Gaslight Anthem, The - Stay Vicious Lyrics

Now I feel just like a stranger, I don't sleep at all anymore.
And the arms that used to hold me, well, now they've done me harm.
And I feel just like a murder, and I feel just like a gun
I been shaking in the hands of somebody who's finally had enough.

As you step out into the city, no one to find you or recognize.
As your black heels kick out the beat of my heart in perfect time.
Singing, la la la la la la la la, look at you saving my life.
Singing, la la la la la la la, tonight you're saving my life, yeah.

Now I've had the saints and patience, and I wait on the telephone.
I have pills for this, and tabs for that, and something that used to resemble a soul.
So won't anybody take my hand? And won't anybody ease my ache?
I still love rock and roll, and I still call somebody baby.

As you step out into the city, no one to find you or recognize.
As your black heels kick out the beat of my heart in perfect time.
Singing, la la la la la la la la, look at you saving my life.
Singing, la la la la la la la, tonight you're saving my life, yeah.

As you step out into the city, no one to find you or recognize.
As your black heels kick out the beat of my heart in perfect time.
Singing, la la la la la la la la, look at you saving my life.
Singing, la la la la la la la, tonight you're saving my life.
Singing, la la la la la la la, leave it on the end of the knife.
Singing, la la la la la la la, tonight you're saving my life, yeah.

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Gaslight Anthem, The Stay Vicious Comments
  1. Kim McNamara

    I dont know how to get in touch with these guys,I want you to come to my wedding ! As guests,,I love you guys so much! Message me back if you see this somehow. I'm in Texas. May 18th 2pm.

  2. Dustin Dow

    My all time favorite gaslight song.. been a die hard fan for years but this song.. man o man this to me is the best song to lead off such an amazing album... so under appreciated in the gaslight anthem song list...

  3. lyineyes56

    Talk about light and shade this guy is the master bar non 😎

  4. Derek Virgili

    They opened the DC show with his a couple of months ago. Soooo good!! Perfect choice!

  5. Kristy Grim

    Best TGA song ever! Never get tired it. <3 My baby Elvis kicks a lot when I play it to him in my tummy.

  6. lirazell

    Love Brian's voice especially on this song and fantastic combination of voice/guitar/drums.

  7. David Boone

    i wish he would do this acapella for a good music sample....


    as u step into the city is my favorite

  9. Jason DiFilippo

    Great fucking song.

  10. Amy Steele

    Just discovered this band, they sound like a band kept secret from the 80's.

  11. Guidonator181

    So much National in the quiet bit

  12. Sea Change

    Black sabbath and the Cure just had a baby. 

  13. lyineyes56

    But 59 sound was even better  :-)

  14. Bwok Strip

    Seeing these guys in about 6 hours, can't fucking wait :D

  15. lyineyes56

    This would be a great start to a  concert  :-)

  16. Grant Robertson

    Does anyone else feel it's a bit of a 'Here Comes My Man' knock-off?

  17. Graham Kristensen

    Stone Temple Pilots for the verse, The National for the chorus.

  18. Mo Roden

    I miss old Gaslight :(


    @Mora Roden 
    Then just check out my playlist: THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM

  19. ARPANET Troll

    That riff is questionable, but Fallon saves it with a perfect chorus

  20. Richard Otten

    the opening reminds of Stranglehold

  21. RidgidMusicReiewsTV

    Ok song not best but not the worst

  22. LightUpTheEyes

    Who the hell do they think are, Electric Wizard?

    ufo pium

    Sunn O)))

  23. Edward Gibson

    I know nobody will agree but after hearing the delux version this is my favorite album from TGA. My opinion which is just my own personal taste would be: get hurt, the 59 sound, handwritten, american slang, sink or swim.

    Edward Gibson

    Yeah I was debating between 59 sound and handwritten. Both great.


    @JDub McDook I got into Gaslight Anthem when "Old White Lincoln" started to play on the radio. So after Sink or Swim was released. I enjoyed American Slang and then '59 Sound after I bought it because they were a bit softer.
    I am not a fan of the grungy heavier sound that Sink or Swim had on it. I'm not saying it was bad, but I prefer the softer sounds on their newer albums. Again, my opinion is mine.

    Edward Gibson

    Ha I knew I would get some bad reactions. I love sink or swim but just think they have evolved so much since than. Again just my personal taste. Totally understand why people like sink or swim the best.


    @JQJ213 I personally got into them by coming across Sink or Swim stuff on YT (Drive and I'da Called You Woodie, Joe), so I dunno. I like the variation, I just keep the different albums for different moods I guess. But I guess the first sound you hear of a band always kinda influences which songs you'll like best.

    Matthew G.

    @***** Don't make me get Putin to imprison you, commie.

  24. ThatAwkwardGirl_

    Oh my god... IM SO GLAD I LIVE IN THE UK! Why? Coz we get the album ONE DAY EARLIER THAN THE US!

  25. Native.Penguin45

    I really liked it alot! They are all doing us a Big Favor in putting out their new stuff out there for us to enjoy not to criticize it weather or not it sounds like so and so. Give it a few days you'll find yourself wanting to listen to it more and more. :)

  26. Tony

    The contrast from loud and gritty to quiet and melodic is quite a pixies/nirvana-esque trait.

  27. Verbal Illustrator

    this is fantastic

  28. Matt Cladek

    This song will KILL IT on the radio.

  29. Nick Temple McCune

    Easily my favourite song from this album so far. The verse reminds me of Too Much Blood a little.

  30. Daniel Knight

    This is the best Gaslight song I've heard in years, and I loved 'Handwritten'.

  31. Helio Junior

    That slide guitar at the end leaves me with the feeling of "I want more".

  32. Goatbind

    Probably 1000 of these 42,965 plays are from me

  33. Mike Robinson

    hopefully get rid of the dumb screaming fan girls who were on the last uk tour 

    Liam Croft

    Know what you mean man, I saw them in Manchester when they played a tonne off Sink Or Swim, half the crowd had no idea they had anything but Handwritten.

    Sea Change

    @Liam Croft Yeah thats a shame. Ive been listening to em since ages. Who saw em in 2008 at London Astoria?

    Liam Croft

    @Grimeyhoob Can't say I did, unfortunately! I only got to see them live on their first tour after Handwritten.

  34. Rein VdB

    This is a never before heard sound of TGA. Call me a fan boy or drama queen or whatever, from what I've heard from "Get Hurt", this will be a generation defining album. Mark these words.

  35. Wesley Gehman

    So pumped to hear more loving the change up in their sound!

  36. Federico Martinez Penna

    Like Black Keys and The National on one song. Great progression from the Jersey boys.

  37. Christopher Scriven

    This is awesome. It'll be amazing live!

  38. Bora Kesal

    Chorus reminds me of The National... This is a good thing.


    Any specific song? I'd like to hear it.

    Daren Redman

    Check The National - Runaway....Demons....don't swallow the cap...

    C. Harris

    I thought the same thing.

  39. Garreth Ellidge

    YES Brian!!!!!!!

  40. Janne Virtanen

    I think this is my favourite from the 3 songs they have put out ahead of the album launch. All three tracks have really lifted my expectations to new heights. 

  41. helenabellamuerte

    Has it become some kind of tradition for Gaslight to include one song on each album of some song's protagonist singing a generic tune and making a snarky remark? ("She's singing, 'Oh, sha-la-la, oh, sha-la-la. Listen, honey, here comes my man" on "Here Comes My Man" from Handwritten and now the "La la la, look at you saving my life tonight" on "Stay Vicious" from Get Hurt.)

  42. Dylan Gordon


  43. Jakub Górecki

    I really can't enjoy this song, half of it sounds like cheap Black Keys, and half like cheap The National, damn, I love TGA but this song is awful

    Filip Muchowski

    Wydaje mi się, że pod względem melodii ten utwór jest po prostu za dużym odejściem od klasycznych TGA i to może odstraszyć ludzi jak Ty. Nie ma w tym nic złego, są gusta i guściki, ja od razu lece sprawdzić czy eu-preorder już jest.

  44. weakweek85

    I love their music and I'll definitely give this album a chance, but this sounds like Alice in chains. The other 2 songs were different but it still sounded like gaslight anthem

  45. Keith Dennis

    Sounds like something that would be on Sink or Swim. Awesome.

  46. Rui

    So far i'm loving all the three songs, and the three different sounds. Looking forward for this album more than any other one this year. 

  47. McDrunkard

    woah I was not expecting the chorus from the preview

  48. zacharyhughes05

    Can't wait to Get Hurt when I see them in November :D

  49. YouthEnergy

    This is what these guys needed to do. It sounds so natural.

  50. ReturnDivided

    My response to that riff - /watch?v=VLnWf1sQkjY

  51. ReturnDivided

    I remember when they put the clip of this up and almost everyone hated it. And now everyone loves it. So to anyone who judged the album based on the riff and first verse, ha, look how awesome it is now.

  52. am__15 1515

    Good song but i think it's Too grunge. I like them better when they are more melodic

  53. Edward Gibson

    Brian said he had wanted a heavy riff and than flip it to the prettiest song they have ever written. Well done!!!

    Lucke Gabriel

    Pretty much sums up my thoughts on this song. Really enjoying the blending they got going on.

    Sea Change

    @Lucke Gabriel The opening riff is very Sabbathy, something Toni Iommi would write, then it goes into this Cure kind of chorus. 

    Elizabeth Sanders

    The chorus reminds me of Iggy Pop's 'The Passenger'.

  54. MitchellRex

    Brian warned us this album would be different. I'm still in love with American slang but I'm not disappointed.

  55. The White Bill Clinton

    Not so sure about this song tbh. I don't hate it, but I don't know if it has any replay value either.


    @***** If you hate Rollin' & Tumblin' you must have not known them for very or liked their older stuff much. That song sounds the most like their older songs.

    Matt Bram

    @zingazinga This sounds not even remotely like The National, as if that could even be a criticism.

    D P3

    @13mbrm There is that deep-voiced soft speaking element in the verses with ethereal instrumental accompaniment thats been popularized by the national.   Also heard on "halloween".  Brian has mentioned many times dating back to 2008 that the National is a band he really enjoys.   I think that's probably what people are referring to.


    Ironically I read this comment as I was listening to the song for the 5th time in a row or something.

    I dunno, I have to admit the first play I wasn't amazed with the record even though I liked all three singles a lot, but after a few more plays it's like there's layers peeling away and I'm really starting to feel it. Especially Stay Vicious, 1000 Years, Dark Places...

    The White Bill Clinton

    @Myo-kun I know what you mean 

  56. bill anderson

    I just got to stop listening to it, I don't want to get sick of it before the record comes out

  57. Christophe Carpentier

    Cool, that teaser really teased me.
    I love that new sound!

  58. James Perks

    Weakest track they've released of this album. Not a fan but can't wait for the album to drop nonetheless

  59. berton tyler

    can't wait to hear the album!! going to be a great mix :-)

  60. Sheri Ellis

    Love it!!  

  61. Joe Wade

    Anybody else getting a R.E.M. "I Took Your Name" vibe from this?

  62. Kevin Morgan

    Fucking awesome.

  63. Fraser Rummens

    Getting vibes of The National in the chorus. Love it.

    bill anderson

    Gaslight with vibes of The National? Sounds about perfect...

    Jordan Clarke

    watch?v=1a1UoljLWrY This is the one you're thinking of... Such a brilliant song

  64. Alex F

    This is the greatest Monday morning, ever. 

  65. Javier Molina

    It sounds like a mix between the old Gaslight Anthem and Blood Red Shoes. Nice.

  66. Max Beckett

    That's more fucking like it WOOOHOOO

  67. Chris Sweeney

    Can't wait to hear this live in November


    Gonna see them in the Aragon Ballroom in October. So psyched.


    @morrisaurus17 hey me too! super pumped! 


    @morrisaurus17 I just found these guys yesterday.  I'm excited to see that they're coming to Chicago, wonder if I can still get tickets?


    @Kas1991ish Well you definitely just discovered something great, and if I were you I'd check the band's website or ticketmaster!


    Same here, 3 november in Brussels, my first TGA live show :p

  68. Jack Bishop

    Christ thats heavy than i was expecting from gaslight

  69. Dan Le Roux

    Sounds so dirty. Love it!

  70. jon gurn

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  71. Benedictsayswords

    This is going to sound so great live!

  72. bendietrees

    😱OOH LA LA

  73. Maxwell Pond


  74. cloudcollector

    now that's some pretty heavy riffage there. love it!

  75. Michael Weston

    Badass I'm so excited get hurt is going to be incredible