Gary Numan - Wonder Eye Lyrics

And sometimes,
When I'm lonely,
I think of you
And I wonder

And sometimes,
When someone
Calls your name,
I wonder

You changed my life
And you could have changed my world
And I
Miss your voice and
I miss your heartbeat
I miss your face and
I miss you

And sometimes
When I'm sleeping,
I dream of you
And I wonder

And sometimes
When I forget,
I call for you
And I wonder

You said 'goodbye'
Said 'It's over'
You said 'I'm tired
I can't wait
All my life
I won't cry

And sometimes when
I wonder
I cry for you
And I miss you

And sometimes I
How to feel again
And I miss you

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Gary Numan Wonder Eye Comments
  1. Juuso Maunula

    i personally quite like the era of gary's music with the outland and machine + soul and sacrifice albums
    sure i get why people dont like the first two i mentioned but something about the soundscapes those albums have is something i love

  2. devinpolk90

    this song is so much better than the other songs on the album. Decent production and we actually hear numans voice

    Roberto Occhionero


  3. walkingwithshadows

    Yes. It is usually regarded as a complete waste of money.

    However I wonder is one of his best tracks, and worth getting the album for on its own.

    (This is quite fortunate really since the rest of the album ranges from average to poor.)