Gaye, Marvin - Come Get To This Lyrics

Girl, you've been gone away a real long time
Now I really went out of my mind
I miss your lovin' when you left, baby you did
Ah baby, come here, let me caress you
Ah ah baby let us, ah tell me what you missed
Come here, sugar, and get to this
Ah baby, I want you here
I want to do something freaky to you
I want to feel what I've felt long
Ah baby, come get to this

Ooo remember, baby, how you made me feel just like a king
Ah, I've been waiting
I'm ready for you to start doin' the things
I'm tryin' to blow your mind
You're so fine, so petite, oh candy sweet
Ah, I've been waiting
Come here, baby, get to this

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Sweet love, sweet love, oh so good
Get back here from the depths, we have to get back
Oh, nothin's changed, you're still sweet as the mornin' rain
Girl, I'm standin' ready to
Love you, babe, make it good to you

Ooo I need your love
Don't make me wait, I can't wait
Oh I'm so impatient for your love
Come here, sweet sweet baby, get to this

Girl, I know you've been gone a long time
You nearly blew my mind, baby
Girl, you've been gone for so long
I'm so glad, glad that you call me your baby

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Gaye, Marvin Come Get To This Comments
  1. Joanne Jones

    Is the new millennium listen to music like this I wonder what our world would be. maybe more love between each other..

  2. Carolyn Wallace

    One Of The Best "Swing Dancing" Songs Ever! "GET IT Y'ALL"!!

  3. mizpahboy

    Marvin has gotten many a brother and sisters in deep trouble ( and they loved it )

  4. Darryl Martin

    Everytime i hear this , i turn into a Pimp 😆


    Love, love, love this song. Can listen to it over and over. One of the best artist ever.


    Yes, me and my luv spent many nites cuddling to this song.

  7. Amanda Miller

    They just don't make music 🎶 like this anymore.... #70s baby!

  8. Touru Featherstone

    Powerful and timeless. I reckon Mum and Dad got down to this in ‘73 when I was born. I know I would have done. His voice is remarkably effortless but reaches such depths that very few can match.
    I thank you sir for enriching our lives and making it just a bit sunnier

  9. Susan Hopkins

    Yesssss ...

  10. Shattered Angel 68

    still love this song since early 70's THIS WAS REAL MUSIC!!!

  11. Ronald Charles Epstein

    I may have heard that song in the 1970s, but I don't remember.

  12. Just me Mary

    Stepping to this in 2020! My birthday twin. April 2nd

  13. Carolyn Wallace

    "Swing That Thang" NOBODY Can Rock This Song As Marvin Did! Amen To This!

  14. Anthony Mann Mann

    The pure essence of this genius cannot be duplicated still listening radio 2020

  15. Paul McGuckin

    Perfect! So perfect

  16. Shirley Reed

    If you didn't get to meet this Super star you truly missed out! This man was a one of a kind. That's why he was truly the prince Motown. The one and only marvelous MARVIN GAYE!!!🥰🎶🎵. And guess what he is still here through his music. LOL RIP. MY MAN!!

  17. Lamont Jude

    Come get to this!!!!!! You ain't ready

  18. Frank From L.A.

    What a song, what an album, what a career!

  19. Kurt Adams

    The LEGENDARY Mr. Marvin Gaye

  20. Kurt Adams

    Who in the world would thumbs down this classic piece of soul.👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  21. Lakeisha Myers

    This is real mysic ladies and gentlemen

  22. Psychic Clairvoyant Nadine

    This is real music! Grown folks music! Still rocking this in 2020!

  23. Psychic Clairvoyant Nadine

    My husband talking to me!

  24. Angela Gilbert

    Still sounds good.

  25. bubbles bryant

    😳 WOW 😳 the intro in this song is amazingly touchy-feely ❤️💯🔥

  26. Peyton B.

    I think 1 of his most underrated classics. I mean Distant Lover + Let's Get it On all timers but I can listen to this times in a row 2

  27. Janice Kidd

    Best album ever xxx

  28. Dazie Duke

    2020 🎯

  29. james warner

    I know I'm in the minority on this, but this was his best song of all his hits, yet the damn song only last less than 3 minutes

  30. David Escarcega


  31. Kim Dee

    2020 and this Sexy Jam still Rocks! All the Lovers, get ta Steppin'! Ready #BE!??? Les go!💃🏾🕺🏾🎶💕

  32. Rebecca Johnson

    The lyrics, and band on this one was mind bolwing.

  33. Rebecca Johnson

    Sexy but too short ! It needed a extended version on ! Yes yes yes !

  34. Tutti Fruti

    Question.......was it jnr walker playing sax 🎷 on this song????....oh my gosh the saxophone 🎷 player is the business everything on this song is awesome love ❤️ it love ❤️ absolute fav Marvin Gaye song


    i remember when i was a kid my father dancing to this song with feeling i mean feeling!!! he had his own little dance me and my brother be looking at him laughing but he didnt care he just kept on dancing ..loL..RIP POPS


    He was feeling them sounds, man, just doing his thing.
    Nuff luv to yo pops, man. 🙏 ✌️


    Imprezaactual indeed he was thank you

  36. sugarpibaby

    0:48... "I wanna do somethin' freaky to you..." ❤Loving Marvin Gaye.

  37. Ruby Redd

    The King! Great man, cannot be duplicated, no way, no how!!!

  38. samantha chapman

    Marvin. Marvin I need your love. In my mind I want to make love to you

  39. Tracy From Cincinnati

    It's 2019 and I'm still playing this song.❤

  40. Nately Laroyce

    Perfect song right after this was “Distant Lover!” Perfect album. Love them days of music......

  41. Darryl Martin

    Starvin Marvin , boy was bad no doubt

  42. Michael Beza

    Sing it...hear those drums in the back..go..i know u been gone along time

  43. Ms. Carter


  44. Tasha Pack

    2019? That’s all imma say!!!

  45. Linda Antwine

    The legendary voice
    Marvin Gaye
    It was a sad day when you when away

  46. Varnesse


  47. Damien Dunn

    We're still here for this in 2019!! #realmusic #timeless

  48. Michael Webb

    Smooth hand dancing music !

  49. Gail Murray

    Everything else will have to get back! RIP Marvin.

  50. Vc B

    Such a beautiful song....Marvin Gaye's voice just takes you to another place...

  51. Kelton Aarris

    So smooth so vintage only marvin could pull this off..

  52. prtmanprtGod

    Sweet love sweet love, oh

  53. Michael Beza

    Bring back memories...yes indeed..young love

  54. Terena S. House

    still listening, &'s Nov 10, 2019. Celebrating my Elders who is my parents & age 60s up. 😍👍

  55. him

    Just made a baby!!! Can i get some love 2019!!!

  56. Amp Ent

    Im want Tyrese Gibson to sing sooo bad he would be a natural, please revive and keep this song alive!!

  57. Gerald Anderson

    Right on

  58. Catrissa Livers

    I was 3 when this came out and as coming from a musical mom wore this song out and I remember it as if I was 3 again love it just one of my favs

  59. Trine Smith

    Been here before, actually more recently learned of this cut, just thought about it but couldn't remember the name when the most recent comment came up in my notifications. The Universe is Good and Gracious for which I am extremely Excited and full of Gratitude As so stated, I wholly agree MAGICAL MARVELOUS MARVIN song Us a FEELING!
    We Love You Marvin You are dearly remembered. Thank YOU so VERY very much for sharing Your Gifts and Talents, Your Genius and Artistry for All the World to experience.💕🙏🏾

  60. Ms. Carter


  61. Marie Pharaoh

    Still one of my favorite songs of all times. Just so on point. "Ah baby, come here
    Let me caress you Ah, ah baby let us, ah, tell me what you missed
    Come here, sugar, and get to this

  62. debbie mill

    This Song is to short. I need more!!!!

  63. KSC Clinic

    Marvin, the only person who could want to do something freaky to you without sounding freaky haha 😆

  64. jj miles

    This is my jam... Hands down

  65. Cassandra Wright

    This song here is errthang and then some. But that ending...... Man all u can say is Yes daddy😊😜. R.I.P. Mr. Gaye❤😢❤

  66. Terry McGee

    Legends never die! 🔥🔥🔥

  67. Dominic Harris

    I'm 36 years and remember this music like it was yesterday! Chillin with my pops Charles Harris fishing! Some of the best memories I ever had growing up! Rest with the best Charles and Marvin and that's with YAHWEH!💪🏽🙌🏽🤙🏽👊🏽

  68. bgillen3

    LJ Reynolds did him justice in his remake of this classic!

  69. Sandra Sandy Manning

    Summer Barbecues in the 1970's with the family & this comes on the radio...

  70. yourdestiny0001

    My Mom used to throw 'grown folks parties" at least twice a month on Friday's and I used to love to watch them dance and laugh to this song..."I wanna do...sumpthin freaky to you"....didn't know what the words meant back then but yasss lawd now I know...this song brings nothing but good vibes, great I play it at my get-togethers. Come get 2 this!!!

  71. Martha Galvan

    Mmmmmm... Marvin. That's all you have to say... ♥♥♥♥♥

  72. Karen Stewart

    MG Legendary, Iconic, Timeless, Classic and Unforgettable!!!! 💝💝

  73. Maria Teresa Galvis

    Inolvidable!!!!!! Espectacular vos y música!!! Siempre vivirá en el recuerdo de nuestra juventud

  74. Marcus Boykin

    Ahhh nothings changed your still sweet as the morning rain im so impatient for your love etc. Damn rip marvin soul brotha

  75. TJ Hooker

    Can't think of a nicer way to start the day. Magnificent timeless evergreen talent. Voice of a generation.

  76. Vernal Richardson

    Yes, I wish this song was longer. I love it.

  77. syg moore

    I could listen to this song like 4ever! It's too short!

  78. kissing friend

    please don't stop it from playing, September 2019.


    One of my favorite grooves of Marvin Gaye #ALLTIME of my hometown iconic balladeer
    and one of the greatest singers ever recorded whether studio or freestyle his music is entertaining, uplifting, captivating, Intriguing, gratifying, and amazing!
    *(R.I.P. MARVIN GAYE)*

  80. Michael Beza song..

  81. Floyd E Harris

    it's sad to see a Brother with so much Giveth in his life and not hear anymore ( miss you Marvin )


    GET TO THIS💃🕺💃

  83. Janice Kidd

    Never never ever will anybody beat this man singing love the voice body and soul 💋

  84. Toni Smith

    The mold was broken when God created this treasure named Marvin Gaye!!! S.I.P. Marvin...

  85. Jerrode cain

    I really thought of my childhood when I first heard this my (RIP) Papa use to play the shit out of this song (RIP Marvin Gaye)

  86. Breana Freeman

    Obsessed with this song.

  87. Joshua May

    “You’re so fine so petite ahhh candy sweet”...classic man

  88. Thelma Davis

    I had the opportunity of seeing Mr. Gaye in concert in Raleigh, NC in the years that I attended Shaw University. That was the most exciting time in my life. Miss him dearly😇😇🙏🙏

    Thelma Davis

    (*⸰‿-) (☉_☉) (-‿◦☀)

  89. amber woods


  90. DesertFish

    i remember sexy dancin w a partner at a party to this! Man those were the days! so good!

  91. Cassandra Wright

    Yes daddy😍😛

  92. smusmooch

    The first son i learned how to living room off of. And the best at it too. Thanks big marv

  93. Greg Miller

    Greatest cha cha song ever.

  94. Gabriele Lino

    Eu nasci na época errada

  95. syg moore


  96. Amari B

    My Absolute favorite ❤️

  97. Faison Sampson

    I truly miss Marvin Gaye 🎶 music

  98. Patricia Tisdale

    Marvin Gaye "fans". Listen to his song "Come live with me". His singing and the instruments being played, are the epitome of sexy and mind-blowing. I'm certain anyone who listens will love it too.