Gaslight Anthem, The - You Got Lucky Lyrics

You better watch what you say
You better watch what you do to me
Don't get carried away
Girl if you can do better than me then go
Yeah go
But remember

Good love is hard to find
Good love is hard to find
You got lucky baby
You got lucky babe
When I found you

You put your hand on my cheek
And then you turned your eyes away
If I don't make you complete
If I don't take you all the way then go
Yeah go
But remember

Good love is hard to find
Good love is hard to find
You got lucky baby
You got lucky babe
When I found you

Oh, go
Yeah go
But remember

Good love is hard to find
Good love is hard to find
You got lucky baby
You got lucky babe
When I found you

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Gaslight Anthem, The You Got Lucky Comments
  1. Winters Hill

  2. George Price

    I like it. It's different yet sounds like the song it's supposed to be. A very worthy version.

  3. teeladino 23

    Absolutely love his voice 😍😚💕

  4. budibausto

    Agree...and Sliver cover is pretty lame...just too similar to the original one which is one of my fav songs of Nirvana.

  5. ben davis

    i'm hearing a lot of wilco in the instrumentals

  6. Ben Cross

    After I read that, "oh shit!" was the reaction in my head as well xD

  7. Ric Swingle

    Love the raspyness of his voice tho...

  8. a456987

    @LetliveFakeHistory nobody can ever be better than Tom Petty

  9. a456987

    Best cover but not as good as the original

  10. Ash Nichole

    You'll be hard pressed to find someone who loves TGA and Brian Fallon more than me, but no one does a Tom Petty song better than Tom Petty. This is a great cover no doubt, but definitely not better than the original!

  11. Polyphonic Press

    Because it's a cover.

  12. Kate Champagne

    Brian Fallon is the master of covers. The only cover he ever fucked up, in my opinion, is Springsteen's Atlantic City. Everything else, including this one = Gold!

  13. Wings for Wheels

    nobody said otherwise...

  14. danstrummer

    three of the wankers now, ignore 'em man they're too busy with pop to smell the Gaslight.

  15. Coon ey

    there's no easy way out!

  16. Daren Redman

    Nah it's all good you didn't. Either way I suggest everyone pick this up.

  17. Daren Redman

    Oh shit I noticed that too....good observation.

  18. Eric G

    How did i not know about this?!?! two of my favorite bands ever

  19. Dave M.

    Holy Shit! I just noticed there are faces in the cracks of the record.

  20. Tricky2509

    Dunno why but this reminds me of Rocky

  21. Nathan Norton

    Yah i already said i mixed this cover up with never tear us apart

  22. Wings for Wheels

    dcdude171 you are mistaken. Check out the 45 single on amazon and you will find out the You Got Lucky is the b-side and that it is a Gaslight Anthem single.

  23. Nathan Norton

    I'm so sorry was mixing this up with their cover of never tear us apart for some reason

  24. Nathan Norton

    In other words its a cover of a Tom Petty song - done by the Horrible Crowes

  25. Nathan Norton

    I am aware it is a tom petty song , I'm saying they recording this cover under the Horrible Crowes name NOT the gaslight anthem name

  26. Nathan Norton

    Well Brian fallon lead sings ,Alex is on keyboards, Ian on gutair etc. Notice the organ in this , this is a horrible crowes cover

  27. Daren Redman

    Uh no they aren't.

  28. Daren Redman

    Oh well I saw it said maybe that was a typo?

  29. Nathan Norton

    This is actual " The horrible crowe's " cover , i know there basically the same band but :/

  30. Kate Owens

    "Hey hey, turn the record over. Hey hey, and I'll see you on the flip side."

    Loving the B-side to 45.

  31. lliinnnuuss

    Love it!

  32. Chad Dillon

    Did i mention... Fukin Amazing!!!

  33. Chad Dillon


  34. Jason

    Cool deal, thanks again for posting

  35. Daren Redman

    It's an A-side to their recently released 45 single as I read. So maybe you will be able to purchase it sometime?

  36. Jason

    I know it's Petty, I meant where is it from? as in what did the GA release it under?

  37. Jason

    Great Cover...two of my favorites...Where is this from?

  38. Martin S

    after hearing your complete playlist, i've to say
    you've got some awesome music on your channel :D
    stuff i've never heard before but i do love after hearing it for the first time!
    ... and all begun with a "new" covered song by TGA :-)
    so again Brian and his guys brought me into awesome music, i f***ing love 'em for this :D

    sry for bad english, i'm from germany ;-)

    |m|/ \|m| keep on rocking