Gary Numan - Torn Lyrics

Silently I wait alone for you
I've got to put my fear back in its box
Silently I feel you breathe on me
And I hear mercy sigh and leave the room

You could hurt me
Take my breath away.
Would you like that?
You could rip me
Leave me torn and cold.
Would you like that?

One More Sin. Make me unforgiven

Silently, I turn and play begins
I watch you smile
Just like a dead things smiles
Silently I lose and darkness comes
I hear you laugh as God abandons me

You could cut me
Let me die for you.
Would you like that?

All I feel. Makes me unforgiven.

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Gary Numan Torn Comments
  1. paul figgis

    My favourite track from pure....seeing gary next tuesday 12th nov newcastle....cmon

  2. PureExile

    Thank you. You are very kind. It was a novel idea when I did these 6 years ago but not any longer so I doubt that I'll be doing any more I'm afraid.

  3. gary knowlson

    Hats off to you for dn all these numan songs with shitty graphics...just music and lyrics on a black background...perfect...similar tastes in "favourite" tracks too! more please..the whole discography!!

  4. Bob Morse

    this isn't bad at all - unlike much of his other stuff

  5. inedibleedible

    @Onyx24689 are you gay?:D

  6. Telekon5

    @indigo419 LOL

  7. sammywombarra

    the start reminds me of the robots by kraftwerk


    Kinky baby lol

  9. zzzsjp

    Great song. I also like the version on the 2003 Hybrid version too, a good remix that and worth a listen.

  10. mrD228

    one of the best off the pure album..


    exactly so Mis Parker0106, his lyric aren't easy to read but he makes gems pure gems

  12. MissParker0106

    It's great to hear his music and see the lyrics that are the driving force. He is so open in his personal revelations...they are not easy to listen to, but that's what he is, and he lays it open for all to see.