Game, The - Intro Lyrics

[A Man]
Alot of people are advocated that the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.
Thats only because you dont understand
whats going to happen to you, you see its all just a game ladies and gentlemen,
and the quality of your living depends entirely upon your ability to play the game,
and i play the game.......

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Game, The Intro Comments
  1. :D :D

    Turn this into a roller coaster

  2. Tiana

    Funny how this was something that sent chills down my spine before every new episode, and now it just gives me a soul crushing feeling of something that was ruined and lost. Well done D&D you ruined even the intro for me, which boy wasn't easy to do.

  3. Enrique Chaparro

    8x03 who else thinks is the best episode?

  4. MaryBerry

    I cannot believe it's been almost a year now since the release of season 8. I miss GOT so much. Every time I hear this intro I'm getting so sad 😭
    What a show!

  5. Roberto Cevenini

    Ma come mi intriga sta colonna sonora mi piace veramente Molto!!!!!!Roberto çevenini da Bologna via Pier fortunato Calvi 5 (Italia)

  6. Ahmad bugbarah Bugbarah

    I mess you 😍💔💔

  7. Chelsea Jordan Wade

    Who else is depressed that this is over?

  8. Art Teckers

    Am i the only one crying from seeing this intro? No? Just me. Okay

  9. Sydney

    I’m actually abt to cry watching this intro again. I love this show. I hate this show. I love this show, hate the mistakes and people behind them. The actors are golden.


    If you haven’t seen this show. It remains a MUST watch. There’s nothing like it.

  10. D Son

    I don't even watch the show, but damn does this hype me up.

  11. Thea Whitaker

    This is the most extra opening credit scene I’ve ever seen… I love it

  12. AlexandrusMegus

    Best show in history. Season 8 was majestic. It's not really the writers fault that most of people never figured out that Hodor lived longer than Bran.

  13. زيدون

    2020 😢

  14. Jayanthi Nathan

    Anyone missing this in 2020?! 🥺🙋🏻‍♂️

  15. Zer0 VorteXX

    Halo and Attack on titan theme songs: “Finally a worthy opponent”

  16. Nicte Mora

    Casi un año y aún no la superó

  17. Ramesh Ram

    Best intro I've ever scene 🔥🔥

  18. Divine Chareka

    The name of a legend comes first 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Saman Raza

    ohhh after a Long time😂

  20. Jhon Myers

    Viva la madre que pario Game Of Thrones!

  21. veeresh sangolli

    Why did they have to ruin it 😭

  22. Beu Boa

    I feel so awful for the actor/actresses they have so much shit they had to deal with

  23. Your Soham


  24. SideNote

    RR Martin wanted 15 seasons, HBO wanted 10, Dumb & Dumabed wanted Star Wars.

  25. Aditya Kumar

    This intro is the best part of the whole S08

  26. Jose Gonzalo Santillan villa

    Eso esplica el loco chiste de sofa de los simpson

  27. zaza megrelishvili

    who's still watching this on year 2021? :)

  28. Swaraj T

    Really miss you Game of thrones.....From India

  29. Tanvir Alif

    The intro is nice but I didn't watch the show because of it. In fact I skipped it everytime. It took me a while to like it.

  30. Monkey D. Luffy

    I feel empty! They should have made 5 more seasons

  31. isa playtube悲しい


  32. shiva guru

    Valar morghulis!

  33. ahappyacident

    Im learning this on my viola and so far i suck

  34. Dark Nemesis

    The theme was the best thing about this programme 🤔🤗


    Profesor: armen una maqueta

    Chicas: a que aburrido


  36. Romeo España España España

    like is the best song

  37. Nawel Mona

    Très très belle série ❤️

  38. Parag Hardikar

    It’s intro was the first reason why I started watching GOT

  39. turboporrita rar

    Dominó efect

  40. Umut K

    RIGHT A DOWN; RIGHT A DOWN.... Wait....

  41. Nainitha G

    i can feel the bahubali

  42. T C

    The bright thing floating in the sky is the coronavirus and white walkers are the infected. How’s that for foreshadowing

  43. Víctor conejo Merino

    Siempre recordare juego de tronos

  44. Rice Farmer

    I miss this show😭

  45. Febb3

    Turn the bass up to max on this one SO EPIC!

  46. Ayam Warna Warnie

    I just finished this series last nite. And this new opening is woah

  47. Gusta303303

    i dont even watch it

    isa playtube悲しい

    so do it! is the best show i ever seen

  48. Brianna Van Dijk

    no more tv series to hype about this year

  49. Christina Cloud

    I miss this opening so much :(

  50. Ryan and Kyle Games HD

    Can we all please quit hating this show. don’t hate the entire show just because of 1 awful season. It was great in its own way with dragons great story’s with certain houses exc. I’ll forever love this show for memories it has given me. For example the shocked face I gave when Jon stabbed Danny or when house fray saved Jon and his Army in battle of the bastards exc, game of thrones your my childhood I’ll always love you <3

  51. treatment of pneumonia and common cold with yoga

    Greatest TV show of ever

  52. Vari_Ares_YTP

    1:05 the sound is so epic...

  53. Sa Jx

    This song.. ❤️❤️🎼❤️❤️👌🏼❤️

  54. Lyubomir Manchev

    Alright the intro was one of the only good parts of Season 8.

  55. DemZ

    As a big walking dead fan i can say that the game of thrones fans did NOT deserve that ending.

  56. Ali Adnan


  57. Ehtsham Shahbaz

    I miss Game of Thrones :(

  58. hydro sinister

    The only season 8 video that I liked

  59. EDØ

    Better than Scenario of Season 8

  60. Always Traitor

    Best intro ever made in human history

  61. EVEYLN

    Goosebumps man

  62. Alexandra Ion

    Miss this so much!!! The only series that made me wake up at 4am in the morning just to see it and be a zombi the next day at work, what times!!!

  63. Fahad Ayoub

    Wiener... Wiener... Wiener!!
    Two Wieners... 😂😂😂

  64. jean silva

    The final deslike ok !!!!

  65. Dinesh Gamot

    It's sad to say that *Finally the watch has Ended* 😭

  66. Grant Adams

    I played this song on my trumpet once. I didn’t sound bad. 🎺🎺🎺

  67. Yaz

    Allah cezanızı versin bi tane Türk yokmu lan

  68. AbOodOoZz 355

    Lemme cry

  69. sharatha muthu

    I miss GOT so badly the best series💖

  70. P3MS

    Im here after watched the Simpsons couch gag

  71. MrazivéKladivo ze Severu

    1:33 - 1:43

  72. Fashionable Skeleton

    I got blown to this.

  73. اbackwards

    Get this on Netflix

  74. EXEJON

    The only thing Season 8 got perfect... was the intro.
    I can always envision the image of Ned Stark's sacrifice, sitting on the Iron Throne. He is looking down to the side, wielding a blade.
    Why did it all end... for this?

  75. Maggie Clancy

    I'm playing this song in school but on the clarinet. There are also saxophones, flutes, trumpets, a baritone, and a trombone.

  76. MusiGK

    r.i.p GOT :'(

  77. Marcelo Muriel

    Y ahora cuál será el futuro de esta franquicia ??? Ojalá se inventen algo por que uno la extraña dale like si opinas igual

  78. ghofranlover

    i wish to forget all the seasons completely to enjoy see them again ..... whos with me ???

  79. Akash Veerabhadran

    I miss GOT

  80. Cristina de Amorim apontes Apontes

    Tô aqui só porque a professora de história pediu 🖒😁😂

  81. SSC Strugglers

    I got tears in my eyes..
    It's over..
    Its over..

  82. Laura Ríos



    That moment when the theme is better than the show itself

  84. Leonor Arts

    Shit gives me goosebumps listening to this

  85. Sofija Kaplanovic

    I hate Joffrey

  86. Sofija Kaplanovic

    I'm in love this it's amazing 🤩🤩🤩

  87. Poulomi Hari

    This is the only thing of thrones that I love now. Everything else is just pretentiousness...

  88. care sarhaddarbar

  89. TheTwinsYT

    Season 9 ? 🙏🏻

  90. Shashank Vaze


  91. ksmt krkc

    Muhteşem bir jenerik müziği. Çıta sürekli yükseliyor, GOT tan sonra nasıl bir dizi çıkaracaklar sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum!

  92. worldwidehandsome seokjinnie

    i really miss waking up at 2am to watch the show

  93. Shy Sj

    മലയാളി ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ 😇

  94. fearodactyl

    The visuals of the intro has always made me think of a D&D tabletop, and that the entire series could just be a D&D campaign.
    I know that’s obviously not true but it’s just a thought I had.

  95. Gianfranco

    We hate HBO. Final season would be epic.

  96. Juan Pablo Díaz Arriagada

    final de mierda malo

  97. Jovarans Guplar

    I get a little choked up listening to this. It's such moving music.

  98. Douglas Henrique

    Melhor seriado

  99. Isha Agrawal

    0:01 is the viserion destroying the wall