Gaslight Anthem, The - Biloxi Parish Lyrics

I've been fumbling with your heart strings
And that's good enough for me
And if I've rained on one of your hours
Then I know I must been working
Try it on for size my darling
See what a man you can make of me
I will eventually haunt you
And you'll eventually will be my queen

And I'll be with you through
The dark so that you do not
Go through the dark alone
Or on your own

I've been down Biloxi Parish
And that's all the same for me
I found that nothing truly matters
That you cannot find for free
I love you more than can I tell you
When you pass through from this world
I hope you ask to take me with you
Or that I won't have to wait too long

But until then I'll be with you through the dark
Yes, until then I'll be with you through the dark

And who else can say that about you, baby
Who else can say that about you, now
And who else can take all your blood and your curses
Nobody I seen you hanging around
Seen you hanging around

And all of our heroes were failures or ghosts
Burned out in brilliant explosions alone
And all of the blood and the sweat that they gave
Well, we took it all and we threw it away

And who else can say that about you, baby
Who else can say that about you, now
And who else can take all your blood and your curses
Nobody I seen you hanging around
Seen you hanging around

And who else can say that about you, baby
Who else can say that about you, now
Who else can take all your blood and your curses
Nobody I seen you hanging around
Seen you hanging around

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Gaslight Anthem, The Biloxi Parish Comments
  1. Kabuki chō

    i love this song.

  2. Rocker 4Life

    I love you Gaslight Anthem!!!

  3. Mike Wilson

    I’ve been alone for quite awhile and I can tell you I wish I would meet the woman that I could love to the edge and back (if that means anything to y’all)

  4. Rocker 4Life

    Love this Song this band and this album!!!

  5. Mark Stephenson

    It doesn't get much better than this

  6. Captain Bud Sturguess

    Definitely one of TGA's 10 best songs.

  7. Furny Gonzalez

    🍻👏👏😀 haven't seen these guys since Vegas 🍻😂😂😶😥..oh I mean the roxy.. year's ago

  8. HerRoyalPurpleness

    Nice song, but Mississippi doesn't have parishes.

  9. Christian Hernandez

    Swastika at 1:30

  10. KDuq

    The commas on this video are on point.

  11. Daren Redman

    I miss this band.

  12. Mother/daughter Mockler

    Thank you for sharing this video with me Aaron Joseph 😍😍😍😍 I absolutely adore it!

  13. Erik Szabó

    Dumb question...isn´t this song on The 59´s sound? I remember so...


    +Erik Szabó It isn't, it's on Handwritten. Handwritten was intended to be a return to their 59 Sound style of music, so the two albums are similar.

  14. nat1XP

    Enter posh word... Excellent. Excellent stuff.

    Chris Dallaire

    yes wondrous, quite wondrous!

  15. Z M D

    This is the theme song for our wedding next year. TGA always delivers the best songs!

    Daren Redman

    +Zach Daws (ZMD) Well that's nice....for me it's a bit bittersweet.

  16. musicsuxnowadays


  17. lizzie Turneey fitzgeraldm

    Kevin & Patty ( twins)

  18. w4wxp

    Whoa... I knew I was having a chord configuration flashback along with a lead guitar flashback. Look up ' Lets Get High Tonight ' by Afroman and you'll see what I mean.

    M.J. Hayes

    You just made me stuble upon the coolest song! Ty.

  19. bigbadmclovin

    Thank you Pearl Jam!!!


    Geniuses? You're retarded, clearly.

    Riley Nowicki

    *****Edgelord intensifies*****

  21. Clemens Staudinger

    hands down my favorite band since the 59 sound

  22. jesusAttack

    1:41 and who else can say that fuck you baby :D

  23. trumph77

    RA is my all time favorite to, All the guys from Rise Against are good friends with gaslight i think that RA was looking for some fresh new material.

  24. justin

    you mean the killers

  25. Andy Allaby

    What a wonderful thing for my ears to hear

  26. Alex Hammel

    Listen to all of their tracks, to the music Brian puts out acoustically and with the Horrible Crowes, and then you'll get a better understanding of the breadth and width of this music.

  27. John Famuliner

    I wish finding good music wasn't such hard work. Stuff like this needs more airplay on radio.


    John Famuliner check out Mercy Union which features this band’s drummer

  28. Rebecca Bohanan

    sort of remind me of a gin-blossoms-meets-bruce-springsteen-knock-off, but I like them all the same

  29. bedspringkiss

    This band speaks to me. What a jam!

  30. dave Bumm

    gaslight fucking kills hands down. they do however remind me of husker for some reason same feel goodness i guess. ha yea they rule ten thousand thumbs up

  31. Debjit Das

    Gaslight is such an amazing band...

    If you guys have moment I'd really like if you could check out this band. They play music similar to Gaslight and it'd mean a lot if you guys could spare a couple of minutes. If you're too busy then keep doing what you're doing, however if you’ve got a second to kill then please check them out!


    Their band is called American Wildfire. If you like them, then be sure to like their fb page!


  32. DJTee28

    And all of our heroes were failures or ghosts, burned out in brilliant explosions alone!

  33. Dom James

    i think gla will be looked back on as one of the greats!

  34. Richard V. Farias

    Gorgeous lyric video... It really does the song justice (plus, it helps that the lyrics are correct).

  35. Dr. Mantis Toboggan

    I think what he means is, for such talent to go unnoticed by the majority of the world, whlile everyone knows who Nicki Minaj, is terrible, when this music has meaning; an actual message.

  36. AndreiAmtrak

    I'm literally addicted to this song,a day can't pass if I don't hear this song! So awesome!!

  37. sharkgutsdesign

    Completely unintentional.

  38. Aaron Morris

    I kinda miss the original third verse, but I love this song so much it doesn't matter.

  39. cn4366

    1:30.......smoke swastika?

  40. sharkgutsdesign

    Thank you!!!

  41. sharkgutsdesign

    Thanks so much for the kind words!

  42. sharkgutsdesign

    Thank you :)

  43. sharkgutsdesign

    Thanks, dude! Quite a compliment :)

  44. sharkgutsdesign

    Thank you, dude!!!

  45. sharkgutsdesign

    Thank you, dude! So glad you like it!

  46. Michael Tierney

    awesome video my man, favorite song on the new album put into an awesome video, well done

  47. atownlefttrain

    You just said that Gaslight Anthem are shitty and a great band in one sentence. Impressive.

  48. Isaiah Chronister


  49. Joe Bingley

    I can see where you are coming from, the style of the video has been done before, however I feel it's still a great song. And good job on outwitting the dumbass.

  50. Jed Oshwards

    God that part gets me every time
    Such a great song

  51. whereurears

    This song is awesome. Normally I don't like love songs but this is sweet.

  52. Christopher D'Rozario

    yes I agree with you

  53. Ben mercer

    If you read my original comment properly, you'll see that I did enjoy the song. I've been a Gaslight fan for years. I'm just bored of seeing the same style of lyric video copied and produced over and over. My analysis of the video was apt and grounded, whilst your personal attack was not. So to paraphrase you, I hate dumbasses who are threatened by an opinion which varies to their own and feel the need to be rude about it. It's a good song, just the fucking video sucks.

  54. WinkSmileWave

    You don't want this overplayed on the radios tho hahaha. This song is good, but I don't want it murdered on the airwaves.

  55. David H

    Never really cared for RA.. They're lyrics and music is too predictable. I don't understand why The Gaslight Anthem isn't headlining.

  56. Jacob Lucas

    I was doing the same thing, and this song does sound like some of the songs in Appeal to Reason.

  57. BeerAndWarcraft

    This track is what happens when 'legendary' collides with 'epic'

  58. SavageHenry78

    Has anyone come out and said it? Ian Perkins should be an honorary member of Gaslight...

  59. fightclub1537

    No argument, they just seem oddly matched. The last time I saw RA, for example, they toured with punk legends Bad Religion. That made total sense.

  60. Kate13489

    I don't see what's wrong with this? Two great bands, one great show. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal...

  61. fightclub1537

    I'm seeing my all-time favorite band, Rise Against, in concert and they are touring with Gaslight Anthem, who I never heard of, so I decided to come here and check them out. They're a decent band and all, but I don't know why they are touring with often angry political punk geniuses, Rise Against. They both sound so completely different.

  62. NCEnder

    The best off of Handwritten.

  63. frelarta

    I hate dumbasses who think they're more intelligent than the are and feel the need to over analyse everything, its a good song just fucking enjoy it!!

  64. Ben mercer

    Good song, Video average at best. Nothing original or innovative in this. I hate disappointing lyric videos.

  65. dwright05

    I see what you're saying and it is a bit risky. But personally, I trust them to keep their musical and artistic integrity. I mean they are already influenced by Pearl Jam and I can't see anyone of them listening to Bieber or Keith and say I like that sound let's go more with that. The Killers aren't much different from in terms of influences so I wouldn't be worried about that. Brian has said he's going to make the music HE wants to make so that makes me unafraid of risky influences.

  66. The Fire Alarm

    Honestly, yeah that's probably about right... They really would be able to make it bigger by doing all that, but it may well change their sound a good bit, whether they would be pressured to by their label, or by mainstream audiences, or whether they would draw more influences from the bands/artists you mentioned by spending so much time with them. They really did a good job of keeping "their sound" intact on Handwritten, but it may not always stay that way if that ended up being the case.

  67. dwright05

    And yeah go ahead and kill me for saying Toby Keith and Justin Bieber. I deserve it. But it puts their music to the mainstream. I think they should definitely open for PJ, The Killers (not really a fan but it would probably work), and U2. Maybe even open for Bruce too. Get Brian to maybe do a duet or two, get the other guys to work with other mainstream artists. I'd personally love to hear a duet between Adele and Brian and would get his name out there as well as the bands.

  68. dwright05

    They could easily become one of the most popular bands around if they started opening for bigger acts. For instance, if they want on like 2-4 week opening act tours with let's just say Pearl Jam, The Killers, U2, and then someone that doesn't fit their sound like let's just say Toby Keith (signed to Mercury which is why I used him) and God help me for saying this but Justin Bieber (also signed to Mercury). The Killers didn't get famous until going on tour with Pearl Jam.

  69. Brian Hemsworth

    the font and overall video kind of reminds me of ralph steadman

  70. Eddie

    ANYONE NOTICE THE SWASTIKA AT 1:30 ? i know its nothing but a funny coincidence with the smoke :)

  71. The Fire Alarm

    "If they get too famous I reckon the media could kill Brian"... Probably true, never thought of that.
    Honestly, I just doubt they'll make it much bigger than they already have, mainly because the style they play is just generally not heard all that often in the mainstream today. Having intelligent, catchy songs just doesn't automatically translate to huge audiences, sadly. Although, this last album, more than any of their others, seems more tailor-made for a big arena sound, almost in a U2 way.

  72. CausaMortis

    They are actually featuring on Lowlands festival on the main stage, following up on Ed Sheeran. So I can quite sure say they are doing well.

  73. The Fire Alarm

    Eh, Gaslight jumped to a major label, which is about as big as band playing this style of music usually makes it. Rise Against is one of the few "punk"-type bands that really has a bigger fanbase than Gaslight does. It's unfortunate though, that so many awesome bands that are similar to Gaslight, like Hot Water Music, The Loved Ones, Nothington, etc. haven't even gained the fanbase Gaslight has, even though they ABSOLUTELY deserve it. Although I don't think any of those band are upset over that.

  74. 1lucky

    Amazing song. Lazy video.

  75. htfree96

    Yeah that song's awesome

  76. Justin K

    such a pity that they're such a great band and they don't get the deserved publicity as compared to other shitty music

  77. Uruguay182

    I can feel the emotion in all of their songs

  78. robbravs

    im a punk not an ape, why do i want to know what niki minaj is doing

  79. Hugo Mallet

    Awesome, 100 likes and 0 dislikes. Awesome song for awesome people.

  80. Joe Bingley

    What's the bet that someone will post a lyrics video for this song?

  81. Krae Green

    This is so beautiful.

  82. Ted C

    One of the best lyric videos I've seen. Great song. I just hope Mulholland Drive gets released as a single eventually.

  83. Erick Johnson


  84. robbravs

    always fade out in a montage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Mafk101

    Hells. Yeah. Gaslight rock!!!

  86. miera1029

    love this song! and the video looks awesome!

  87. Keenan Flagg


  88. ThatOldMixtape

    Was quite literally singing this in my head when it appeared on my dash

  89. Tim Birkenholz