Gary Numan - Play Like God Lyrics

I was young
I was cold but not insane
I had one good friend
It was a voice without a name
And so here we are
Same need and same mistake
But it could be yours
You see it could be even be yours

I said I've done things
That left me hurt and ashamed
She said all I need
Is a place to hide the pain
She said don't trust dreams
Because dreams will break your heart
I said little girls play in the house of shame
Some of us play like God

Play like God,
Save my soul
Play like God
I know that God don't live here in my heart

She said touch my soul
I've never touched someone so cold
She said touch my heart
I've never touched something so old
She said play like God
And then you can play with me
I moved underground
And caught the isolation blues
Sound familiar?

I said kiss my face
I've seen things you'll never see
She said kiss my arse
I've been everything I need
She said memories
Are only there to make you bleed
I said little girls play in big boys games
Some of us play but cry

Play like God
Save my soul
Play like God
I know that God don't live here in my world

Where do we belong?
She said I've been sick
But then no-one's clean for long
She said pray for me
Like God, I've fucked the world
I said little girls play with the big disease
Some of us play with you

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Gary Numan Play Like God Comments
  1. colin wright

    Angel wars? something about pissing on one

  2. colin wright

    The Driver wants to touch me, he mentions all the old cop bullshit.

    Sam V

    I try to back away but he's so strong I just can't move
    maybe I don't want to anyway...

  3. SavageBlitz

    great song, but this aint the only song he swears in, Pure he says "bitch" and in Big Noise Transmission he says "Come on little fucker"

  4. Hail Satan!

    This song is straight up MONEY!!! WHY the shiz is this album out of print, like "Berzerker"??? hhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh and re: "The only song where Gary swears" well there is "Pure" where he says *GASP* (oh my virgin ears!) "Bitch" IF you want to count that, so there ya go!

  5. abaddon5

    There's also "It must have been years":
    "The driver wants to touch me/ he mentions all the old cop bullshit"

  6. Telekon15

    Definitely should have been on Sacrifice and one of Gary's best songs. Would love to hear this live. Not the only time he's sweared on a song. Others I can think of are My World Storm "Sold out, no shit. Don't need approval and I don't need this", Dead Heaven "Thought I saw rain, black and cold falling on a child's grave. Thought I saw an angel laugh and piss on it.", Pure "Hey, bitch. This is what you are".

  7. PreacherNny

    The only song where Gary swears?

    Also, I can't believe this didn't make it onto the album originally and got relegated to being a B-side. I love Gary's industrial rock stuff but I feel like Sacrifice is the weakest of his albums in that style, and this is my favorite song from Sacrifice-era.