Gaslight Anthem, The - 45 Lyrics

Have you seen my hands, just look at ‘em shake.
And the song just keeps on repeating, drop the needle again.
And I dance with your ghost. But that ain’t the way…
I can’t move on and I can’t stay the same.

And all my friends say…

“Hey, turn the record over.
Hey, I’ll see you on the flip side.
There you go, turn the key and engine over…
Let her go, let somebody else lay at her feet.”

Have you seen my heart, have you seen how it bleeds?
And the nights are so long, baby, out here in the deep.
The tick, ticking of hours lonely… I hear the alarm.
I used to hear when she would sleep in my arms,

But “Better Sense” says…

”Hey, turn the record over.
Hey, I’ll see you on the flip side.
There you go, turn the key and engine over…
Let her go, let somebody else lay at her feet.”

And all my friends say…

”Hey, turn the record over.
Hey, I’ll see you on the flip side.
There you go, turn the key and engine over…
Let her go, let somebody else lay at my feet.”

Where you used to be…
where you used to be.
Where you used to be, here with me.

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Gaslight Anthem, The 45 Comments
  1. Charles Bella

    Just found a concert t shirt i had got from a show in grand rapids. Great to hear again!

  2. Micah Howeson

    A friend of mine introduced me to these guys yesterday. Thanks Chad!

  3. Cuppabrew

    I chuffin' love this song.

  4. Sebastian Barthel

    WOW - Power!


    Brian Fallon is one hell of a song writer

  6. Catalogue Paul

    Still my most favourite song of all time. The execution is delivered perfect

  7. User Name

    The crowd looks like theyre having a blast

  8. Eve Of Spring


  9. Jack Brokenshire

    The Gaslight Anthem are fantastic I first discovered them when they supported Bruce Springsteen in 2009 at Hyde Park and I fell in love with them

  10. coolrunnings

    Brian fallons voice is hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍

  11. Noah Barden

    this sounds like an anime opening without the Japanese. which is good

  12. vadermask//mass retaliation

    This is what I imagined SPLIT LIP/CHAMBERLAIN sounding like when they "changed." Definitely one of the best of this style of punk rock!!

  13. tom mccabe

    let her go, let someone else lay at her feet

  14. Johnny Cash

    2019 and forever! 🤘🤘

  15. William Lane

    The legendary Stone Pony. Love that place.

  16. Donald Joy

    Wow! There are still bands making this kind of music !!!

  17. Frank Neudeck

    Pure Rock in tradition with Bruce S.

  18. Jack 11

    This song was played right before my first home run, loved it ever since.

  19. Chris Butch

    100% rock n roll

  20. D Mattola

    You need a band tattoo BM! Guesslight? Have you seen my brain?have you seen how it bleeds? The tick tickin of i alley. Side B!Catch you on the flipsyde...the better sleep is A/S aaliyah the black of many....

  21. abe wilcox

    If you compare him to a young Eddie vedder, they sound similar

  22. Grandma

    ah my dad was friends with this guy. He was known as the weirdo and was poor as i was told! Glad he’s doing well :)

  23. coolrunnings

    The song just keeps on repeating...drop the needle again 🤘🤘🤘🤘 sickest song 😁

  24. Gabriel Leite

    why this is not on spotify?

  25. jaggededges

    One of their best songs

  26. D Mattola

    Ill take you home pillsburry

  27. Zavier Orlos

    Great Song... !

  28. Monica Monteparte

    I don't think this is about a normal breakup. I think it's a chemical addiction.

  29. Margot

    One of the best songs ever written. Same vibe as Mr. Brightside or Bohemian Rhapsody: once you have heard them, you know they are different.


    More of an under pressure fan, but rhapsody is good too

  30. Lee Bonnar

    6.8m listens and I'm hearing about this now WTF

    Lisa Cortese

    Better late than never. Now go listen to all the albums 💜

  31. HEAVY Jay

    TRUMP 2020

  32. KumiPeruna

    Nhl 13 nostalgia :(

  33. Eugene

    NHL 13 was the best NHL game and with the best music.

  34. Fright Fright

    Have you seen my hands
    Just look at 'em shake
    And the song just keeps on repeating
    Drop the needle again
    And I dance with your ghost
    Oh, but that ain't the way
    I can't move on and I can't stay the same

    Drew McDonald- Gaslight will be forever “ours” I miss you. You will always be with me, I’ll never forget you. Rest In Peace 💚🐼🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

  35. 2019 - Stephen Gilligan

    I found this song when I was in my senior year of high school which was last year haha. I always sat in a Taco Bell waiting for the time to come to walk to school. The staff made me feel welcome and always knew what I wanted. There was a homeless guy that hung out there everyday and Everytime I was there, I would offer to get him something. It was the best way to start my school mornings. Everytime I hear this song it brings me back and makes me happy. Thank you 💕

  36. brownpunk

    this one hits me right in the feels...never fails

  37. Jeremy Hill-Hayr

    Cool as songs

  38. Carlos Larson

    Why this song inst in spotfy?????

  39. Alain Jumel

    2019?? 🙌

  40. Rocker 4Life

    Awesome album!!!

  41. Fernando Gonzalez

    These guys are really cool and if u walk with them down the sunset strip in Vegas it's even More awesome,🙏👏👏👏👍🍻😆😁🎼🎤🎵🎸

  42. Kevin Burgwin

    Who else is here from chel 13?

    Cameron Male

    good ol days brotha


    Back when you could do like 6 different glitch shots that go in 100% of the time lol. Score from the red line? No problem xD

  43. Fer Valle

    Put it on Spotify, please

  44. NotReallyRebecca

    Okay but why does this song make me emotional

  45. charlie 97

    omg 2012 was a great year

  46. Kai Marecek

    Have you seen my hands, they just flip and shake
    And the song just keeps on beating, drop the needle again
    And I dance with your ghost
    Oh but that ain't the way
    I can't move on and I can't stay the same
    And all my friends say

    Ah hey, turn the record over
    Ah hey, i see you on the flip side
    There you go, turn the key and engine over
    Let her go, let somebody else lay at her feet

    But have you seen my heart,
    Have you seen how it bleeds
    Every night's a so long baby
    Yeah out here in the deep
    The tick-ticking of hours only
    I hear the alarm
    I used to hear when you were sleeping in my arms
    For better senses

    Ah hey, turn the record over
    Ah hey, i see you on the flip side
    There you go, turn the key and engine over
    Let her go, let somebody else lay at her feet

    And all my friends say:
    Ah hey, turn the record over
    Ah hey, i see you on the flip side
    There you go, turn the key and engine over
    Let her go, let šomebody else lay at her feet
    Where you used to be
    Where you used to be
    Where you used to be
    You with me

  47. Kily Rock

    Thanks ... Doble 9 Rock in Lima !!! The world's best Rock !!!

  48. Ernesta Smilgeviciute

    Looooooove this song so much

  49. RuruTheUwU

    What in the world are NHL or Guitar Hero? Lol. I’m here because I really like this song.

    Edit: nvm just realised they’re video games haha

  50. Yoel V

    "i cant move on and i cant stay the same"... "let her go, let somebody else lay at her feet"......

  51. benjamin murphy

    I love this song.

  52. Brendo 69 rock

    Find your lane boys and perfect it! And indeed they have.

  53. Simon Collett

    Bruce Springsteen meets The Clash 🤘 🎸 🎤 😍

  54. md towhid

    Where can i download this audio song? Please!❤

  55. benjamin murphy

    I'm not joking when I say this: This was the VERY FIRST SONG I EVER HEAR BY GASLIGHT!

    P.S I love this song.

  56. Elise Quackenbush

    I discovered this group because of Sterek fanfiction...IN LOVE!!!

  57. Stephen Bailin

    I wear 45 in hockey because of this song!

  58. Bob Dobalina

    I'll take Hüsker Dü or The Replacements anyday, thanx. Long live the 80s.

    american zero

    Bob Dobalina I love Husker Dü and The ‘Mats but I love love this band. You can’t like both?

  59. Zen Landon

    Dangerously close to dad rock. Boring hook by the way.

  60. Zack E

    Makes me proud to be from the same area as them

  61. twiston43

    Damn, those guys are good! (with and old man's voice).

  62. Frieda Scarpati

    I love this band

  63. Royce loves his shotgun


  64. David Davidson

    warren county represent

  65. Chuck Thomas

    I've played at the Stone Pony numerous times, very famous venue here at the NJ Shore. I live about 10 minutes from the Asbury Park and it was always a rippin' good time. These guys started playing there shortly after we split as a band and decided to "grow up". Wish we hadn't because we probably could've played with these guys lmao

  66. Silver Addie Fun Pack

    Ok bois I’ll see you on the flipside

  67. Whis 79

    came here from a J-Day Offroad video that i cant find, endurocross stuffs

  68. Martín astu

    why isn't on spotify?:(

  69. Kimei

    I wonder how long till I put this on loop? *puts on loop*

  70. dev ed

    I feel like the song talks about relationships and alcoholism

  71. lordboombastic

    c h e l o n e t h r e e

  72. Josh Webb

    I’ll always love this song even though I die a little every time he says I’ll see you on the flip side

  73. Neon Peon

    I've never had a woman really break my heart. Never had a troubled breakup, and always parted ways with lovers on good terms. But I have had so many male friends that could have really used this song over the years. It actually makes me tear up a little bit cause I can really feel the pain.

  74. kathy valentine

    Awesome song!! Love it!!

  75. Next Next

    Misdeeds of self giving. laughter to my enemies

  76. brownpunk

    Does anyone else feels chills down their spine while listening to this..i cannot be the only one..a masterpiece

  77. Edward Marks

    It's crazy but I'm always been a punk rocker at heart but whenever motions given extend going through a hard time in my life I've learned to love the music starting out with John Legend , Never thought I'd say it HALSEY I LOVE UR MUSIC I somehow relate with every one of your . And now I guess I am in another chapter of this hard time and I'm loving gas light anthem. If his goal was to have somebody relate to him and make somebody feel little bit better that's me thank you

  78. Alfian Kurniawan

    Im in loved with this band since I heard their music video of "The '59 Sound" played in TV. After that , I growed up to their albums every year and in loved with them all. Since, the last Get Hurt Album, I kinda missed these guys. I know Brian started good with his solo albums now, but come on guys. You guys need to make more beautifull songs again. Your songs inspired every aspect in my life and help me through the good and bad days. I missed you guys.

  79. Jebron Lames

    My God I love this fucking song.... and all their other stuff.

  80. Kevin Murphy

    I love these guys!!! They just do something for me that other bands do not I wish more people knew of them

  81. Bigboy123

    MAGA 45

  82. R G

    Damn I found out about these guys way late! Absolutely love their sound, everything on this album rocks.


    All of their albums are great. And Brian's solo stuff as well as the horrible crows, all amazing


    He's the soundtrack to the past 12 years of my life. And not just figuratively. Gaslight started up when I moved abroad. I listened to their earliest stuff non-stop. Then I got married around the time this album came out. My marriage was on the rocks a couple years when Get Hurt was released. Things got much, much better. My first daughter was born within a month of Painkillers being released and the second daughter was born two hours after Sleepwalkers was released.

  83. Joe Wiedmeier

    Pandora thanks Jesus Japansroids

  84. João Pedro Canassa Montanher

    Dude, the emotion when the first note hits, it's fucking impossible to describe

  85. Seanachie's Court

    recognition doesnt really mean anything... brian is my absolute favourite artist, i was in wien 2018 brian fallon, munchen 2018 brian fallon, cologne 2018 gaslight anthem, cologne 2018 gaslight anthem and im going to munchen in 2019 brian fallon already have the tickets... everyone keeps asking me what concert are you going to and everyone i tell nobody knows who the hell he is... its just emportant that you enjoy the music you listen to for whatever reason, no rewards or number of people in the crowd can make them any better or worse.

  86. Ryan Smith

    Bland as can be.

  87. Kernow Skywatcher

    Are they trying to sound like Bruce Springsteen intentionally? I like this band since I heard them a few years ago.

  88. KingintheNorth

    Just listened to these guys from the boards in Asbury Park, they were playing the summer stage at the Stone Pony. So good!

  89. Famara Bodian

    Underrated song

  90. Mike Genova

    I realized that this song is about giving up a girl who doesn't appreciate you.. and the song title "45" is a phrase used to get rid of/replace something.. Shit my mind is blown xD

  91. Kev M

    Love their sound.

  92. chriscmxiii

    I'm here from LetGo (yes, that app where people sell stuff), someone was selling tickets for their concert and I looked them up. Satisfied :D

  93. Steven Mills

    Goo Goo Dolls meets Pearl Jam, in a good way

    Kernow Skywatcher

    And Bruce Springsteen!

    rocknrollnonsense Heart

    They bite harder. Shots?

    Nadav Drewe

    Like your mash up.

    David Danger

    It's just heavy Kings of Leon

  94. Atlas Ellis


  95. ThePencilofDestiny

    best Pearl jam tribute band ever

  96. Martin

    Is on spotify?