Gaslight Anthem, The - Keepsake Lyrics

It's been thirty-one years
Since she's been in your arms
But don't worry about Mama
Mama's got a good heart

And I'm not looking for your love
I'm only sniffing out blood
Just a little taste of where I came from

And at the bottom of this river
Is where I put you down to lay
So I can live with it
And in my heart there are these waters
Where I put you down to lay
While I learn to live with it
Until I'm free

And it's been all my life
I've been wondering on the inside
What we could've had
If you'd had a part in my life

And there were children involved
And they were brothers to me
Even if we never got to meet

And at the bottom of this river
Is where I put you down to lay
So I can live with it
And in my heart there are these waters
Where I put you down to lay
While I learn to live with it
Until I'm

Free at last from this shadow that hangs
Surely you wonder sometimes
And I'm sure you all sympathize
Just what a man's to become, just like his daddy's done
I just want to love someone
Who has the same blood

And at the bottom of this river
Is where I put you down to lay
So I can live with it
And in my heart there are these waters
Where I put you down to lay
While I learn to live with it
Until I'm free

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Gaslight Anthem, The Keepsake Comments
  1. Darren P

    Johnny 2 Bags introduced me to these guys

  2. Mathew Peachey

    This song makes me cry. Every time

  3. Hampton Scanlan

    this track is too much for me :'(

  4. Eisonhawk

    only music that ever will matter is gospel & reggae yano this may sting a little free yourself from bondage go with God, accept Jesus Christ into your heart already wot a pisser!


    CONTROL THIS: "...Forgive me father for I have sinned" God made light & created humanity to rule over nature. See it b'coz water is a form of light and there is a breath of light directly very right in front of you everyday. It's all day one / one day everyday. Christians vibrations do push'n some much more serious light! Christians promises are dope yo... BUT that part is a little bit later yano. This First one is free => it's all about a reunion scene... fools don't see. The Christ-child Jesus' Blood is really posatively stange totally cosmic mi brethren + sistrens my distant cousins Kathy Najimy AND Moby! Totally, yeah right & Ed Vedder married my neighbor too right ... "HE DID TOO!"  but "SHHHHHHHHH" For Pete's sake Forget Keep Sake! I'm stick it w/ muwah Innervision y'alls.... song's kinda groovy still your life is a song like a women's simultaineous orgasms yano but seriously though kiddos (hmmmmm mebbe start raise'n 'em to be a Latino, Austrailaisan or Bradentuckyalamalan) b'coz i heard this band guy's leader (the singer?) step-mom was a capital Christian too see.((-: A blended families honeymoon cruise reunion in the sky. 'Can It All Be So Simple...' yano wot it is; I'm mean Like it we met Rihanna atop the Gulf Scream® @ Adventure Island in Tampa Bay and Drew Carey at our local suncoast medieval renaissance fair in Sarasota! So stars really are just other people's memories... the just good ones - BTW God made nature. We are a reflection of Jesus on the cross. LOOK AT THE STATE OF YOU! It's in your nature thats what makes the only real sounds. Really, See we already all are the aliens here earth intruders B-sides it's all IN your nature & unless your words are in exact prescise & perfectly pleasing order giving glory to God remembering the real ONLY 'Keep-Sake' ...His PROMISE to Abraham music  We are all ONE. Love it's the premiere -N- 1st feeling, love is what makes you feel. Irreguardless that said I kinda dig this band abit further than Puddle of Mud, Link'n Park or 311 - IMHO "It's not for everyone - the life of a 'Last Lighthouse Keeper'... That is what they will do, They always will do that. They'll always spin when they sweep!" PS I'm going fire-proof tow rope chariot tow in surf instructing up out & in Heaven is how I get down on a Sunday!

  5. Beth Hansen

    My ex showed me this band...

    C Dog

    Same strangely enough:')

    Hannah Götze

    Me too. Thats odd haha

    Moritz Lange

    damnit - you should have married her...


    And I should've wifed her as well.

  6. Kelba tina

    Possibly one of the finest bands on the planet!!

  7. Roosterboii

    Even though i own the record, i just had to check out a lyrical video to set one thing straigh, and honestly.... I was dissapointed.

    I mean, "I'm only sniffing out blood" is my logical, but i've heard "I'm only sniffing that butt" since i first heard it, and that's just awesome. ;D

  8. PG'sChannel

    A terrific band, saw them do Keepsake at a gig a few days ago, brilliant live band, & Brian Fallon is funny too; check them out if you get a chance :)

  9. UltraSonic737

    Just discovered The Gaslight Anthem last night out of curiosity while browsing Bruce Springsteen's Wikipedia article, and listened to some of their music to see what they were like. I have to say, they definitely have a new listener right here in me. I love this "Jersey Shore"-type (not the MTV show, but the place) of sound combined with doing their own thing. Their lyrics have great meaning too, which can be genuinely hard to find these days. Keep on rockin', fellow Jersey dudes.

  10. Daren Redman

    I love you for uploading this such a moving tribute to his stepmom <3

  11. WolfArcher456

    You do know the lyrics are "For Keepsake" at the end right? On the otherhand...THIS SONG IS AWESOME THE BAND IS AWESOME I'm getting high on over-exposure to pure awesomeness.

  12. Graphomite

    Now that they finally put out a hit song, they'll be gettin new fans.

  13. Georgios Ktoyan

    The song is so underrated and the band either that i wanna cry !! why people why you listen creepy songs by bieber WHYYYYYY ????

  14. cubeydoo

    Get all of their music. I haven't come across a gaslight song that wasn't great.

  15. Aleah Marie

    thats because there venues are smaller

  16. Mike D

    they are very famous most there shows sell out within 48 hours

  17. Aleah Marie

    so amazing. they are the most underrated band ever. they should be so famous it's not even funny.

  18. dukeblue1977

    Gaslight Anthem is soooooo Badass love the sound!

  19. KramT

    The views! Its over 9000! ^_^

  20. Victor Cruz

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    They are giving away Macbook Pro's to the first 500 that finish the 5 easy questions!

  21. TIOLI15

    so happy i finally found a video for it

  22. emily3458

    Seeing them tommorrow!! So exited :DDDD

  23. muddro420

    this is written about me. i don't know how they did it, but they did.

  24. confusednaomi09

    This band is amazing i could listen to them all day :D

  25. mmoreo12

    Amazing. Saw them live last monday. One of the best bands I have seen. Awesome stuff.

  26. KramT

    Yes do it! More must know about the awesomeness of The Gaslight Anthem!

  27. ethan smith

    what!!?? i found this randomly...but this sh*t is sick!!! im posting this on facebook forsure...