Gaslight Anthem, The - Mae Lyrics

Stay the same, don’t ever change
Cause I’d miss your ways
With your Bette Davis eyes
And your mama's party dress

While this city pumps its aching heart
For one more drop of blood,
We work our fingers down to dust
And we wait for kingdom come
With the radio on

I wanna see you tonight
Would you come for a drive?
You can lean into me
If you ain't been in love for a while

I was born beside a river
That flows to a raging sea
That will one day serve to quell
Or one day be the death of me

In my faded jeans and far away eyes
And salty carnival kiss
That all my former lovers say
Was once magnificent

I wanna see you tonight
Would you come for a drive?
You can lean into me
And if you ain't oh if you ain't...

I wanna see you tonight
Would you come for a drive?
You can lean into me
If you ain't been in love for a while

And still this city pumps its aching heart
For one more drop of blood
We work our fingers down to dust
While we wait for kingdom come
With the radio on

It's been so long Mae, so long
It's been so long Mae, so long
But since the radio's on...

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Gaslight Anthem, The Mae Comments
  1. lyineyes56

    No Words 3>

  2. lyineyes56

    Kills me every time ❤

  3. Barry Featherstone

    is there a better song out there than not sure there is

  4. Dars Wähdah

    Well done ! Love this ...

  5. Dars Wähdah

    Thanx for this ! Makes me cry - means makes me happy !

  6. Matthew Bajt

    Solid Work kid. I drive in downtown Chicago late at night with this song on. This video sums up what I see

  7. TheWathman

    Superb song! Well done with the video, outstanding!

  8. Itan Guerra

    I've watched this video countless times and can't seem to get enough of it. Great job, man! You should consider doing one for Blue Dahlia.

  9. Niki Fuller

    Join the Gaslight group on fb

  10. Ian Grubb

    I love the song but this video takes my breath away. One of the best music video's I've seen in a long, long time. If you didn't get top grade then I'd be very surprised. Loved watching it and thank you for sharing your incredible talent!!!

  11. Steve Olp

    This keeps popping up in my YouTube mix, it's a beautiful job and my personal favorite Gaslight song. Good work!

  12. David Lavery

    fantastic work. my favourite song by the gaslight anthem. video does the song justice in many ways

  13. Tom Lusey

    Callum, I was looking for a video of this song to show a customer of mine who isn't familiar wit Gaslight. This happens to be my favorite song of theirs. Your video came up and I was hooked; just awesome, great, GREAT job! You captured the song so well I imagine you must be a fan of the group. I mean, you didn't just pick this song by accident, right?

  14. John Tallon

    Pretty much the best song ever. After the Rolling Stones, "Gimme Shelter".

  15. Erik Szabó

    "Heart breakers and life takers."

  16. Astorian Stigmata

    Amazing work. One of the best Ive ever seen to be honest.

  17. Anya Russell

    This video is fantastic and perfect for this song!!great!! :)

  18. Jonathan Keeling

    This is great work and a much deserved song. I hope you got a good grade.

  19. Ryan Harvey

    i keep coming back to this... t should be thhe video clip to it mate.....well played

  20. pgrothschild

    excellent video! and what a song!

  21. nilrem2

    Absolutely beautiful. This coming from someone who doesn't normally like "this sort of stuff". Thumbs up!

  22. Scott Bembenek

    You should allow it to be viewed on mobile devices

  23. Ryan Harvey

    best song for a fitting video mate....... keep it up

  24. Ryan Harvey

    this my friend is awesome, well done sir, best gaslight (slow song ever) hope they use it as a video clip, rock on

  25. Edward Janiszewski

    Absolutely stunning work! Combined with the song, I was almost moved to tears, An A++ would be warranted, in my book!

  26. Kate Champagne

    This is so awesome. I hope you got an A+!

  27. StoneyTheBear

    I REALLY like this. Very creative and beautiful imagery. Good choice on the song as well. Cheers!

  28. Sarayu Sarayu

    This is *incredible* thank you so much for sharing!!

  29. Callum Tosh

    cheers man! my lecturer really liked it.

    straight muhrder

    Callum Tosh what program did you use to create this masterpiece?

  30. MubicPound

    I use this song to bench press. Right when the hook kicks in. Great choice by you, i want to know if your classmates or prof liked it.

  31. gocijaner

    Beautiful song and great work...

  32. Ryan Hormel

    This is spectacular. Captured the song perfectly.

  33. Aaron Morris

    Beautiful :) love it.

  34. Aj Kauthen

    This is amazing. Nice work

  35. Fred Penner

    love this song. it's my favorite off the new album. touches home in so many spots. this video is also really great too, simple, classy. right on. good stuff. keep it up.

  36. JLC235

    Love the video and song! You did a great job.

  37. Grizzlywolf9

    The best track on the new album! Really like it alot!

  38. James Whitty

    So fucking underrated. Great edit.

  39. Will Cook

    This is real good stuff man! Good job!

  40. Evan i

    I enjoyed this a shit ton, good work. Good music too

  41. Callum Tosh

    @SkiersRun thanks buddy!

  42. Callum Tosh

    @TGaslightA thanks a lot man means a lot to know people like it. I tried to make it very "gaslight" looking haha. I think I'm going to do a few in summer when I have some time off just for fun!

  43. Lindsay Donofrio

    This is really incredible. Awesome work!