladies

  25. scauzie

    Twas my wedding song too...still love it :)

  26. suzan kelly

    lindissima musica

  27. Marcia Fontes

    the best!!!

  28. Stan Wilson

    Annettes favorite song, our love could never be, always love you Annette always have always will thanks for dedicating this to me i play it once in awhile just to remind me
    part of me died on you passing love you

  29. David Rapson

    What a top tune!! one of my wifes favourites of all time. RIP Marvin.

  30. Bistra Boneva-Popova

    C'est magnifique!

  31. perry oshiro

    This was my wife and my wedding song. LOVE IT. Love you too ANN OSHIRO

  32. Torsha Johnson

    Not many people are hip to this song but I love it

  33. adelmo gonçalves Barreto

    Espetácular . sempre quem ouça essa música me lembro a minha infância mesmo num local muito humilde onde fuí criado nós éramos muito felizes parabéns bigchunkzcom.

  34. Cúem

    Esse albúm foi um dos maiores lançamentos da Motown Records...

  35. Paulo Costa

    Quantos sonhos, amores jamais esquecidos...

  36. David Rapson

    This is a truly spectacular song and album, it just goes to show how these great singers can knock spots off the manufactured fakes you get today!! Lady Ga Ga?? - what a joke!! Listen to Motown and you will hear REAL talent.


    listening to this lp right now with a nice rioja!!!! (wishing i had someone here to love right now! its a prerequesite 4 this music right!?)

  38. barbicud

    This song we danced to at our wedding 26 years ago. Happy Anniversary Craig. Sept. 21st. xoxoxo

  39. karla rangel silva

    Não tem como ser mais lindaaaaa!!!!!

  40. Vida Joseph

    Marvin Gaye and Diana are true artists in their own right but they can never do justice to this song. This a Johnny Ace original for always and forever. No one can ever come close to duplicating his version. RIP Johnny!



  42. adelmo gonçalves Barreto

    as vezes que ouço essa música , me faz lembra muito bem a minha infãncia,, MUITO BOM OUVIR ESSA GRANDE DUPLA ..Parabéns pelo seu bom gosto...Abrção....

  43. clarkiewfc

    timeless album, R.I.P Marvin

  44. blk moet27

    Forgot about this version....still love the JOHN HOLT version on my site take a look tell me what you think?


    Formidabile duetto.
    Two Great Artists give me Love.
    Thanks for posting Vd, BIG...

  46. frankieanne33

    This one is okay, I like Aretha Franklin's rendition better

  47. Flora Ofori

    This song as well as You're a Special Part of Me & Alone are my favourites!! Such a good song


    maravilhoso,marcou e marca meu amor pela pessoa que amo até hoje.uma união com seus altos ebaixos mas com quatro sementes que Deus nos deu.

  49. Sharon Garcia

    Love this song...just beautiful