Gaye, Marvin - Just To Keep You Satisfied Lyrics

You were my wife, my life, my hopes and dreams
For you to understand what this means, I shall explain
I stood all the jealousy, all the bitchin' too
Yes, I'd forget it all once in bed with you
Ooo darling how could we end up like this?
Oh baby let me reminisce

Oh and when we, woo, stopped the hands of time
You set my soul on fire, my one desire
Was to love you and think of you with pride
And keep you satisfied, oh baby oh baby
We could not bear the mental strain
Leave you, I never meant to
Now you see how much you hurt me
But if you ever need me, I'll be by your side
Though the many happy times we had
Can really never outweigh the bad
Oh I'll never love nobody like I loved you baby

Now it's time for us to say farewell, farewell my darlin'
Maybe we'll meet down the line
It's too late for you and me, it's too late for you and I
Much too late for you to cry
It's too late for you and me, much too late for you and I
It's too late for you and me, much too late for you to cry baby
Ah we tried, God knows we tried
Now it's too late to live and love and ah it's too late baby
It's too late for you and me, much too late for you to cry
Oh oh ohhh it's much too late
Well, all we can do is, we can both try to be happy

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Gaye, Marvin Just To Keep You Satisfied Comments
  1. Gina Cleveland

    I would've loved to have seen him sing this!😔💔💔

  2. Christopher Ralph

    Listening in 2020...

  3. Victor Martinez

    Listening on Valentines 💔


    Happy Valentine's Day Victor! 💓

    Victor Martinez

    @goia Thanks, love.

  4. Kai Gosa

    How did we get here??

  5. George Thompson

    L0S0 used this I think on Soul Tape II

  6. b Joe

    Only gods creation can make a beautiful master piece like this fr #RIPTHELEGEND💜

  7. Ray Ray

    *he don't love me no more...*

  8. Acey Walton

    It’s time to say farewell I felt that one...!!!!

  9. Backdraft aka Da Matrix

    Dave East brought me here

  10. 215 Queen

    20/20 yesssss ppz believe me💞💞💞💞💞

  11. Ms Pisces

    Farewell, maybe we’ll meet down the line... Irs too late for you and me.. it’s ok late for you and I.. much too late for you to cry

  12. J Breezy

    You ever really loved someone and it just would never work this sums it all the way up! 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔💔

  13. Kurt Adams

    RIP my brother

  14. Kurt Adams

    The LEGENDARY Mr. Marvin Gaye

  15. Takuachiando Cuh

    2020 ... wish I had 1 more real relationship before this generation deceases love .

  16. bipolar muzik

    Baby boy got me here

  17. Ebony Thompkins

    The 333 people that this like this is definitely mentally challenged😳😳😔

  18. AlwonDomz

    1:03 Best run ever sung in a love song period

  19. Vider Pittman

    Yes. I do miss him thou. Some marrige that was. My heart aches... Oh... So much pain wow..the tears that flow..

  20. Icy. Samy

    1:44 situationships-fabulous

  21. Wadjet

    *amazingly haunting😍*

  22. heraldo marquez

    Damn 😔

  23. Eddie McKinney

    This song is timeless and experiences many have had. BEAUTIFUL SONG

  24. Victor Gillis

    Dave east sampled this legendary track 🔥 🔥

  25. SANCHO 1400

    “What you know about this youngster” like if you’re here after watching baby boy

  26. John Buss

    Written about his break up with Anna gordy gaye who he really did love...great talent deeply missed..

  27. Vincent Washington

    Favorite MG Song

  28. Keith Witcher

    Marvin Gaye's Just To Keep You Satisfied song is a classic. Let's Get It On album is a classic. I like the album pictures. RIP Marvin Gaye. I love Marvin Gaye and his hot daughter Nona Gaye.

  29. Aj Guajardo

    My broken heart brought me here. Life goes on tho. It's a hard pill to swallow cuz I been attached to this woman since I met her in '14. Now it's time to say Farwell, maybe we'll meet down the line.

    Daniel Brown

    Time heals bruh. Hope you learned what you needed to.

    joel maqueira

    You will come out of this stronger, wiser, and better than sever!

    Sherry Cooper

    At the end of tunnels reward of moving on trust it's gonna be worth it funny how we give someone so much power over us emotional u heal in due time an it feels good to be single an free

  30. MrALAVOL99

    So grown my couches just grew plastic on them

  31. David Escarcega


  32. Tonisha Smith

    Jody, MARVIN Please believe me!!! 🙌

  33. Jane Mitchell

    One of TheGreatestTorchsongsOfAllTime by One Of The Greatest Artists/Voices Of All Time.

  34. AJFOne

    chills down my spine every time

  35. deacon8754

    James Jamerson!

  36. Richard Smith jr

    Sad, hauntingly beautiful song. R.I.P to the great marvin gaye

  37. Tameka Jones

    I loves this song by Marvin Gaye

  38. J. Mendez


  39. L Moreno

    Man 💙

  40. Anthony Lopez

    i could listen to him all day. one of the greatest EVER period, even till this day. marvin forever.

  41. Mary Mack


  42. Patrick Green

    Inspired a foolish young man to sit on a bus in New York City and write a song entitled Desire, sung by the great Raheem Devaugh. She was my living breathing heart before my eyes, removed from my chest and standing in front of me. I willed myself over to her and spoke. Before I was finished I had left an indelible impression on her. Desire had won the day...

  43. Geoff Hamilton

    G.O.A.T break up song....

  44. Nigel Augustine

    you're my B A B Y - MG ft Dave East

  45. Jimille Rumph

    If I'm correct, this song is for Anna.

  46. Jimille Rumph

    You set my soul on fire,my one desire is to Love You! (Very Passionate) Lyrics ✊🏿✊🏿

  47. Tiago Andrey

    Deep Rooted- Baby

  48. Uncle Pecos

    He had to give her writing CREDIT for this song too #Fact


    He was so heartbroken. I can hear in his voice he knew what love really was and IS. Priceless

  50. Danny Childs

    That ending always gets me 😢

  51. Mark Baker

    Get me outta here😢

  52. Joanna Vasquez

    I never Loved Nobody the way I Love You!
    I miss US 😓🌥💋

  53. Bernard Holmes

    Love is the greatest emotion. It’s best to have love and have lost it. Than never to have loved at all

  54. Aniyah Smiths

    Awesome 👍😁😊

  55. Miguel R

    As a 21 year old i can say it gives me such Nostalgia to an Era my Eyes have Never Seen.

  56. Ladiiee Sweet

    Keep that shit real Baby Boy brought yo mfn ass here 😍😍😍😍😍🤫

  57. Daughter of Zion

    "maybe we'll meet down the line" 💋 Rest Easy CB. 💔


    Marvin voice is timelss you cant stamp it with time it just touches your spirit no matter the year a true legend MARVIN GAYE

  59. Chanel Middlebrooks-Dyer

    So in love with this man omg 😍😍😅😅💕💕

  60. Jordan Ford

    It's not too late for me to cry dammit lol, my eyes water every time I hear this song.

  61. Fraser Macdonald

    it's too late

  62. Robin Miller

    Very deep and emotional song....Lyrics are intense...

    Jerrica Whitfield

    Robin Miller intense !!!!

  63. Cleveland Jones

    This song was the soundtrack to my reconciliation. In '73 we tried. It didn't work. Pain still sharp at 69. Outta here!

    joel maqueira

    I hope you found happiness afterword.

  64. Chris Najar

    Wat you know about this youngsta



  66. T. McKelvin

    Song talks to my soul especially since I’m going through it

  67. Munchkin NuffNuff


  68. Munchkin NuffNuff

    MY GOD.

  69. Melinated Beauty

    Me and my man are just not getting along right now and we can’t shake it....I hope it’s not too late for us..😞

  70. Terry T


  71. ski mask the fake freind

    help me :(

  72. just me

    It's a reason your called x the beautiful love story ended, but l still love listening to this song.

  73. Angel Ruiz

    how can people dislike this ?


    A few days ago me and my EX Broke up. It hurts, But life goes on. God will protect my heart and hers. Life goes on. Maybe one day she will see this and know 👁 TRULY LOVED HER. This is also for you that will experience a heartbreak in the future. Love your better half and do whatever it takes to stay together. Lord knows we did not. 😥❤

    Muriel Muse

    So sorry to hear that. But i love my husband so much, He cheated on me but i will never love nobidy like i love him.

    Steelcity 412

    TAYLOR MADE going thru this now and it hurts like hell. Feels like I will never get over it😔


    @Steelcity 412 Trust and believe I feel your pain, But just remember GOD don't make no mistakes. I hope and pray things will work out for you. Real talk.

    Steelcity 412

    TAYLOR MADE thank you so much and you as well ❤️

  75. A.C. the Panther No. 1

    That was so disrespectful and rude to Yvette that Jody slam the door at her.

    Jody: Get the fuck off of my doorstep.
    Yvette: JODY, WAIT!

  76. ShawtyG Water


  77. Tiffany Perry

    And Repeat For The Ones In The Back 🙌🔥💯🙂🏆

  78. jTube

    play speed 0.75

  79. Michael A Parker

    Miss you brother Marvin, Blessings.

  80. Loretta De Herrera

    Emotionally beautiful...💞💔💞💔💞.....

  81. BKB 2017

    “Jody DONT lovee me no more” 😂😂😂😂



  82. kellegeez

    Baby Boy!

  83. Oh thats Lauren

    When a man don’t love u anymore then u know u fucked up.

  84. gkid310

    This song came out on baby boy the movie

    Sherry Cooper

    Jody what you know bout this......

    Demetrius Scott

    @Sherry Cooper This grown folk music.

    Shamon Stone

    “Jody?, Marvin? Please believe me...”

    Demetrius Scott

    @Shamon Stone What does he say Melvin?

  85. gkid310


  86. Jesus Antonioi Renteria Garces

    Great song!!! I read long ago that Marvin used the song to break up with his wife, a smart but sad way to do it. The greatest singer!!


    No...she is apart of this song

  87. Elinacab

    Marvin? Whatchu know about Marvin?!?

  88. Raw House LLC

    You can hear Maxwell at 0:39 and Gerald Levert at 1:03

    Jason Heard

    Although both are great singers I only hear Marvin interpreting this classic..

    Lori Jones

    And Raheem Devaughn... he’s the apple tree to their apple ! For sure

  89. ebony ervin

    love love love .....

  90. The Mongoose 23

    1 of the best.

  91. UNC

    Sometimes I feel really embarrassed because of the richness of my musical era. It’s because today’s generation has nothing and they know it! They are the first generation that knows that their generation sucks compared to previous generations. The first generation that has nothing to boast about. So I now keep silent about our rich musical past and the times that created it when I’m in front of them. Because they get the Millennial sad face. America has never been like this! Never in its history.

    Ronald Hawkins


    Del Scott

    I agree

    K. B.

    UNC facts bro. I hear the music my friends and associates listen to and be like wtf are you listening to? Now, to be fair, this technology IS cool and convenient, but you are right about people becoming mindless zombies with it. Shoot, look at the IG Models crying about the like button going away. That’s just one example of people not being able to function without it and the fact that this technology and flexing and money and etc literally defines people. Take it away and then what? Nothing. It’s sickening, but if I guess the only solution is to stay true to your self and don’t fall into the “trap” of this generation

    joel maqueira

    A lot of young people love this music!

    Nayvadius Wilburn

    It’s sad that you’re generalizing the millennial generation. I’m born in the early 2000s and have developed great affection for 60s and 70’s soul music, while on the other hand I dislike most of today’s artists.

  92. Kendra C

    2019 ya'll

  93. henry clemons

    still today and beyond 7/15/19

  94. Shyeesha Pollard

    Baby Boy brought me here

    andrew acosta

    Marvin...please believe me