Gaslight Anthem, The - National Anthem Lyrics

I never will forget you my American love
And I'll always remember you, wild as they come
And though if I saw you I'd pretend not to know
The place where you were in my heart is now closed
I already live with too many ghosts

Now everybody lately is living up in space
Flying through transmissions on invisible airwaves
With everything discovered just waiting to be known
What's left for God to teach from his throne?
And who will forgive us when he's gone?

So, take what you need now honey
And do what you like
Don’t worry about me Mama, I’m alright

And I can't stand the weather, no I never liked the rain
We drink on the job then we go home early
And I remember she used to look so good in that dress
Now she just screams how I promised her more than this
Take it easy baby, it ain't over yet

So, take what you need now honey
And do what you like
Don’t worry about me Mama, I'm alright

And if there's something you need
And if there's something you find
Whatever gets you through the night
Whatever gets you through the night

I never will forget you my American love
And I'll always remember you wild as they do come

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Gaslight Anthem, The National Anthem Comments
  1. Katherine Stiletto

    Who else is enjoying this in 2019?

  2. Liam 95

    Stunning song. Good memories!

  3. lyineyes56

    Great opener Bath and Cardiff ❤

  4. Monica Monteparte

    This was a perfect ending to a perfect album.


    Actually not

    Monica Monteparte

    Handwritten was flawless

    Monica Monteparte

    Oh wow I never realized there was a Deluxe Edition!

  5. Mark Stephenson

    Wow. That is all.

  6. Vincent Talley

    Anyone else get the chills?

    Mark Stephenson

    Every time

  7. mr pele

    Sounds nothing like I'm on fire, it sounds like the gaslight anthem at their very best, as always.

  8. Barry Featherstone

    this band has never done a bad song they are without a doubt my fave band ever

  9. C M

    I already live with too many ghosts x

  10. Jamie Brown

    Who will forgive us when he's gone,

  11. J Lansdale

    To that blonde haired, blued eyed Chester County Nomad. Baby, I wish you could see me now, love. Xoxox

  12. lyineyes56

    Are there any songs better than this ? :-)

    New England Fb

    lyineyes56 there are so many good songs can't choose one that better lol there all good

  13. Niki Fuller

    Join the Gaslight group on fb

  14. David Boselli

    Does he says throne or thrown?? 1:08

    george salihu

    throne Son!!


    throne, thats the correct spelling for when you are talking about the chair of king and not the past tense of throwing

  15. Mike Anderson

    Beautiful song

  16. Scrubttt

    Should've used a better font colour

  17. Pascal Dupont

    Sa voix est émouvante.

  18. Dannyhughes1991

    Just discovered Gaslight Anthem and now im hooked...

  19. niemi

    Every song they do is so impossibly perfect! <3 <3 <3 <3

    Garrison Fjord

    Don't trust a perfect person and don't trust a song that's flawless.

    pee pee goes hard

    twenty one pilots-lane boy, right ?

  20. Marvin Richter

    find ich gut

  21. Johnathan McClea

    i found the perfect girl. she might have lived far away but she was great what happen i let my jealously get the best of me and fucked it up


    There there bro. Did the same thing last week. Brohug.

    Oz taylor

    Did the same thing 11 years ago and 3 months ago we reconnected at Suwannee Hulaween and now we are soul mates. And others don’t.

  22. lyineyes56

    Springsteen Dylan The Gaslight Anthem enough said

  23. jproxursoxoff

    Wooooow. Calm down that boner of yours Ryan.

  24. MrColoradorocky

    "What's left for God to teach from his throne? And who will forgive us when he's gone?" I don't believe an artist has ever described emptiness so eloquently before.

  25. David Stevenson

    Two words: Toaster Hammock


    Go on then explain, Doing my head in 😃

  26. Sparky's Revenge

    damn..... just how to music is all about... love it

  27. Joshua Turner

    great song, very springsteen, im on fire-esque

  28. Marco DelGiudice

    sounds like it can have political connotations also...Never will forget you like maybe the America that's betrayed us with it's what you like take what you want dont worry bout me I'm alright...everybody lateley livin up in space flying thru transmissions on invisible airwaves...that clearly alludes to the distracted viral generation...that's what I get from it

  29. tovar83

    bob dylan or not, this is one of the greatest rock ballads i have heard in a long time

  30. Lynn Horton

    I love this album!

  31. Sir Poopsalot

    Good song yes.

  32. Maurice Williams

    I already live with too many ghosts. dope

  33. PadurKaril

    Definitely the first there.

  34. thewriter1008

    Or just too much sadness in general.

  35. C M

    What's left to god too teach from his throne and who will forgive us when he's gone.

  36. roland rolandsen

    Hammer Song

  37. ccconfetti


  38. TheKei42

    I suspect that "too many ghosts" is more broad. I don't think it's about a girl who died. "Too many ghosts" probably just means that he's kept his heart open for too many past loves who he'll probably never see again. That said, he claims his heart is now closed to whoever this song is about in the line just before.

  39. David Bridgstock

    Check out my cover of this song on my channel!

  40. George Andrews

    My interpretation of this is one of two things:
    1. Its about a girl he loved, who broke his heart and he has to put it all behind him no matter how much it is killing him inside.
    2, or, its about a girl he loved who died. I think this because of the line "I already live with too many ghosts" and how he refers to the girl in past tense. I know that could mean of when they were together, but I have a suspicion that is it.

  41. Felix Mitchell

    blew my mind this band, this album is amazing!

  42. icarrythearcadefire

    I must really thank NHL 13 for including "45" on its soundtrack, I had unfortunately never heard of these guys before, but after buying Handwritten I gotta say they're one of my newest favourite bands

  43. thewriter1008

    Second note: reminds me of "The Temptation of Adam" by Josh Ritter.

  44. thewriter1008

    I think this is my new favorite Gaslight Anthem song.

  45. ronald hawkins

    Is this an original song by gaslight?

    Zac Ward

    Yes it is

  46. midniteOG

    this song cant be more true in my life right now... girl friend drama, school bullshit, work bullshit, etc.... ill get through it with the lyrics of this song running through my head

  47. TheBazookaBunny

    Brian Fallon and Rivers Cuomo are some of the greatest song writers I know.

  48. 007punkrawker

    I don't hear Dylans Don't Think Twice. If anything I hear Springsteens I'm on Fire.

  49. Jeff C

    Holy. Sh-t.

  50. rob holton

    i guess 4 people pressed the wrong thumb button, as i literally cannot comprehend how someone can dislike this.

  51. OmieWise67

    It might not get the recognition it deserves through the media, but as a Gaslight fan I am proud that I know how great their music is and feel lucky that I can listen to them. I feel sorry for all the people out there who haven't heard them.

  52. William H. Healey

    Such an awesome song. Unfortunately, with all the garbage that now dominates popular music, a classic song like this will not get the recognition it deserves.

  53. Andrew Schofield

    Reminds me of a cross between Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkle, and Bruce Springsteen.

  54. Jon Trolan

    i just could listen to this voice all day long........all day long! puts me in a very enjoyable trance!


    excellent song...simple and beautiful

  56. MordekaiJames

    who cares what this song sounds similar to. im sure it was heavily influenced by some older artists but just enjoy it and stop complaining

  57. mrcauduro

    beautiful, just beautiful...

  58. Joe Mac

    great song..

  59. xgareth1

    I love this song so much

  60. robmeister222

    Love this song. Check out my cover on my channel :)

  61. Christian Lucas


  62. Kat Graves

    I never will forget you my american love <3

  63. Endakol

    Listen to this on strooms with your changing

  64. Jenna McGlynn White

    I want to cry every time I hear this song. Greatest modern rock band out there!

  65. MrSausagess

    This sounds just like Bruce, yeah Bruce Lee! It's like a karate chop straight to the heart! :)

  66. Jimmy

    Brian Fallon

  67. Michael Jordan

    LOL everywhere I read everyone is comparing it to this song. I see the Bruce comparison, but many people are just stretching everything.

  68. Michael Mawdsley

    this is Nebraska.

  69. Garett Hoffard

    take a listen to Bruce Springsteen "im on fire" you will change your mind

  70. 006sick

    two words: Bob Dylan

  71. Michael Bell

    Ummm, no. The only similarities it has to "heres looking at you" and "I'm on fire" is they are all acoustic. Thats about it.

  72. demondays7

    who will forgive me since he's gone?

  73. Nagasaki54

    I have a feeling this is going to be a kickass acoustic version during some future Revival Tours, Imagine this with the fiddle and stand up base.

  74. Good Time Gazza


  75. Bulameiner

    this song is incredible

  76. DrewSonn

    Ok, I know that Brian loves Bruce, and that's where all these comparisons are coming from, but honestly, this sounds way more like Bob Dylan, and I mean that in a very good way.

  77. Bret Black

    This song could be about Bruce Wayne/Albert in The Dark Knight Rises, or at least the first verse could be. It's my fave on the album and reminds me so much of Here's Lookin' At You Kid and I'm on Fire.

  78. irishboy664

    damn. best song on the album hands down, and one of the best ive heard this year

  79. progrockertom

    bloody lovely tune, sexy as ya like

  80. Bart Burger

    Reincarnation of Bruce Springsteens I'm on Fire..

  81. Kevin Tatum