Game, The - Born 2 Rap Lyrics

I remember I was rappin' for a year and half
Couple tears in a glass
Some gunshots then I appeared on the map, bust it
In the studio way in the back with Busta
Next mornin' back to weighin' the crack, fuck it
What if Dre don't make an album out my demo?
At least me, Snoop, and Nate Dogg smoked some Endo
Mailman told me, "Be patient," thanks for the info
Next thing I know, I'm in Hits Factory with Timbo
Came back and threw the Range on Lorenzos
I'm reminiscin', lookin' out this Lamborghini window
My Granny told me I'd be bigger than Nintendo, Game
Let the top down so she could scream her grandson name
We on our way back to the nursin' home listenin' to Just Blaze beats to put these verses on
My life almost got cut short on the 'Math 'til Jigga told Dre Hate it or Love it was a smash

I sit alone in my room in the zone writin' classics
Who rap better than me?
I sit alone in my room in the zone writin' classics
Who rap better than me?
I sit alone in my room in the zone writin' classics
Who do it better than me?
Who rap better than me?
Who rap better than me?

Should sound like I found the Fountain of Youth
It's like the bald-head Game steppin' back in the booth, true
I'm the only nigga rap like I do, proof
Who survived after 300 Bars, who?
Nobody, I'm still countin' these bodies
Still countin' these millions
Still make everybody quiet when I walk in the lobby of that Interscope buildin'
I still drop one line and have 'em all in they feelings
I know you miss me but I just been in Calabasas
Bought the crib far just to stop from whooppin' nigga's asses
I'm the definition of classic
I'm the feelin' fans used to get when they rip the shit up out the plastic
How many legendary studios got my plaques in it?
New Lambo truck, let's see if I can start from scratch in it
And I started from the bottom of the block
Hate it or live it the underdog still on top, nigga

I sit alone in my room in the zone writin' classics
Who rap better than me?
I sit alone in my room in the zone writin' classics
Who rap better than me?
I sit alone in my room in the zone writin' classics
Who do it better than me?
Who rap better than me?
Who rap better than me?

Game was always open arms
You know what I mean?
And, you know, he was the only one for a while
From the-from the generation after the Snoop, Dre, Pac
So Game was-he held the position of-everybody looked to Game
For-for, you know, "Hey, listen to my Tape woo"
I actually met Game in my hood on Crenshaw and Slauson
And I was outside on the block with like twenty of my homies
And, um, I see the Range Rover, I'm like, "That's Game right there"
And we all walked up to his car and I handed my CD, you know?
And on my daughter, he had a Glock on his-on his hip
I mean on his lap
And that's what made me like-I ain't gon' say, "Made me respect Game"
I respect Game off all the things he done
But when we met, you know what I'm sayin'?
It was um, I was in the middle of my hood, you know, with all my homies before rap and Game was drivin' through solo with a-with a Glock in his lap
You know so
No security, just solo?
Nah, nah, only solo (Only solo)

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Game, The Born 2 Rap Comments
  1. Rye Fungus

    That album cover tho.

  2. Jaquez Harlan

    This sound like cole.... ever since cole wrote his verse

  3. Knuckle Game

    Why the OLDHEADS "STILL" runnin this era of hiphop🎤 tho?? Hahaha, FACTS!! Bangin out New albums on the REGULAR!!😁

  4. Situation Starter

    I never saw a commercial or anything for this album.

  5. sonney parrott

    Game is so real its unreal he's got heart and he humble you can tell he ain't on no fake shit through his music alone let alone knowing him face to face,been following game since the documentary I ain't saying he as good as tupac but he defo one ov the true leaders for the wast coast,PS I hope this ain't his last album

  6. chris dixon

    Why they all pregnant?

  7. Ramone Canady

    I don't even like Game but this mf 🔥🔥💯💯

  8. Pacific 69117

    Sounds like they sampled
    Evelyn Kings “I think my heart is telling”
    Jean Plum “Here I go again “

  9. Behzad Rad

    Generation of mumble rap never understand these things

  10. David S

    A modern day classic simple and plain

  11. 40Duce Trey

    Don't bet on this album being his last. Too Short, Jigga, even Marshawn Lynch supposedly went into retirement. Retirement announcement is nothing more than brand self-promotion, trying to increase their brand value. If yall haven't figure that out, pay close attention to what moguls, entrepreneurs do.

    Huero Vidal

    40Duce Trey hope you right

  12. 36 Prophets

    im in love

  13. SEP7EMBER10

    Best rapper ever

  14. Brasi novic

    This go hard

  15. Guy JL

    Usually add each song individually to my playlist when listening to any new album just so I don’t add the ones I won’t like. Bout halfway through this album, decided to just go ahead and add the rest of the songs🔥🔥🔥. All of them hit✍🏾📈

  16. FxrestGxd LaFlare

    Too real

  17. Vinny S

    Everybody like this reminds me of..... its just new music????. Gettin them feels


    Amill Easy Hurricane #Factory

  19. Scott

    Game is timeless. Rock all his shit forever.

  20. J Zilla

    Sixnine would go hard on this beat let’s gooo

  21. imad affaki

    EMINEM RAP better then you


    Fuck off.

  22. Jassi Phool

    love the pregnant women!!!

  23. Natalie Ademe

    Blessing. To. My. Ear.

  24. iThinkTwice

    This man can never have a song without mentioning other rappers names.

  25. Charles Rivers

    I believe he has more albums than 50 , wow

  26. Charles Rivers

    Solid hit , shlda had more radio buzz

  27. Sin Ful The P

    On Repeat

  28. Sin Ful The P

    Eternal Classic

  29. wrightterence680


  30. Internet Explorer

    Hate it or love it the underdog still on top niggaz

  31. daron anderson

    This is a smash.

  32. Smooth Criminal

    Game has yet to let me down whenever he drops a new album.

  33. shein360

    Oh my god this sounds so damn good.

  34. Jamal Lapsley

    Imma miss his music can't believe this his last album

  35. Tishara Doby

    His album cover is unique for sure

  36. Tishara Doby


  37. Danijel Bosiokovic

    West Coast King is back!!!

  38. Christian Charles

    Game has outlasted all his enemies and won. This nigga beat gunit and still making classics.

  39. Arturo Leal III

    Thanks for the music Game. God Bless you bro. ✌🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  40. John Peter Condalor

    The underdog still on top! ❤🔥

  41. John Peter Condalor

    The dope game! 🔥

  42. LoYaLtY 4444

    Best track on the album

  43. Bruno Barbosa

    Please come to Portugal for a concert!!! Porto!

  44. Ritesh Pondicherry

    The game... biggest fan from India. Can you bring me to Compton...west side Story

  45. Curtis McGaughy

    Can't deny Game

  46. bobby cole

    this dat zoned out feel right here

  47. Cutivetti Savage

    FUCK YEAH!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  48. really reek wlker

    💯🔥💯🔥 💯

  49. Nick Reay

    What's with the pregnant women ?

  50. Tony Blowmo

    Classic track.RIP NH Nip.Wish you could of made more hard tracks with the Game🙏🏼

  51. LoYaLtY 4444

    The beats on this project top notch

  52. Reggie Williams

    Love the Game. But he will make you try to hate em. I stopped fuxkin wit him for punchin Ras Kass for bout 6 months but u cant deny his beat selection his flow and lyrics. He a beast. They call it clout chasin when its really just called maketing and advertising. He alwayz did that , and thats why his Name is the Rap Game or short THE GAME. Im from Compton but grew up in West Side Bompton and Compton but I dont bang. Bit the real one know what I mean.

  53. ArtieParty

    Keepin this on replay over and over. Master piece

  54. MayneH

    Top 5 Game

  55. Tiffany Johnson

    Best Game album thus far 🔥🔥🔥💎

  56. Tyler Pacino

    Wonder when and where Jigga said hate or love it was a smash.. first time hearing that

  57. Roland Gibson

    Real west coast rap is back 🅱️🗣🗣💯💯

  58. Sylvanius Ross

    Keep mashing on these haterz Game !!! Hurricane Season

  59. dan kc

    🏁🏁🏁the great 👍

  60. José Antonio

    Game World, no one bro no one rap better than you

  61. Eric Rousseau

    Hook reminds me of the Geto Boys "Mind Playin' Tricks On Me".

  62. Dayshawn Glynn

    🔥 🔥

  63. Dayshawn Glynn

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  64. Official A.D.H.D

    Game never disappoints

  65. Nakia Woods


  66. lazy lay's
    Go check out my music

  67. G Wise

    I like the cover of the album I'm thinking Game is showing respect and Love to the women who made it possible for us men to be here in earth,so Born 2 Rap goes together with the cover..I'm guessing

  68. Khalid Beard

    As far as todays music NOBODY!!!!!!! THIS SHIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Andrei Scintian

    Feels like he forgot how to rap, damn what happened ?

  70. Vanda Indi


  71. Douglas Santos

    Álbum Fhodaa👏👏👏

  72. Hillary Clinton

    Nip rhyming so effortlessly

  73. J Millions

    So did you pay Tony 2chainz for the everybody in here pregnant album art get um duce

  74. Will On The Soul.

    Why you weirdos always want him to sound like his old self, he sound better than ever before skill wise and voice wise.

    Smooth Criminal

    It's because as rappers get older and richer they don't have that same hunger they did when they first started out, now me on the other hand I like to think that I'm maturing with the music and artists instead of staying young minded that's why I can still enjoy the game new music and know every word to Nas no bad energy.


    Not this guy, he's been consistent. Only people mouthing off are folks who haven't listened to his discography

    Smooth Criminal

    @styleemusic I like Games music bruh old and new.

  75. SCcha843

    Album cover? 🤦‍♂️

  76. EziTheKabaxiom

    What a legend🔥🔥

  77. Michael Martinez

    I slap this harder than my step sister buttcheeks

  78. Rhythmic Boyz TV

    best song

  79. Dustin Bazor

    Ok nipsey.....

  80. Matt Platz

    Is the game on the top 5 underrated rappers of all time? Idk you tell me gimme your list in the replies

  81. Jeremy Wald

    Awwww man we miss you Nipsey

  82. Nick Borgomainerio

    ummmm nobody is gonna comment on all the pregnant hoes wtf is that shit lol.

  83. Steve C

    Sound a little nippsy ish no?

    Steve C

    Shit hes at the end lol nvm

  84. Anthony Armstrong

    I'm 37,Game made me feel like I felt as a youngin when I heard Pac, Biggie,Snoop,Cube 80's baby in this bitch I'm thoroughly impressed with this album 💯

  85. David Sammons

    Classic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. Amir Spellman

    This nigga sucks overrated for no damn reason ras kass 100 times better

    J Blessed

    And Rass Kass has no classic albums after all these years

    Amir Spellman

    neither does m&m he has pop albums no classics

    Amir Spellman

    game has classics albums when game has no classics 4 real ras kass does have classics albums

  87. T Amazin



    Idk but shit Fire Isnt it!

    Pacific 69117

    T Amazin sounds like
    Jean Plum “Here I go again”
    Evelyn King “ I think my heart is telling”
    Mixed together

  88. sup w you

    🔥game always delivers quality albums.

  89. Miles Mcloughlin

    "I sit alone in my room in the zone writin' classics" where have I heard this hook from? It's driving me crazy trying to remember.

    Miles Mcloughlin

    Diplomats - Dipset Anthem
    "I stood alone watching the wall, in the zone, hand on my handles.
    Listening to gangsta music" that's why it's familiar.

    Beastmode 44

    "I sit alone in my four-cornered room staring at candles" Geto boys- my mind is playing tricks on me

    DeAndre Dunn

    Either one of the above answers lol I got it from Diplomats which I'm sure they got it from Geto Boys

    Christian Charles

    Geto Boys the original. Dipset copied.

    Jose Torres

    Geto boys

  90. macdabluepanther

    The Game one of the best, real talk!

  91. Mykl Aaron

    Keep it coming Game! Check out this hot new fashion by way of Chicago shoes are made in Italy

  92. Lucas Rhyner

    It's like the bald head game stepping back in the booth 💯

  93. Tha Real DJ Smooth

    Game been spitting flames 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥 since day 1‼️‼️‼️💯💯💯

  94. Wilber Buckets


  95. fernbird

    Black and Brown Challenge

  96. Jeffrey Leeds

    Game's got it really cool mixes and beats. I always appreciated his talent keep up the positive vibes. It doesn't matter if you think that he's just being arrogant. I would disagree, We all have time were we are riding solo or sitting by ourselves good stuff.

  97. wrang

    shits hard man. really G style 4 shure

  98. Christopher Wallace

    as an old skool fan of game i have to say i was very dissapointed he turned into mainstream trap. stopped listening to him. as i heard of his final album, i needed to know what kind of style it would be. AND I KNEW GAME IS STILL ON HIS OLD SHIT DEEP IN HIS HEART!!! That song proves it for sure