Gaye, Marvin - My Mistake (Was To Love You) Lyrics

My mistake was to love you, girl
Love you, girl
My mistake was to give you all
Tell the world

First I had you
In the palm of my hand
But I let you slip through
Like rain to sand
At the beginning
When I didn't care
Like my own reflection
You were always there

My mistake was to love you, girl
Love you, girl
My mistake was to give you all
Tell the world

You were sweeter
Then my very own skin
But what did I do for you
Not a thing
In front of my friends
You broke me down
Since then darling
It's hard to track you down

My mistake was to love you, boy
Love you, boy
My mistake was to give my all
Tell the world

Many a smile
You put om ny face
But I paid dearly
With the tears I taste

My tenderness
Made you cold, not sweet
'Cause if a girl loves you
You only call her weak

My mistake was to love you, boy
Love you, boy
My mistake was to give my all
Tell the world

My mistake was to love you, girl
Love you, girl
My mistake was to give you all
Tell the world

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Gaye, Marvin My Mistake (Was To Love You) Comments

    This song 😍 lives forever ❤️

  2. cameron

    Du lourd pour les anciens

  3. Renee Catagnus

    God, how much I LOVE HIM!!!💔💔💔💔🙏🙏😘

  4. Renee Catagnus


  5. Renee Catagnus

    Always, MARVIN.

  6. Darryl Martin

    Coldest duet

  7. Renee Catagnus


  8. Ericechild1979

    The Boss didn't have a "Voice" but she embodied a uniqueness with her sound almost like girl next door with a splash of sex appeal and sassy. Beautiful Queen indeed now Marvin Gaye .was just raw pure gifted talent his voice exude sex appeal SOUL and emotion...jus BEAUTIFUL BEING ..💯

  9. Tommy Moore

    What a jam!!

  10. Tammy W.

    I loved Marvin. A legend cut short of his life. Two legends.....beautiful music.

  11. Jerry Ferko

    genobibb , one of the best , most under-rated songs in Motown history , if they were still with Motown , hard to believe they would not be. thanks genobibb, CLASSIC!!


    👌🏾👍🏾you're welcome. Well said

  12. Kim Dee

    And sometimes Life & Love gives a second chance to correct "My Mistake"
    ME & BE 💕

  13. Drunk Munkey

    Two of the most beautiful humans to ever live.

  14. ruth torres

    Why is world man so cruel but the man who I feel that if other would I dont want to need amistad

  15. Jr Hernandex

    It wasn't a mistake to love you sadie it was a mistake to love someone who didn't love me back

  16. ruth torres

    I tia Ruthie love you Gillyand girl, Melinda kids Andy and girl's Toino and his familia and tio Tony familia and I'm going to texts mis tio grandkids é mi hermano's whom I don't talk to but I hopefully get better soon with the of those good old useble Wino's love ya especially who loves us ps from a Torrez's familia

    ruth torres

    Girl sure is a my mistake hopefully right right

  17. Sunset Drive

    So sweet!!! ❤🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁❤

  18. Sônia Maria Dos Santos

    Linda demais! ...

  19. Linda Jackson

    Hi edagdwg thanks for sharing this with

  20. Christine Weeden

    Beautiful artist love marvin Gaye and dianna. Listen to this alot love this error.37 yrs old I'm glade my grand parents and mom and dad listen to this while I was growing up.I know them all and love it.wish I was born in this error.And they deserved much more credit than they got in my eyes they are the best musicians out there.

  21. ruth torres

    Not yet I'm guessing he he doesn't understand ruth?????? j

  22. Tony Hloros

    I wish they would've gotten married and had a Family ! can you imagine the DNA in their children?? OMG !! LOVE Marvin & Diana

  23. Moutton Noir

    This is a much better mix than the "final" version that appeared on the album.

  24. Giovanni Sánchez Ampuero

    mis mejores recuerdos con esta cancion ¡



  26. gadocórnio gadão de altíssimo valor busca unicórnio

    Lindos! Maravilhosos!

  27. Jesse Fernando


  28. Rev. Dr. Wayne Weathers

    I loved this song when I was a kid. I was not a teenager but had an ear for music.

  29. Julie Perez

    My mistake was to love you boy💘💖💗💓💞💋💋💋💓💞💕💖

  30. Darryl Martin

    Real music

  31. Andréia Santana

    Is beatiful. From Brazil🎶🎵🎼🔰

  32. Rosemarie Harris

    From a great album .I still have my original copy,sounds as good today as ever.

  33. Francine Mitchell

    Yes my mistake was ever love your sorry ass.



  35. Joyce Regina

    "Like my own reflection, you were always there"
    Love this song. They broke it down and sound good doing it.

  36. Patricia Feitosa


  37. Tanya Kelly

    This duo did great job singing this Mr.Marvin Gaye n Miss Diana Ross love this song

  38. Ebony Boop2

    Hot damn!!!

  39. Melissa Wright

    Marvin was one handsome mofo x

  40. MAPYT1

    My mistake was to love you, boy

    Love you, boy

    My mistake was to give my all

    Tell the world

  41. MR E MAC

    This is SIMPLY GREATNESS!!!! The way there voices work together, beautiful.
    This is one of the greatest R&B Duos that has ever been recorded.
    Beautiful Instruments to go along, Nice!!!!

  42. WC Hampton

    I sing this song to my mom & dad, because they passed away! My mistake was I loved them 2 much! My mistake! I wanted them 4ever

  43. Alex Andrade

    "LOVE YOU RED ".....

  44. jim sherrard

    The bass line in this is awesome

  45. Jmunny Rulz

    YouTube is incredible! Thank you for bringing back memories.

  46. Ramona Carrothers

    So mistake for falling in love with a user

  47. Jasper Johnson

    I was only 9 years old when this song came out. And though I couldn't memorize all the lyrics, the soothing, melodic tune was immediately etched in my mind. I very clearly remember hearing it on specific radio stations my dad would tune the radio in his car, or at our house to. When ever I heard this song, it always magically calmed me.

  48. robert minkler

    I agree with Walter Pewen's comment. This is my favorite track from Diana and Marvin from 1973 blasting it in my 72 GTO convertible with the top down so the world could hear how great it is.

  49. LlMom Mom

    My number #1 🍾🥂🎼🎵🎶📀💿2019 who else's is still here

  50. Joey Pennine

    i got this as a cassette , album and finally the cd. i wore out the other 2

  51. Dave Brown

    My man from dc were im at i don't care what people say about d ross she could sing & made some great music 👍🏾

  52. robert garcia

    Love this song i always play it while i iron my wife and daughters clothes in Saturday's

  53. Alan Mc Alister

    The good ole days.... I was a teenager with a big crush ... I think I drove my family nuts playing the 45rpm record over and over again.. Bittersweet memories

  54. Elder Hardaway

    "My Mistake" Is A Great Duet "Love" Song By Marvin Gaye And Diana Ross.** Very "Heart-Warming" And "Heart-Breaking" Lyrics That Touches The "Emotional" Content, And "Intensity" Of A Man And A Woman Longing For Each Other, But Not Too Sure If Things Will Work Out For The Best.** A Great "Masterpiece" Of A Song!!!!!**

  55. Adam Fernandez

    Biggest mistake I've ever did in life was drugs (Heroin) 2019 .But now I'm going on 6 years sober.Thank man upstairs.

    Daniel Brown

    Hallelujah. Praise the LORD

  56. Chris King

    so true

  57. Kenneth lomack

    Lead by example

  58. Efraina San Miguel

    💛💛💛first i had you in the palm of my hands but i let you slip through like grains of sand 💯💯💯

  59. Elizabeth Valenzuela

    My other mistake was being with father he was a big mistake more like a nightmare

  60. Elizabeth Valenzuela

    My mistake was David I can't stand him he could have any women he what' good bye

  61. porraz maria


  62. franknberry 63

    He sings rings around her. He was so fantastic on this album and all the others. RIP Marvin.

    Daniel Brown

    For real.

    Daniel Brown

    For real

  63. Stanley Ntsibande

    The spirit of Marvin still lives on

  64. Benji Karim

    " the good old days".....😥😥😥

  65. Jane Taylor

    You would not believe how much this album shaped my teenage years...or maybe you would! Phenomenal - you had to be there!

  66. Francine Mitchell

    My mistake was to love wrong man.
    my mistake was to give my love to someone who did not deserve it.

    Daniel Brown

    If you still have love in you you won.

  67. Renee Catagnus


  68. Yvonne Mendez

    Luv luv this great duet. Rip Marvin 💔 gone but not forgotten ☹️

  69. Cilla C

    Marvin never got over Tammi Terrell's Death. He went into a deep depression and never came out. I'm sure doing this duets album was NOT his idea. It probably was Berry Gordy's since Diana, all though married at this time was still having an affair with her.

  70. Willie Wade

    It was so beautiful til its very painful til it has me in tears each time i hear it

  71. debbie breton


  72. MrFasikaH

    The soundtrack to my childhood in Africa back in the 70's. Good times

    WC Hampton

    Say What? Tell us more!

  73. Lionel Villahermosa

    Excellent beautiful inmortal songs sublime.

  74. Nereida Vasquez

    Oldies but the goodest

  75. Vinmar Sterlu

    Vinmar Sterlu Car Wash Beverly Hills !

  76. Rae Gardner


  77. kathy Johson

    There's something about this song...

  78. Dwayne Jones

    I Love this song.

  79. Amiyah Williams

    2019? / 2020?

  80. Laura Pacheco


  81. MotownMaster

    He was tricked into doing this album, after Tammi Terrell died he vowed never to do another duet.......but he was told this album would give Diana's career a boost.

  82. Roseli Godoy

    Amoooo , pena que nao se fazem mais músicas como essas !!!❤

  83. Clyde Bruce

    Best duet ever

  84. Jose Cambran

    hay que reconocer que Miss Diana siempre cuido mucho su apariencia.....y que los cambios que logró, fueron espectaculares.....ayudada, por tener una figura esbeltisima, la mayor parte del tiempo le permitieron lucir trajes muy lindos...combiertindola en toda una Diva de la moda y su voz, dulce, sensual que extendió su fama en todo el mundo musical.!

  85. sally archer


  86. reealitychick

    NOT bad -- but I miss Tammi with Marvin-- but M and Ross are great singers.. and this is super song..

  87. peabody66

    Whenever I hear this song I feel sad. One reason being is because whenever I hear this song I think about Marvin Gaye being murdered by his own father. The vibe I get is Marvin Gaye saying "My mistake was to try to win the approval of Dad only to fail miserably".

  88. Redena Aiken

    Love and miss you Prince of Motown Marvin Gaye❤❤❤

  89. Renee Catagnus

    When I die I'll hear Marvin and the 4 TOPS. After that I'll hear Earth, Wind,& Fire

  90. Eddie Taggart

    now this is Music

  91. James Hansen

    A beautiful song

  92. Nadia Maria Santos da Cruz

    Bons tempos.

  93. Darryl Milling

    I'm just leaving the theater seen Pride and Joy The Marvin Gaye Musical..when they song this song I lost it.. Great Show

  94. Ipdex

    Fell in love with my 1st love to this album. Thought she was the one. Met her again 30 yrs later and we fell in love again - and I screwed it up. Then some 10 yrs later met another & she WAS the one, or so I thought. This track makes me so very happy and so very sad at the same time. But d'you know what, I'm grateful I met both, they made my life better & I still love them x

  95. Renee Catagnus


  96. Renee Catagnus

    God how I LOVE HIS VOICE

  97. Ernest Butler