Game, The - Stay Down Lyrics

[Bryson Tiller:]
You say ain't trill, you right
Still, yeah
So go and tell me why

Why you upset (Yeah), why you frownin' (Why)
Why you frownin', why you down, and (Yeah)
Niggas wildin', love to waste time, and (That's right)
Play her like violin, I had to dial in (Phone-up, yeah)
Yeah, I had to dial-up, you was the angel
That got assigned him
You had to change him, had to remind him
Love was a danger, right then I chimed in (I had to chime in)
Why even try him, you ain't on the side, and
And if it's not him, I guess it's mine then
I played the side then, guess I'm the main now
Got a man, boy can run and play games now (Play the games now)
I know it's strange how (Yeah), you get the praise now
You get the claim now
Things been so much different since I came 'round
She say, "Damn," like she trippin' out the Greyhound
Call me (Call me), soon as the plane down when you saw me (Girl, yeah)
Smiles on your face now 'till your jaws weak (Yeah)
Ain't nobody else is all me (It's all me)
Since you met me it was all me (Yeah), for real (Real)

[Bryson Tiller {Both}:]
'Till the mornin', 'till the evenin' (Evenin')
I give you real love, when you need it (When you need it)
If he was decent, wait 'till you see this (Yeah)
I better love you, more than he can (More than he can)
{'Till the mornin', 'till the evenin'}
{I give you real love, when you need it}
If he was decent, wait 'till you see this
I better love you, more than he can

[The Game {Both}:]
Wake up, break up, make up, play fuck
Lay up, no sleep, no sex, say less
Get dressed, then trade up
Two cribs, revolvin' doors, A.M., P.M
I'm in, I'm out, she stressed, she saw a DM
And I'm still not a player, but you a hater
New elevator to the top, hah, see you later, I'm gone
New A.P., pimped out piece
In-house cheeks, Z4 pimped out seats
Penthouse, sweet, lease with an option to buy
Coppin' the five-oh Benz, for when I'm not in the sky
Puffin' a lot, sippin' on that Cliquot
Up in the Benz, he throw with this freak hoe
Drippin' like I'm G Perico
I ain't a player, I just crush a lot
Throw up the Duss', I'm about gettin' loot
And I knock those boots on that Roosevelt roof
I don't wanna be a player no more
I'm not a player, I just crush a lot
Game until it lit, and still got what you lookin' for
Stay down, stay down, {stay down}

[Bryson Tiller {Both}:]
'Till the mornin', 'till the evenin' (Evenin')
I give you real love, when you need it (When you need it)
If he was decent, wait 'till you see this (Yeah)
I better love you, more than he can (More than he can)
{'Till the mornin', 'till the evenin'}
{I give you real love, when you need it}
If he was decent, wait 'till you see this
I better love you, more than he can

I don't wanna be a player no more
Game until it lit, and still got what you lookin' for
Stay down, stay down, stay down
I don't wanna be a player no more
Game until it lit, and still got what you lookin' for
Stay down, stay down, stay down
Stay down, stay down, stay down
Stay down, stay down, stay down
Stay down, stay down, stay down

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Game, The Stay Down Comments
  1. Santana City

    Bryson Tiller the new Hook Wave!!!!!! 2020 TrapSoul 2!

  2. Hielke de Bruin

    Cant wait Born 2 Rap tour Amsterdam !

  3. K2- 313

    So underrated

  4. Mike Jazz

    I respect Game for always giving respect to those who came before him. RIP Big Pun 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Game Makers

    Bryson Tiller sounded like just like Michael Jackson and The Weeknd on this

  6. Game Makers

    50 Cent should had been on this album. That way, him and Game would had collaborate with each other one last. 50 Cent would had been perfect for this song and his verse on this would had been fire

  7. Game Makers

    This song sampled LL Cool J's song "Hey Lover" featuring Boyz II Men

  8. RetroWTF


  9. Rolling High

    Stay Down 🔥🔥

  10. Mike' Nice

    This is Dope Game with my boy Bryson and showing Love to Pun .. I'm Wit it

  11. Jsalmz

    Game rode this shit

  12. Ryan Sly

    Bruh, retire.... hip hop will need to retire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥droppin In pun ... been listening since day dot outta UK 🇬🇧

  13. Sambo92

    They on another level with it joint 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Focusedinsight

    The better be yo next single fam. I got it on repeat.

  15. Liu Kang

    9 Bm's, game better not stop,lol

  16. Rahi a

    loving this track. can't stop listening to it. the tune is so the nineties vibe .

  17. Rahi a


  18. Jose Medina

    The fucking chameleon of the Rap Game...
    Game easily top 5, Top 10...

  19. Michael Walker Thomas

    Album is crazy !! This song 🔥

  20. Gothchild303 Akrimonious Capricorn


  21. Intelligence Cycle

    Fire man this album is bananas except 2 songs.

  22. Timothy Grate

    This album is fucking crazy shit got me sharing tears... That's my reaction to great music

  23. Ernest Adjekum

    I like the way first verse was dedicated to big pun! Big up the game and rip to nip,pac ,big, pun,don,prodigy and so on and on.

  24. Tony A.

    This shit solid!!

  25. JM Rodriguez-Luis

    'WHAT are these lyrics? RIPPED OFF from Big Pun. Dude isn't half the spitter Pun was, hope his family sues the fuck outta Lame! BTW the sample is the same as LL Cool J's 'Hey Lover'.

  26. Anthony Castro

    Some lines sound like big pun’s lines

  27. Efren River

    Whoooo fuck yeah ...that lil sample some big pun to GAME..shit DOPE

  28. Rafael Burchett

    So he use biggie, pun .an all flow on the same verse


    To the mornin to the evenin I give you real love when you need it think he was decent wait til you see this

  30. Spaulding P

    The Big Flow hahaha you the best wit that paying homage with flow. You one of the best Game know it and love it lol#BeenBaltimoreStampedOnSpaulding1000

  31. Santana City

    Bryson Tiller 🔥 The Game BORN2RAP💯

  32. DopeWeech

    Game made his mark in rap a long time ago , he legend 🔥🙏

  33. Rhythmic Boyz TV

    legendary club record

  34. Jeremy Wald

    Yo Game really came with the bars on this album. Well done!!

  35. dodger Johnsonn

    Bad ass album... for reals🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  36. Jeffrey Kiarie

    here before 100k

  37. Anthony Armstrong

    Chuck Taylor at his finest sprinkled a Big Pun and LL spin on it jazzed up.....I dig it

  38. charmsjs26

    Who is that singing with Bryson Tiller?


    charmsjs26 yessir


    @DUMBLESSED huh?


    charmsjs26 nigga you asked a question and I answered fool

  39. DZAG Productions

    Like how they did this ☝🏽

  40. Elliott Goodall

    Game's flow on this is 🔥🔥🔥

    AlexXx Reviews Anything

    Thatt's Big Pun flow tho ....🔥🔥

  41. almosthomeless incali

    Like he flipped hey lover dope

  42. Josh Millan

    Good shit B Tiler ✊🏼

  43. Josh Millan

    This sound like something Michael Jackson would sing too

    Taylor L

    Hahaa you already know this is sampled from MJ. Lady Of My Life

  44. Tony Blowmo

    Favorite song on this album.Combo with Tilla and Game like Dabs on a rig🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. Raquan RWavayy

    1 of the hardest tracks so far; caught me off guard the reference to Pun💪🏾

  46. ナンシーシドと

    big pun respect🔥🔥🔥

  47. Ten Duece

    Bro!!! Game still the best

  48. Marquis Patterson

    Banger 🎶🔥

  49. 40 KEVINS


  50. Yadiah Taxo Dysmas

    This sounds like LL Cool J hey lover slowed down ay this Chuck not Game.

    Redd Dizon

    yeah i can hear Hey lover slightly in there.

    Drake Woodfork

    Nah this a camp lo sample from cookie high and he sampled big pun on his verse (Game)


    LL cool j hey lover is using the sample from Michael Jackson's - lady of my life


    yeah u def rite fam i thought the same shit too

  51. Jaylib247

    Fire 🔥

  52. SUB 403

    the documentary was one of the best albums Eva, this shit is so🔥, Game you one of the best ever, and defiantly in my top 5! thank you- SUB403

  53. Its Emari

    The Game should open up a gym. Black Fitness and Excellence going around for our community. Dope song tho 💯

  54. Josh Millan

    Brush brought B Tiller! Let’s goo! 🤘🏽

  55. Lu_ Mac


  56. Son Goku



    I closed my eyes while listening to this, I went back to the 90s. That sample, bruh... Takes me back

  58. Tifero McCord

    The Game Young King I Salute🔥🔥🔥💪🏿🙏🏿

  59. Doug Gilmour

    Plz cut MJs voice into this beat

  60. the enlightened ones

    Sample ll cool j boys 2 men 🔥🔥

  61. JW00ZYY


  62. P K Slays

    damn this beat chill old vibe shit

  63. D Mensah

    Soothing music

  64. Designz R Us

    R.i.p pun !🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. Reggie Gardens

    also, i could see him performing this on jimmy fallon and the bet hip hop awards

    STAT 01

    Jimmy fallon? You could of picked anybody & you pick jimmy Fallon? But you right though

  66. Reggie Gardens

    this should def be a single, i could see this being a huge record.

    Ray Cash

    it was suppose to be but at the last minute he went with the Stainless record. Which is ok because that song I feel has a more west coast feel due to the Picture Me Rollin sample. But I both songs are fire. U really can't go wrong

    Reggie Gardens

    @Ray Cash true shit

    Darryl Walker

    Reggie Gardens me to no lie

    Focus on success

    One of the best tunes on the album

  67. Double B

    Big pun 4eva



  69. chris leeper

    Here b4 a milli

  70. Д. Д.

    Ууууууууух, вот это куплет

  71. simon bertrand

    How he bless big pun on this🔥🔥

  72. ted woods

    He sampled
    Michael jackson "the lady in my life"

    Tony Blowmo

    Ok,so?Do you want a Rubber Tortilla?😂

    Tony Blowmo

    irresistible-force yes,we know that lol

    Chuck Spencer

    They just replayed the chord progression, no samples were used... But good ear Ted... #100

    Drake Woodfork

    He sampled coolie high from camp lo and used big puns bars 🔥🔥🔥


    I thought it was that or hey lover but when I looked up the same it said the only sample was big pun. My very first thought as soon as I heard the beat for the first time was hey lover. Could just be a remix of the chord progression 🤷🏾‍♀️ either way I absolutely love this song, especially when the violin plays, pure genius

  73. ted woods

    Big pun RIP game time niggas

  74. ultrabueno 2pac



    Ll cool j hey lover

    Mista O

    I knew I heard it somewhere

    Designz R Us

    Micheal jackson lady in my life

  76. atzemarco

    Very good Album Westcoast Living Legend :) support from Germany for ever !!!

    Wainer Ludolf Ringler

    atzemarco Dachte schon ich wär der einzige Deutsche hier. Das Album ist so göttlich

    LoYaLtY 4444

    Da kann mann auf Deutschrap gerne verzichten

  77. Antwaun Rice

    Fear Yahshua YhWh Elohim

  78. Mihailo Jankovic

    LL cool J - hey lover or Michael Jackson - lady of my life instrumental rip off

    Son Goku

    Its called a sample you dumbfuck

    Luis Galvez

    Why you hating bro just appreciate we got another banger.

  79. John Smitherines

    Bringing back the old school west coast vibes bangin this in the East Side LA waspoppin!

    BeeleeDatPleighboi 100

    East Los City Terrace

    Carlitos Quintero

    East Los Choppers 12

    almosthomeless incali

    Actually it easy coast vibe 'll cool j hey lover

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    Young Tiller 👌

  81. Hiphop for you T1

    This album gonna be a classic legend game Compton

  82. Arbi Stagova Noci

    West Coast mothafkn G