Game, The - Help Me (Interlude) Lyrics

Say it ain't so
Oh, say it ain't so
I've been hustling all this time for a better tomorrow in vain
Know that I, I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I meant to cause you any pain
(Never meant to cause you)

Oh, I, I blame it all on me
Lord knows that I could've been there
(Could've been there)
When you needed me but I'm here now
(Fought the whole world)
Fighting back the tears, I can't believe I gotta say goodbye
It's too soon to cry for you
Forgive me momma that I, I'm fighting back the tears
I can't believe my little brother died
Way too soon, cry for you

No, hell no
I'm thinking 'bout setting it off
(Thinking 'bout setting it off)
Thinking 'bout killing them all
(Thinking 'bout killing them all)
They say retaliation is mandatory

Lord help me
(Lord help me to walk away)
Lord help me
(Lord help me to walk away)
Lord help me
(Lord help me to walk away)
And that your will be done

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Game, The Help Me (Interlude) Comments
  1. Richard Keyte

    A real album Game nothing but love for this

  2. TrilariousEnt

    When you listen to the placement of this song on the album after the Nipsey feature its impossible to not get emotional

  3. Sambo92

    Game took it back to the 90s

  4. Bhongo Nkumanda

    Sounds like one of Pac's vocalists


    Just what I thought lol it's DOPE


    I know exactly who you are talkin about this

    Dexter Hobbs

    Yeah I can hear danny boy on this.

  5. Chris Curry

    This A cappella sounds so beautiful

  6. Gothchild303 Akrimonious Capricorn

    Bless up

  7. L Turner


  8. Kevin Williams

    This hit my soul 🔥🔥


    This is legit🔥

  10. Vig Vong

    Man i thought they where gonna drop the beat n shit was gonna be like ugks one day

  11. PuertoRicanBoi127

    Who's singing this??

    Chris AK

    Sly Jordan aka Sly Piper...He was on Dre's "Compton" album

    DarC SuN

    Sound like aged version of Christion

  12. Twon Nino