Gary Numan - Dominion Day Lyrics

In my darkness
I hear Jesus crying.
In my darkness
I see children savage and blind.
In my darkness
I see dead men kneel before the cross.
In my darkness
I hear the voice of evil.

"Disciples, dark angels
This is Dominion Day"
"My demons, come to me
This is Dominion Day"

In His darkness
I can feel the storm come.
In His darkness
Holy water burns my soul.
In His darkness
A grave waits for you at Heaven's gate.
In His darkness
I hear screams that hide the voice of God.

"Come children of Eden
Pray to me on Dominion Day"
"Pray for your salvation,
Sanctuary on Dominion Day"

My soul, save me.

In His mercy
He will bring the disease.
In His mercy
He will burn the oceans.
In His mercy
He will tear the sky down.
In His mercy
He will make pain eternal.

"Your nightmare is breathing
This is Dominion Day."
"Welcome to your saviour
This is Dominion Day".
"This is my new kingdom.
This is Dominion Day."
"Creation bleeds for me.
This is Dominion Day."

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Gary Numan Dominion Day Comments
  1. Stuart Edwards


  2. Wildwood Dryad

    2:30 - Woman angle grinding her bra? Guess she didn't like that underwire.

  3. TAY1DN // GaryNuman&KraftwerkFan2006 ANAUTTP ATRCS

    The war is started

  4. JJ Mickey Ryder

    Wow! Great song and great video.

  5. Ruiner

    10/10 would bang

  6. killerdalek

    Fucking awesome! I could never tire of listening to this!

  7. FrightfulAccountant

    It is hard to reinvent yourself when your name is Gary Newman.
    It's a good song, I like bands that do a far worse jobs on songs in this style of music...
    But it was never what I was looking for in a Gary Newman song ;)

    Caleb Fuller

    Well, this song was over 20 years ago. His style has evolved quite a bit since then. His latest albums are much heavier, but also much more electronic.

    Mike Wilson


  8. Garrett Johnson

    This video brought to you from the marketing department of 'Hot Topic'...

    Biotech Organic-Chemistry

    Garrett Johnson the only thing hot topic plays is hipster emo garbage.

    Mike D

    Hot Topic is garbage, its for fake punks or wanna be... Gary just happens to be adopted by the goth/industrial music scene people. He is no poser like a lot of people

    Ryan Hunter

    Mike D 
    You are right to an extent.
    Gary Numan is one of the Godfathers of Goth music especially Darkwave, he's been doing that since Replicas. His music is genuinely dark and not about teenage woes and problems like getting dumped (a natural part of life). Fascist Androids in horrific worlds inspired by JG Ballard, demons and angels being one and the same, night terrors, paranoia, isolation, hatred, vengeance and coldness permeate his work. He adopted the look of eyeliner (as many others did in the late 70s) to look like a Dystopian Machine Man before the Mall Goths decided to steal aesthetics from the Gothic scene and arrogantly delude themselves into wrongly believing this music to belong to them and dare have the audacity to (just like Hipsters) believe they are "different" THIS is different, he has Aspergers as do I and I am genuinely interested and passionate about his music, I could say it is far beyond any "pop "Punk" Hot Topic bullshit." But in hindsight that opinion seems more harsh, cold and unfair.

    In all honesty, not a hater on Emo at all. I think Emo is just as misunderstood as Goth in my opinion. But sadly forced to pay for the stereotypes.

    I think I worry more about the Stereotypical Hipsters that only like it because a lot of it is "80's retro" or vintage vinyl records. No authentic connection or any real affinity for it. Just there on the shelf as a token of being "unique". Emo as a problem is irrelevant (although the Soundcloud Emo Rap seems to Emo what Mall Goth was to Goth. Aesthetic, even though the typical Emo look is gone, no real melody, not passionate, the complete antithesis of Emo in all three of its waves.)


    Ryan Hunter You are as passionate about Gary as I am. It's an addiction.

    Ryan Hunter

    Indeed :)

  9. mrsdevilurumi

    A proper HQ version. Thank you!