Gaye, Marvin - I Want You Lyrics

I want you, (& I want you)
The right way (& the right way)
I want you (Yes I do)
But I want you to want me too (Want me too)
Want you to want me, baby (& I wanna it 2 be the right way)
Just like I want you

I give you all the love I want in return sweet darlin'
But half a love is all I feel
It's too bad, it's just too sad
You don't want me now
But I'm gonna change your mind
Someway, somehow, oh baby

I want you - the right way
I want you
But I wan't you to want me too
Want you to want me, baby
Just like I want you

This one way love is just a fantasy, oh sugar
To share is precious, pure and fair
Don't play with something you should cherish for life, oh baby
Don't you wanna care
Aint it lonely out there

I want you - the right way
I want you
But I wan't you to want me too
Want you to want me, baby
Just like I want you

[Repeat and fade]

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Gaye, Marvin I Want You Comments
  1. Dianne Miller

    I get chills when I hear this song when you love someone let them know it!!!!!

  2. Marco Mendoza

    Imagine how high Marvin Gaye was when he made this hit??? I know for sure he was outta his mind.

  3. Neill alvey

    I just heard this one & i instantly love it...a hit. Marvin is the king of R & b. its a new year of love & passion...& with more lbgtqs around lets please all these women fellas. We MEN.

  4. Disco Angel

    I want me too

  5. Rob Oliver

    Have this on continuing repeat at work can't tell me nothing

  6. Kai Thomas

    0:00 - 1:15 This song probably has one of the best intros of all time!!!

  7. Angela Johnson Smith

    Still here in 2020❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥

  8. Ralston Baker

    Man! Forget about his masterpiece "What's Going On "!(if you can) This is Marvin Gaye at his soulful best! Just listen from 3:45 and you will understand! S.I.P King Marvin!

  9. Mary Thomas


  10. Tia Freeman

    Dedicated to Darren👑❤️

  11. Vincent Lewis

    It's 2020 and his music is still sooo alive. It doesn't get much better...

  12. Gary Rice

    What happen to all this good music from 70 Marvin Gaye rest in peace my brother.

  13. Budda yoyo

    Such a shame marvin death came before I was born. Would have love to see this guy perform live.

  14. mrs.holly berry mrs.holly berry

    Wish I could been there to experience this song as it first came out. I was been in 1976.. It hurts to know we lost Grand talent like this.😭

  15. Crypto World

    angel knows how i feel . my . favorite song by . marvin gaye

  16. Lelibela Shabakabel

    When he comes back I'm sure he'll be singing new songs,that truly praise our creator,I look forward to that time No graveyards,no hospitals,no prisons,no sick ness,nor death or crime,the former things has passed away.With the curse removed,the tent of god is with mankind life ever lasting at last,in Jesus shed blood,Jehovah god made all this possible.

  17. daniel Stefane

    part 2 -one of my favorite Albums- What's going one -

  18. daniel Stefane

    is anyone here inJanuary 2020 his music is

  19. Carnell Mills

    Detroit sh*t. "Motown music"!!! Your mother and father can listen to it. You can listen to it. Your child can listen to it. 💯


    A song where a man is telling us woman that he wants us ❤️, not “bitch bend your ass over and make it clap while you’re eating out another hoe” excuse my language.

  21. Lena E

    When black Afrikan music expressed love amongst our race rather than degrading each other. No a single bitch, hoe or n-word. I miss this kind of music. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT

  22. Daina Kennard

    One of the greatest singer of all time, there would never be another Marvin Gaye you are surely missed but your music will live on forever rest in peace.

  23. Live Life

    The spirit behind SOUL music never dies and can NEVER loose its power!! #HealingSounds 💫

  24. Live Life

    Healing Music💛💫

  25. Ro Bey


  26. Phillip Miller

    This my favorite song for all you hoes that don't know how to want me to 💯💔💯💪🏾 period

  27. JAWA Deepak

    *2020* ♥️💥

  28. Tam D.

    Ahh & i want you to want me too... 2020♥️

  29. Balrogg Tall

    Marvin Gaye is Magic 🙏🏾 from France 🇨🇵🗼

  30. Terron Herring

    Good times

  31. James McLean

    2020, without a doubt ✌️

  32. ThaGodKingDorell

    2020 and beyond this will remain a timeless classic...

  33. Zerrad Oussama


  34. dos Santos

    10/01/20.. BRASIL 👍👍

  35. Legendary Tez

    What's this painting called?

  36. Lexi Jonez

    Ralph Tresvant did a cover of this song does anybody know where I can find it and also I love this version 2

  37. Patricia Fernandez

    Is there love ❤️ in anyone heart

  38. Patricia Fernandez

    Yes great song beginning in love
    Man voice was amazing my mother played his music
    Ahead of his time

  39. Detroit Gyal

    He looks so much like somebody i used to talk to we have complications but i want him around again.....

  40. Petrescu Robert


  41. Grace Estes

    When hear music like this. I realize We black people are Judah. Marvin Gaye, Sam Cook, Jeffery Osborne, Aretha Franklin Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson , James Brown, etc and countless other and many of our Black great singers in general let's we know we are Judah. "The praisers." No other people have such soul and make you feel music.

  42. M. S.

    Listening in January 2020.

  43. 43wolverine

    Grandma let me listen to this when I was ten or so. She is gone now. Rest in peace, Grandma. Gave me game. She jumped on a bus full of soldiers with mama and ran to Greenville SC. The rest is history. I miss her so much. Her and mom taught me how to love a woman. Been obsessed with the same woman (wife) for 20 years or so. Marvin Gaye was so far ahead of his time. There is no close second to Marvin Gaye.

  44. Ricky Wilson

    He would be 81years old this year as today is jan8 2020, but his music is as fresh as the day recorded...thats timeless influence..

  45. Renee Martin

    Nothing but the best marvin Gaye I still love that song. One of the best

  46. Johnny Herrera

    2020 I'm gonna change your mind some way some how baby...

  47. Immortal Jungle Beats

    ya already know 2020 & beyond🔥

  48. claudia moreno

    Real music is timeless

  49. Speak up or They think you stupid

    2020 hoee!

  50. Mr NoFilter


  51. blackpepa78

    It's 2020 and this jam is still relevant! Love it!

  52. Jackie Brown

    January 8th 2020 I'll listen to Marvin forever 😍😘❤🔥🔥🔥

  53. Teelynn Official

    For the People!!!-

  54. Manta Mocha

    😏 This is one SEXY a$$ song!😁

  55. Dan James

    Totally dig this groovy Cat. Peace always.

  56. Sweetie Fernandes

    The question is, who wouldnlt want Marvin? Whatever way he wanted it. That was one fine man, even without the voice and all the talent.

    Ron Beck

    Sweetie Fernandes

    Mayb his wife. I think he wrote dis, from SEXperience.

  57. Gregory Wright

    This is my song in I'm only 35❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🌎🌎🌎

  58. K1NG 313

    If you clicked on this video, you’ve found real music ‼️

  59. Danny Danny

    Smooth rhythm, nice beat, great words - sadly, such wonderful music isn't made anymore these days. Thank you Mr. Gaye.

  60. astral project projections

    2020 baby

  61. William Ross

    My favorite of all time Marvin that dude hands down✊✊

  62. Raheym Cash

    Like this for 2020 & beyond. True classics never die.

  63. Lisa Haymes

    We Lost So much When Mr. Gaye TAKEN on that day all the beautiful dreams. We did not know the pain he was going through. Thank GOD for giving us the time and talent.PURPOSE!OUR GOD REST EASY MR.MARVIN GAYE

  64. Eddy Montilla

    Who’s listening 2020 Jan?

    Ahmir Ahmir


    Marcia Bryan

    Marvins music is timeless

  65. Mary Thomas


  66. Latisha Smith

    2020 anyone??.?

  67. Vard Vardan

    Сильно говорит

  68. tyler

    i can alr hear the black uncles aunties grandmas fathers in the comments talking how they miss this era 😂

  69. Quincy Shipp


  70. Gabriel Martinez

    The MASTER....

  71. Lateshia Childs

    I see why my parents said their music was the best. I was born in 1982 I grew up hearing this kind of music. I still love it I think I scare men my age with the music I love because I have an old soul.


    93er here. If the guys you play this for can't understand this then they aint for you 🤷🏿‍♂️ This song is the shit 💯

  72. JuJu Love

    2020 2021 & forever ❤❤ my momma been here when the song very first came out❤ love you mama

  73. Dominique Woods


  74. BklynBabe

    Starting off 2020 right! 👍🏿

  75. Lisa Converse

    Still listening 1/2020

  76. Brandon Hughes

    Still listening to this in 2020 baby.. 2020

  77. Saul M.L

    2020 we here

  78. Jack Lyons

    Legendary 😍😍😍😍😍

  79. RafaeL Silva

    This is Brasil 2020 🇧🇷

  80. INNER G44

    Bringing 2020 in jammin

  81. Kendrick Jones

    Jan.2, 2020!!!!!!! Yes Siiiiiiiir, Marvin STILL GOT IT!!!

  82. doogzlen59

    And still listening in 2020 👌🏾

  83. Maria Pinon

    It’s 2020 and he is still a master class in performance.

    Craig Gambone

    And a masterclass in expression

  84. Tiffany Kent

    Still listening 2020 !! He would have been 81 yrs old

  85. / • S P I R I S • \


  86. Luther King

    2020 you here?

  87. Indya Arrington

    Marvin's the man!😎😎😎😎😎

  88. Kent Bergström

    Motown Classic

  89. Bronx Beauty

    2020 here and still listening.

  90. Debra Harris

    Listening in 2020...Not only was he a Handsome man, but Sexy too. WOW OH WOW!!!!!!!

  91. B. Wynn

    Black folks are so smooth...we lit ❤

  92. Andre' Borne

    Jan 2nd 2020 and I still gotchu Marvin 👏🏽

  93. Jimmie Samuels

    I'm a 70's baby was 2 when this song come out didn't know nothing about it but now this cat got a lot of good songs you have to really set back and take it in he say HE WANT HER BUT HE WANT HER TO WANT HIM TO who wit me? And when he say DON'T PLAY WITH SOMETHING YOU SHOULD CHERISH FOR LIFE.

  94. Allan Aligula


  95. Mali Rabbit

    Clear vision in 2020!


    in 2020 i am still vibing to marvin ..HAPPY NEW YEARS