Gary Numan - Bleed Lyrics

Someone is talking
But it's not conversation,
Sounds more like a voice in my head.
It says
'I live in nightmares
I'm the new god of panic
And I'm waiting for you to come home to me.

'So boy, welcome to sleep
I'm gonna make you, make you, make you bleed.'

I could be dreaming
But then maybe that's fatal.
There's nowhere to hide in your dreams.
I'm so uneasy
I'm shaking and nervous.
I'm alone in my room and I'm scared of it.

So, don't let me sleep
It's gonna make me, make me, make me bleed.

My mother told me
'Don't believe in ghost stories.
There's nothing to hurt you in here.'
But she was wrong
And now it's come back to haunt me.
It says it won't leave me alive for long.

I don't want to sleep.
It's gonna make me, make me, make me bleed.

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Gary Numan Bleed Comments
  1. Eddie Kingham

    This is the Gary I know, dark and edgy

  2. Tracy Morley

    Any clue wat this 1 is about

  3. Frank Rogers

    I think this dude has given more to metal music, than anyone even realizes. This song is like a cross between White Zombie and N.I.N..

  4. Bintzak

    He should make a record with Rammstein.

  5. David Mordecai

    This is how the Penguin should be portrayed in the next Batman film.

  6. Richard Sylvanus

    Your daughters are very goulish!

  7. Angus Duck

    4:20 looks just like Gary's modelling a one piece bathing suit! 🤟

    Angus Duck

    ... and it goes so well with his top hat!

  8. Exceller8

    I can’t even listen to Gary post ‘95. He’s stuck in some type of NIN dream. Please Gary, consider getting away from your Nine Inch Numan self and start making great music again. 🙏🙏

  9. mrsgouldies

    Gary? Is that really you?!

  10. dmtry ledesma

    Phanomen Clay wir kummern ok

  11. Wexellence

    This was my track at Exit on a Thursday. What a wonderful night that was.

  12. ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    lol you can kind of sing head like a hole to this. someone make a mashup

  13. YourEnemy

    Poor girl is trying to figure out how an 80's singer got stuck with a 90's soundtrack and somehow got displayed on her Dystopian 2000's flat screen. She truly feels his fight against the tinsel. It's not even november and she faces the same battle. My god, it will never end. LOL

  14. dmtry ledesma

    Der Herzlichen Gut ok

  15. Alexis Medz

    He has everything to redo the remake of Nosferatu Gary, and without makeup . . . A GENIUS !

  16. dmtry ledesma

    Der Schone grube ok

  17. Arazona Genuine not

    So i guess my birthday is at spaghetti warehouse rights

  18. Arazona Genuine not

    17 the keep 911 at 911 ana notherat okc

  19. William Villar

    Thank you for the music, Mr. Numan! I will forever be a Numanoid. Especially since realizing what a sham the music industry is and has always been as long as I have been alive. I revisited the 70's and 80's and realized what lies I was sold by the industry.

  20. Stephen Catton

    Just brilliant

  21. Sunshine Council

    I heard Gary Numans song cars growing up but I just re researched him and I am not disappointed at all... jaw dropping

  22. MrBratkenSolov

    My name is ruin... oh wait, wrong song

  23. Johan Zel

    Love the song, love Gary, the tone of the video. The actress is beautiful - would love to know who she is.

  24. Brian P

    Nine Inch Numan or Numan Inch Nails? Both are each others influence. Inextrapable.......awesome. more please.

  25. Earthshine Project

    What’d this go to? #2 or all the way to #1? I remember Gary gettin’ tears on Facebook. Don’t blame him. ❤️. Nice hat. Great video.

  26. dbndbndbn

    Here in my car

  27. ill76 Mao

    Hell Yea!!!!

  28. Dale Johnston

    love this, this man is great

  29. Bigbacon

    like a dark version of the tape room from Sleeper.

  30. Julie coop

    The tapes remind when my hair is wet. I love this tune I’m listening to this after washing my hair 12 hours ago tape eww.

  31. Nattie Bright

    I love how Gary Newman has a multigenerational appeal for the youth. His music evolves and was cool when my parents were young and his music is still cool during my young years. I think a lot of bands that have started within the past decade or two are going to have a hard time competing for this kind of genuine royalty in the future!

  32. boyd rouse


  33. Rey Majoul

    Came here after hearing 3 seconds of this song on Lethal Weapon (TV Series)

  34. Carrie Ann Moon

    The thing i love best about Gary is he never lies

  35. Jose Arriaga

    Thank god for Spotify I found this while at a dive bar on industrial night

  36. Jon Reinhard

    Great song crap video

  37. Haydn Po

    Poor Gary.. He just can't find the right image.

  38. jelt110

    Numan rocks that top hat so wicked- perfect hook to the Reggie Cray era look. I think people under-rate Gary's attention to visual details and theme- there is some serious graphic design and attention to classic references. People constantly underestimate this guy.

    kev catnip

    REGGIE KRAY ... still cant see the point

  39. Spanking Walrus

    I thought this was called "My Name Is Ruin"

  40. Mehdi Zed3D

    wow ..why this music is so good?

  41. jelt110

    "do you know my name?" AWESOME reference to Reggie Kray. Numan (Webb) is a pan-dimensional artistic genius.

    kev catnip


  42. Dorothy Freeman

    Gary and Ade are now working on a big film score can't wait for that.

  43. Jonathan Vogel

    savage and splinter are connected , they are non identical twins

  44. MrPink

    Numan at his finest. I cannot get over how he has remained relevant for all this time. Of course, for us fans (Tubeway Army 1978 would be me), it doesn't matter. This track has everything, and so does the video. Love. LOVE.

  45. Ron Seipel

    Tune makes me feel like a teenage vampire.. Lost Boys Vamp.. not that Twilight crap..

  46. eraserhead8646

    Love gary! He's lookin alot like klaus kinski lately! Haha!

  47. -Belue-


  48. Michael Wilson

    I wonder who the Lady is? She is quite attractive!

  49. Andrew Felcey

    Gary Numan the second best live show I've ever seen amazing live !!!

  50. joseph adcock

    this has more of a industrial overtone to it

  51. Caleb Fuller

    As someone who grew up in the eighties, I can attest that this video accurately portrays the struggles of trying to listen to music or watch a video on any format of cassette tape...

  52. janus audrine

    This grows on me, I was a fool to think "this is not 1979 gary" I should have evolved with the times.

  53. Etienne COLLET

    ....Jack l éventreur....

  54. primus sucks

    The Original NINE INCH NAILS

  55. Anastasia Beresuk

    Love this song!!

  56. Saucerman1

    some of the back ground music sounds familar, My Name is Ruin?

  57. Mark Smith

    Lethat weapon van scene

  58. zspaceboy

    I only listened to the latest three albums, and obviously cars, everyones heard cars, but I gotta say this is among my favorite albums of all fucking time, best one he's made out of the three, i love it so much.

  59. Wayne Kingsnorth

    This album has blown my mind.... All his stuff is so underrated but this is the best yet

  60. Mike Washburn

    No one like Gary!!

  61. J Cap

    I literally heard this song in a club for the first time this past weekend. I couldn't stand still or stop listening to this after returning home at an ungodly hour. This is real music (along with the industrial, industrial metal, and dark wave music this club plays) I can move to.

  62. Chris Ratliff

    village people.u h......head like a hole.......

    J Cap

    I love how both this vid and the Head Like a Hole video feature people being bound by cassette tape

  63. Joseph Cerulli

    lol HardCore...

  64. John Kazmerchuk


  65. Jeff Evers

    Has a Nash the Slash look to it." Children of the night". R.I.P. Nash.


    Its cool, at the part were he says "every thing bleeds" the background music is also in his new song "my name is ruin".



    Governor Megatron

    Slightly similar, but with a little difference. I think it was intended though, as I heard that his "Savage: Songs from a Broken World" album was meant to be a "sequel" of sorts to "Splinter: Songs from a Broken Mind."

    Kevin Riley

    Yeah, I think it's a motif that was intentionally repeated, like Pink Floyd would repeat certain musical phrases in "the Wall"


    I was thinking they apparently had the idea going here on the keyboard melody, it's slightly similar, but they hit perfection on My Name Is Ruin. Best song ever there, I am in love! So glad I found out about it the other day!
    Now just been checking out his other new ( to me ) music, since I didn't know about it until the other day!

    ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    and that whole nin motif in slipping away, the background world, the perfect drug and la mer... closer too. eerie high notes

  67. Julian C

    Que gran cancion Que bueno Gary Gracias

  68. Rictor Rockets

    It's interesting how much of the chorus musically sounds like a proof-of-concept for "My Name Is Ruin".

    Ryan Hunter

    Rictor Rockets
    I always thought the song and video was about Jack The Ripper's ghost. The lyrics seem to go with when Jack The Ripper met prostitutes and then killed them in the most brutal manner. The chorus lyrics definitely. But also the Synths in the chorus sound reminiscent of a distorted choir of female singers, almost like the voices of the women he's killed, forced to sing for his continuous reign of terror, if an unlucky person stumbles through an old passageway in the underground to find the television.
    If you listen to his demos on Jagged, Pure, Savage as well as the songs on Sacrifice and Exile you can hear that he has used the synth sound of Gregorian Chants or Choirs, typically found on the Korg M1.

  69. Nino Nucaro

    His daughter's idea, with this great track he must flash colors like in his concerts, in Liverpool was all in red, like 79' on living ornaments. The two times I saw him in Berlin the last 3 years was a fuck, o.k., it was mote a party with Numan touchable, but I hated also going on older bands concerts, to many Zombies ealking around

  70. saint patrick

    Music Industry don't care about talent anymore. All they care for is what makes money. They use the almighty recipe.

  71. SHAPELESS/Shape From The Bay

    Sounds like you put note progressions from this in the "my name is ruin" song LARRY

  72. V Byberg

    I am glad to see Gary back...better than ever! "Cars" got me hooked on the guy in the 80's...

  73. Аркадий Борисович Люберецкий


  74. caroline hutchison

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this xxxx

  75. madunic0rn


  76. Lake Eyezis

    He said he keeps going and going going Crack me the fuck up

  77. High Pope Brun

    I am so very glad I have given Gary Numan another chance, unfortunately, my opinion was tainted from listening to him from years of having "Cars" shoved into my ears from pop station after pop station...

  78. Chris Sibel

    Wait, I meant Trent Numan

  79. Chris Sibel

    Don't dis Gary Reznor

  80. CaptainHarlems

    Its like Gary got caught up rewinding a tape back with a pencil and it all went wrong

  81. MotneNielsen

    Gary kicks ass again.... LOVE U MAN !! 8-)

  82. Edina Monsoon

    He's as good as Michael Cretu ..

  83. Solomon Williams

    Gary Numan just spluges VHS tape on you through a TV and you loved it!

  84. Ed Young

    He looks like the character "Old Georgie" in the movie, " Cloud Atlas." I love it.

  85. Ed Young

    OK, I knew this guy had greatness in him back in 1980.
    He's been going still since then?
    Damn, have I ever missed out?!?

  86. robbofizz

    And to think Billboard won't allow him on their Electronic and Dance Chart. What a fucking joke!

  87. Jason JA

    Lethal Weapon season 1 episode 13

  88. Bratislav Metulski

    always sounds like a bad copy of NIN...

    Lord Melomaniac

    Both artists have influence was mutual

    Lord Melomaniac

  89. Matt Hofmann

    Gary's melodies have really evolved and it's really really great.

  90. Ron Seipel

    The chorus track to this is strikingly similar to his newest track Ruin.

  91. John Riley

    Reminds me of Nine Inch Nails.

  92. Matt Hofmann

    I love the musical link between this and "My Name is Ruin."

  93. fusox

    he is a pure cosmic force in the universe.....



  95. Eskay1206

    Best comeback in history. Newman ROCKS!