Gaslight Anthem, The - Handwritten Lyrics

Pull it out, turn it up, what's your favorite song?
That's mine, I've been crying to it since I was young
I know there's someone out there feeling just how I feel
I know they're waiting up, I know they're waiting to heal
And I've been holding my breath,
Are you holding your breath, for too many years to count?

And we waited for sirens that never come
And we only write by the moon, every word handwritten
And to ease the loss of youth and how many years I've missed you
Pages plead forgiveness, every word handwritten

Let it out, let me in, take a hold of my hand
There's nothing like another soul that's been cut up the same
And did you wanna drive without a word in-between?
I can understand, you need a minute to breathe
And to sew up the seams... after all this defeat

And we waited for sirens that never come
And we only write by the moon, every word handwritten
And to ease the loss of youth and the many, many years I missed you
Pages plead forgiveness, every word handwritten

Here, in the dark, I cherish the moonlight
I'm in love with the way you're in love with the night
And it travels from heart, to limb, to pen

And we waited for sirens that never come
And we only write by the moon, every word handwritten
And with this pen, I thee wed
From my heart to your distress

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Gaslight Anthem, The Handwritten Comments
  1. Coco Robbins

    One of my all time favorite songs.

  2. Horizons Blog

    Here, in the dark, I cherish the moonlight
    I'm in love with the way you're in love with the night
    And it travels from heart, to limb, to pen

  3. Jesé Murayari

    2020? Someone?

  4. Colton Dillard

    Man, one of the only music videos that'll bring on the waterworks. Too damn good of a song and video.

  5. Adam Askew

    What a awesome song ❤️

  6. Daniel Vinicius

    I love this song, I love this video, I love the album 'Handwritten' and I don't understand why it is not available to listen on spotify or deezer here in Brazil.

  7. Rocker 4Life

    We want a New album!!!

  8. Frank Neudeck

    Hallo GA ! We`re ready for new songs. Ever.

  9. Wayne hipp

    Holt shit.....I consider myself a guy who knows a lot of music. What have I been missing??????

  10. Bryan Mark

    Does anybody know the name of the girl?

  11. Chris Ramirez

    God I love this song! Replay replay replay lol

  12. D Mattola

    Ill take you home pillsburry D john

  13. jjj

    music begins at 0:40

  14. Mark Lawson

    As close to perfection as a song can get.

  15. Dan Mills

    This band! My good friend rest his soul introduced me to them in the worst way possible. 4 years ago he sent me a message out of the blue saying he had two tickets to see TGA in London but the person he was going with had dropped out and wanted to know if I wanted to go... At the time I'd never heard of them and couldn't really be bothered to travel all that way for a gig, so I declined. 6 months later sadly he committed suicide.

    I felt so guilty like it was my fault for not going with him as to why he did what he did. 4 years later however I am now a massive fan of TGA and everytime I listen to them J get a feeling that he's listening with me.

    Rest easy Billy, I'll see you again one day brother!

  16. Axel Nehls

    Why isn't this song available on spotify?

    Axel Nehls

    @OPzy It's region restricted. Here in Brazil I can't listen to the whole album unfortunately.


    @Axel Nehls damn, that sucks :/ if u download it u could put it on spotify using local files, thats what i did with other songs

    Axel Nehls

    @OPzy that's what I did. A guy on Reddit gave me a code to download the official files, and then I put them on Spotify.

  17. brianna shires

    Every line of this song speaks to me. Differently then most people I'm sure. Probably beyond you're intent, but truly a masterpiece.
    Thank you, Brian. I've been following your work for almost two years, not long, but nearly everything you make is perfect.

  18. Cat Boy

    This band is ridiculous

  19. Dean Winchester

    The guy looks like Robie Williams

  20. Kevin Smiles

    Still listening to this still love it as much as the first time I heard it

  21. lyineyes56

    59 sound had a Tour, Handwritten next ? 😎

  22. Rocker 4Life

    I am addicted to this Song!

  23. Eric Boberic

    I'm sorry, Savannah

  24. ish474

    "There's nothing like a soul that's been cut up the same"

    Mark Lawson

    That line hits me so hard.

  25. Manuela Stnbch

    As I am not a native English speaker I could use some help to understand the following line (searched the lyrics online and I dunno if that is even correct):
    And with this pen I thee wed from my heart to your distress.

    I've been thinking about it a lot but with no acceptable result.
    Any ideas on this?


    (With this ring) I thee wed means: (as of this moment) I am wedded to you, we are bonded for life.

    Manuela Stnbch

    @AildAlli thank you:)

  26. Evil Scotsman

    Just discovered this band by chance. Glad I did...Sounds so much like the Goo Goo Dolls. Great sound.

  27. Nicholas Worthem

    It took me so many years to finally appreciate the depth to this amazing song.

  28. Graeme McLean

    I can't believe I've never heard of this band before (popped up on Youtube randomly). I don't know what genre to even call it - it's like part Springsteen, part 90s alternative, part punk. But really great song.

  29. Fábio Raposeiro

    Bruce Springsteen has been reloaded.

  30. Luis [][]

    This song is exceptional, this f’cking band is awesome!!!

  31. Alexander Arnold

    The Gaslight Anthem are all clones.

  32. Street Chaos

    Great :)))))

  33. Mark Stephenson

    Doesn't get much better x

  34. Christopher Lucki

    For about a YEAR I would hear this song while at the gym and never seemed to have my phone on me to google it. Today, the SAME damn thing happened so, I kept repeating one line to myself "Every word hand-written" ... the min I got to the locker room I plugged those lyrics and google - had no connection lol ... once in the car ... BINGO! I'm surprised that this song is SEVEN years old! :) My year quest - solved today on March 15, 2019!

    Mark Stephenson

    Better late than never.

    ged derby

    Bet you’re glad you do get around to it lol what a voice flawless

  35. Whats jablin Jables

    you have changed my life

    you are the best band ever

  36. Steve Santore

    This is a small detail but I love that part where the gears are grinding and show the record being made during a guitar riff. The timing is pretty much perfect. In fact the entire video is perfect.

  37. Lyndsay Moore


  38. Filipe Dornellas Ferreira

    Can't find this song on spotify =(

  39. scott Wallace

    This music video is actually the best thing to come of the Internet it’s a god damn movie when you realize it’s the guy from the start ❤️❤️❤️😭

  40. J Schaefer

    always makes me shiver. stunning song from a stunning band.

  41. Omnius

    And we waited for the sirens that never come
    And we only write by the moon
    Every word handwritten
    And to ease the loss of youth
    And how many years I've missed you
    Pages plead forgiveness
    Every word handwritten

  42. Omnius

    Most underrated song ever,..

  43. Kabuki chō


  44. Peter

    I think the song is about the undiscovered life that a piece of music can have.

    All over the world people listen to these songs, yet everyone has its own connection to it (the moment and place you heard it first, the person who made you discover it, the fun/troubles a song can get you through, the strenght/comfort you search in a song,...).

    It's about the power of music to bring people together yet all those people give a single piece of music a thousand different meanings.

  45. RiversOfSorrowS

    Is the album in the video a actually album? If so? Who?

  46. Joe Wiedmeier

    Ohhhhhh this defeat!

  47. Joe Wiedmeier

    Did you want to drive?

  48. Joe Wiedmeier

    How many years I’ve missed you 😁👌

  49. Cæsar Bishop

    6 years later and this video still gets me. Love the song, love the band, and I'm glad Brian is still pumping out tunes.

  50. Rebecca Daniels

    I Love my Mix 👠🔥👠🔥👠

  51. Wandering Weirdly

    Geez, man! Every time I watch this music video, I'm in tears... no matter how I try, the build-up just gets me.

  52. Joe Wiedmeier

    What’s your favorite song ? Well

  53. peacedreamers

    If I were music I would be that song.

  54. Samanda Aguinaga

    Happy place

  55. Вадим В.

    Тупо цари!

  56. Helen Bostock

    yep great

  57. Heeri Konba

    Kinda took me back to 90's...awesome time for music lover..

  58. Amber Starbuck

    Still one of the best songs and video EVER

  59. howdy doo

    Gaslight anthem tends to get lumped in with pop-punk and emo-bands. They shouldn't be. As someone who has little but disdain for the afore mentioned genres, Brian Fallon is a really freaking good song writer. Maybe not quite on par with Jason Isbell or Ryan Adams, but probably the level right below those two, and considering I consider those two to be the two best songwriters of this generation, that's a pretty high bar to set. Gaslight Anthem is a damn good band.

  60. Вадим В.


  61. Akila Spring

    this song had a real impact on me

  62. Brendo 69 rock

    No wonder Springsteen loves them.

  63. Joseph Greco

    Saw them for the ‘59 Sound 10th anniversary tour last night and they started with this song. No talking before, they came right out on stage and started this song. The crowd went crazy and it was awesome

  64. Jody Hakala

    Great saying great music just heard this song up probably for the first time on the Minneapolis radio 93.3 FM I really woke me up got my attention very passionate

  65. Seth Quillen

    Does anyone know if that's a FTHC pin on Brian's jacket when he's sitting on the chair?

  66. Jake Fleming

    omg im the little kid in the video lmao


    Jake Fleming I came here from your video. Love you xx

  67. Ian Cummins

    abittoocoolperhaps I think they have have a dinstinctively samey sound

  68. Z G

    3:24 - do we have another Boss in the making?

  69. Alexandra Caporale

    I get weepy every time I watch this.

  70. Drogan W

    That kid wore the same thing for 30 years.

  71. carl james

    I'm going to write a diary from this day on.

  72. Eric Sampson

    Simply incredible songwriting... This song is new to me, and I love it.

  73. Danilo Dutra

    511 people looks like listen to Justin Bieber.

  74. Florian Diaz Gonzalez

    OMG! I just heard that beautiful song! I missed it all the years! :-(

  75. Collin Stacy

    Minor plot hole: Why didn't the guy take the record to the military with him?

  76. Ben Dover

    This fucks me up so bad..I'm sorry Lizzie

  77. Freddy

    Everybody has that one song that opened the door to a whole new world of music

  78. da ne

    late for what i cant always find good tunes your just taking a long time to arrive

  79. Deena Larsen

    Sounds a lot like Matt Mays

  80. Bryan Mark

    Name of the girlfriend please for research purposes..

  81. KevCo174

    The guitar player with the lighter has a tattoo on the inside of his left forearm when he's young, but not when he's old.

    Still a very cool video. Just noticed that.

  82. Tom Buckland

    It's a beautiful song and clip. Hilarious that the boy who is given the record is still wearing the same clothes 10+ years later..

  83. Janko Muzykant

    many many years I've missed you

  84. Gabriel Leite

    Why this is not available on Spotify??

  85. Raymond27

    Until now I thought its originally from The Braincoats,.. anyway thank them for introducing it to me :)

  86. Joy

    His smile when he sings "I'm in love with the way you're in love with the night" melts me.

  87. Tyler Jones

    That NJ neighborhood brings me back. Nothing like an east coast summer!

  88. APEX

    these guys actually came to my house back in the day. they were going door to door selling their album

  89. Theodore J Mariner

    Absolutely Love The Gaslight Anthem.

  90. Ahmadreza nahavandzadeh


  91. Adrian MH

    Not their best album, but still in their own league

  92. Laris Lur

    Who is the vinyl that appears in the video?

  93. Kevin Smith

    I've watched this video a ton and this is the first time I have noticed the Frank Turner button on Brian's jacket

  94. Tim Rijvers

    2012? Damn time passes by fast! What a song.

  95. Jonáš Vohrna

    Perfect song, perfect band. ♥

  96. Banana Shark

    im not crying youre crying