Gaye, Marvin - Distant Lover Lyrics

Distant lover, lover
So many miles away
Heaven knows that I long for you

Every night, every night
And sometimes I yearn
Through the day

Distant lover
You should think about me
And say a prayer for me

Please, please baby
Think about me sometimes
Think about me here
Here in misery, misery

As I reminisce, oh baby
Through our joyful summer together
The promises we made
All the daily letters

Then, all of a sudden
Everything seemed to explode
Now, I gaze out my window
Sugar, down a lonesome road

Distant lover
Sugar, how can you treat my heart
So mean and cruel?
Sugar, sugar

That every moment when I spent with you
I treasure it like it was
A precious jewel, oh baby
Lord have mercy

Oh baby, don't go
Please, come back baby
Somethin' I wanna say
When you left you took all of me with you

My Lord I wonder
Do you wanna hear me scream, plead
And please, please, oh please baby
Come back and hold me, girl
Baby please, please

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Gaye, Marvin Distant Lover Comments
  1. Hector Castellanos

    No regeton or stupid rap. Man what the fuck happened..

  2. Caryn Lafleur


  3. thanddi

    2020 Still nothing compares....I keep coming back. "When you left, you took all of me..." Oh, the power of music.

  4. Jovona Jenkins

    This my songz Marvin Gaye and rip Marvin Gaye

  5. Kameisha Grier

    My favorite marvin gaye distant lover

  6. Beto Batista

    Adoro essa música

  7. Jett Crue

    my tata recently passed a about three weeks ago. he had just turned 60. Phenomena is a bitch. him and I were basically the same person. we had the same personality, same music taste, same sense of fashion (and I’m an 18 yr old girl). hell, we even had the same front teeth haha. tata, just wanna let you know that I went through ur records & jacked yo ass lmao. I’m wearing one of your car club shirts right now, you had a lot. almost 50 years you were in the sophisticated few. should’ve had mines and Marges shirts remade lmao. we had a big celebration of life for you at your crib, there were a lot of people there for you. wish you could’ve been there. we’re taking good care of your low rider too. I love you, tata. we’ll forever cruise in memory of you.

  8. Irena Virtanen

    One of my favorite..Marvin I will love you always...

  9. Tee Jay

    Here In 2020

  10. MickiMarie Davis

    This song gives me butterflies!!

  11. Sandra Sandy Manning

    Who's listening in 2020?
    Click like or comment below!

  12. Trust Me

    French montana - Mac with the cheese

  13. sharron taylor

    Almost lost him. What is to be said except Marvin Gaye. Says it all. Love Love Love this and him. Distant lover Sugar, I treasure like a precious jewel 💎.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Tony Tann

    Yall didn't nothing about this right hereeee

  15. Sashaye Brewer

    This sing was so beautiful. This man's voice was incomprehensible. Rest in love, Marvin. #oneofthegreatestevertodoit💜

  16. Tee Ramirez

    Thank you

  17. Rebecca Hall

    Whew lawwd jesus. I wanna just roll and cry on this one with Hennesy and my good wig in hand. Cant keep a wig on when this come on. Im done

  18. HoneyBee

    ❤ Marvin

  19. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Distant Lover" " think about me say a prayer for me" " my Someone Special ""💘💘💘💘😘

  20. Ravioli 23

    I'm looking for my " Distant Lover " in 2020.......where is my QUEEN !!!

  21. sauna

    Still listening in 2020. Marvin’s music will be around forever.

  22. Vickie Canupp

    WOW, Wow and wow.......Marvin is Timeless and sang many, many Great songs....and this is one of the Great ones!!

  23. Mary Ann

    Absolutely beautiful. I’ve been playing this in my car on repeat for 2 weeks. I never tire of it. Nothing like this music. Lucky to have grown up in this era of this type of music. Miss lyrics like this in this day and age. We need songwriting like this.

  24. Tehillim16

    When the man misses you so much and is so hopelessly in love with you.... HE ASKS YOU TO PRAY FOR HIM.
    3:53-3:57 takes me ALL the way out EVERY time...

  25. Jojo Duran

    who’s here in 2020🥳

  26. Nija Ononiwu

    This is for my future husband

  27. Diamond Lewis

    Song is timeless to me❤❤ 😍

  28. raydogg40 raydogg40

    January 2020 ..89 baby

  29. dede lee

    2020 born 85 and I'm here love music like this 💃 reminds me of the music my dad listened to RIP DADDY 😇

  30. Tanni J

    Listening in 2020

  31. jvergg xx


  32. sharron taylor

    Distant Lover. Marvin Gaye yet again. Outstanding. What can I say. Just listen to the lyrics and vocals. Tells a story that’s beautiful. Rest In Perfect Peace.❤️❤️

  33. Vincent Washington

    This song is priceless

  34. Frederick Byndum

    This the only that's makes me cry

  35. Frederick Byndum

    Distance lover so many miles away

  36. Brooke Perkins

    Who’s in on 2020!!??

  37. truthbetold

    2020 listening- I wonder if Marvin knew that this song would hold its fire 46 years later, with a generation not even his own.

  38. P J

    2:15 0:22

  39. Sunshine Princess

    2020 this type music last forever 💯😍🎉😇

  40. G Wise

    Let's not forget Marvin birthday is three months from now.....

  41. Mattie Hopkins

    Listening in 2020, RIP Marvin

  42. Kevin Willson

    The best singer in my book. He's a prophet of music

  43. favour systane

    Still listening all 2020

  44. Tameika Brown

    I’m Wondering How Often Is The Great Music Artist’s Us Fan’s Lost Over The Year’s Is Singing Together Up In Heaven Since Being ReUnited

    Tameika Brown

    A Whole Lot Maybe Not Everyday All Day But IK @ Some Time They All Are Up In Heaven

  45. Candy Martinez icon....much Marvin

  46. Glenda Baker

    Still blasting this in 2020 😍🥵🥰

  47. Colin Logan

    you should think about me

  48. Betty Drake

    Hmmm smile yes

  49. Kurt Adams

    The LEGENDARY Mr. Marvin Gaye

  50. Kurt Adams

    Motown masterpiece

  51. Applejack TV

    Bring the house down ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  52. Nathan Ward

    Spaceship Many West

  53. Hammer-nel Evans

    I see you are here in 2020...nice..

  54. Kelia BENSON

    LV2U ✈️❤️☀️💋

  55. Feeu Fata

    Age has nothn to do with songs....if it is felt then its felt. All plz stop about U DNT KNW NUTHN BOUT DID

  56. Feeu Fata

    ....think about me sometime...

  57. Chris Luta

    1000000000 thumbs 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙌🙌👍

  58. Frederick Byndum

    Dam I wish I could turn back clock too 1993

  59. L Moreno


  60. thejackruark

    3:56 touches my soul every time

  61. Robin Ivens

    I cried so hard when he passed! I was lying on the couch and heard the news! 😭😭😭😭😭


    Robin Ivens I remember my sister running in the house saying Marvin died! I said that’s not funny, because it was April fools Day. Our neighbor had to call and say it’s true it was on the news and his father killed. I was stunned.

  62. sam robinson

    If my manager insults me again I will be assaulting him

  63. Louie Colon

    Marvin was the man back in the days. still listening Dec 2019

  64. Kenya Nkhrumah

    One Of The Greatest Compositions/Performances Of All Time By A Giant Of A Genius.

  65. Ron sandoval

    There's nothing like a distant love the you can call and enjoy the memories we both had

  66. Tammy Taylor

    This song will touch your soul!

  67. Renee Catagnus


  68. Renee Catagnus

    That VOICE, that face , that everything!! Love you forever.

  69. Renee Catagnus

    I loved this song since I was 14!! Marvin, my heart belongs to you.💔💔💔

  70. Da Southern Gentlemen

    December 14, 2019 listener's 👍🏿

  71. Micha 6:8

    Where did all the good writers and poets go?

  72. LOTTO LOTTOsoulja


  73. Paul green

    2019 going into 2020 this is still the jam!!! Marvin is the GOAT

  74. Ebony Colbert

    Y’all can keep 2019.... I’m sliding this bad boy straight to 2020 baby 😝

  75. Carolyn Covington

    What a awesome Genius Mr. Marvin Gaye RIP Prince of Soul!!!

  76. Janet Greene


  77. Vontrice Mckinley

    I will never not love Marvin Gaye

  78. crazy crissy

    I'll forever be a fan of classic r&b ,. Today's music can't touch your soul like this

  79. Barbie Doll

    Love him. Raised on his music

  80. stan


  81. moneyemg VEVO

    EMG I like u


    Love, love, this song. They'll never will be a replacement of mowtown music. I wish we had a local radio station that was just mowtown. I live stream it thru you tube.

  83. Steven Nichols

    I love it please come back you go

  84. Cae Bz

    my fav. Marvin gaye song man love his voice so soulful

  85. Tysha Honore

    Come Back To Me Douglas 💋💋💋💋💋

  86. Million dollar Broke Kid

    Love this song


    I love this song and Marvin Gaye but Kanye West is a genius

  88. Ronnell Jones

    Im only 22 and this my shit

  89. Dolomyte Gaines

    I'm 23 and I jam Marvin daily

  90. PaulGreen11

    "You should think about me,
    think about me sometime."

  91. Tee Ramirez


  92. kygirl257


  93. nicholas markowicz

    :23 did Kanye sample that?

  94. Carolyn Byrd

    I am 63yrs and I still do 2019-2020

  95. Melina Romero

    Forever loving this song 💗

  96. vFlamez

    this gave us backyard by travis scott goat