Gaslight Anthem, The - Sliver Lyrics

Mom and dad went to a show
They dropped me off at grandpa Joe's
I kicked and screamed
Said "Please, don't go"

Grandma take me home

Had to eat my dinner there
Mashed potatoes and stuff like that
I couldn't chew my meat too good

Grandma take me home

Said "Why don't you stop your crying,
go outside and ride your bike?"
That's what I did
I killed my toe

Grandma take me home

After dinner, I had ice cream
I fell asleep and watched TV
I woke up in my mother's arms

Grandma take me home, never take me home [x8]
Grandma take me home
I wanna be alone.

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Gaslight Anthem, The Sliver Comments
  1. Lucas Santora

    Is that Mike Ness singing?

  2. Neil Hardy

    excellent cover and brilliant production

  3. Zodiac581

    I've always liked this band but never heard this cover before. It's pretty good. Nirvana is my favorite band though, so to those people saying he sounds just like Kurt, he really doesn't at all, especially not during the second half.


    Zodiac581 I would hope he doesn't. covers aren't 'covers' if they sound EXACTLY like the artist they are paying tribute to.

  4. Pablo Diaz

    Great cover! Please, listen our version from Argentina

  5. L RX

    pretty good!!

  6. jimi van orion

    oh damn, this sucks!!! 

  7. h879xx

    I could play that opening bass better with my dick

    Manuela Montuori

    Do you want stitches? Cause that's how you get stitches.

    Tanner Schwarzsonne

    You're cruisin' for a bruisin', pal.

  8. Third-3ye

    acually, nickilbecks cover of how you remind me is th best nirvana cover!!! 


    Look.... A Troll

  9. baseball79512

    Wow. Seriously the best NIrvana cover I've heard. Crazy good.

  10. LarryWhack

    Pointless. Absolutely pointless.


    What's your deal?

  11. bosoroni

    Heard them play this live last year at Riot fest Chicago. This is easily the best cover of nirvana ive ever heard.

  12. Ahola Fungi

    Loudog you sound like a Nirvana hater :/

  13. Danny Riordan

    Great cover

  14. Egeris95

    This shit is Coooooool!!! Kurt is rocking his ass off..

  15. Loudog577

    You Nirvana fans are all the same, God forbid if someone does a cover of any of there music. I think Brian Fallon rocked the fuck out of it, Kurt was one of his biggest influences, he's just paying his respects by doing this. The lead singer of Seether sounds and plays Nirvana songs better than Kurt, Hey at least your favorite band didn't replace the singer with a fat wanna be named Rome.

  16. juan smith

    He's is not a good screamer compared to Kurt

    Spongebob Squarepants

    You seem to be one of those people that treat their opinions as facts

  17. Davidm8

    I love this cover and the Rise Against cover of this song!

  18. Janene Fereday

    holy crap this is good. He sounds freakishly identical to Kurt Cobain

  19. Sam Jay

    but better

  20. fede018

    when you cover a song you're supposed to bring a twist to it, make it your own, this is kind of a re-recording...


    yeah, there's not really too much else you can do with this song though.

  21. Carolyn Packard

    I saw these guys opening for Rise Against last September. It was an awesome show!

  22. 0zone9595

    thats the whole point of the song, look up the original by nirvana

  23. Vyacheslav

    Rise Against also covered this song. Would be great if Tim and Brian would try to sing this together. Should sound absolutely awesome.

  24. clamum

    Damn good cover. The original is good and this is pretty close to it, so I guess that's a given, haha. I kinda wish they've experimented more with the cover though.

  25. Joey Cujo

    By far the worst song they've recorded. Never knew it was a Nirvana cover until now. This explains everything.


    Joey Cujo careful you don’t cut yourself on that edge

  26. KevCo174

    This is exactly the same as the original. What's the point of even recording this?

  27. HardgoreAlice

    God help me! An actually DECENT Nirvana cover! Now I KNOW I've got a new favorite band! Love to hear them do well, any other Nirvana song they dang well wanted! WoW!

  28. mcintosh182

    Having seen it live just a few hours ago... I agree entirely.

  29. ThievingDaily

    nice...those are my two favorite bands as well!!

  30. Em J

    this is a really great cover, similar to the original!

  31. Jeff Panetta

    pretty impressive! shit, I miss Nirvana more and more everyday!

  32. Scott Davis

    3 people are chad channing

  33. Matthew

    Or Courtney Love.

  34. Michael Jordan

    How can anyone dislike this? Such a good sound and a great contribution to Kurt Cobain in Fallon's voice, amazing.

  35. Josh Lacy

    Got this album today... Just chilling in my room listening to Sliver thinking hang on, I've heard this before!! Fuck!! Nirvana!! I love this cover!!

  36. Melissa Kaye

    i couldnt imagine this working... but its great!

  37. BrotherBadSeed

    Good cover and good to hear Nirvana with as much of the trendy 'I hate Nirvana' shit I've been hearing lately.

  38. Faux Bravo

    I like this, but I'm not sure it's as good as it could have been. I feel like they went for accuracy and didn't really put their own spin on it.

    Good, but not great. It was definitely a pleasant surprise, though.

  39. James Hamilton

    New album is brilliant! Such a great cover! And Brian's voice too! And no, there aren't too many exclamation marks! It's that good!

  40. Scott Davis

    One person is Chad Channing.

  41. Janusz Tracz

    Damn, this is such a disappointing shit.
    And I mean it as a lad with Gaslight as my fav band. I grew up with Nirvana, Sliver being my favourite song of theirs. I hoped it'd be a wonder with these guys too, but it's not even mediocre.

  42. remcomater336

    This song is on the Deluxe Version of Handwritten

  43. Nolan Donnelly

    it really is TGA lol