Game, The - Black On Black Lyrics

[Intro - Jeezy:]
'Sup, nigga, huh?
You know what this shit is?
Stay down and come up (Damn right)
Street niggas is street niggas alike
It ain't even one way, nigga (Two niggas most)
Stay down and see you come up, nigga, uh
Four songs, nigga (Blood Money, let's go)

[Hook - Jeezy:]
Everythin' wrong, this can't be right
Man, it's so much, this can't be life (Yeah)
Shit get real, man, you can't hold back
(Stay on back, nigga, you gotta do what you gotta do)
If he came back in that black on black
I still do it for them niggas with them bricks on bricks
I still do it for them niggas with them nicks on nicks
Let me tell you how them real nigga supposed to bounce back
See I never came back in that black on black

[Verse 1 - Game:]
Nigga come through for a nine and a half
I'm a tell him ain't nothin' left
Nigga need an eight, tell him everythin' straight
All they gotta do it wait, tell a nigga I'm a chef
How you think a nigga went and got that race?
Could of went to jail but I bought that case
Lawyer came through, told him it's about time
Jim Carrey to the Rollie, I just switch that switch
Put ten karats on my daughter ear, fuck it
She deserved every rock I done sold out in public
Do anythin' for my Destiny's Child
She a Beyoncé, never be LeToya Luckett
Black on black, checkerboard Louis luggage
On a PJ feelin' like Warren Buffett
With the Minnesota Twins, ain't no Kirby Puckett
Let the shade fear clouds, tell Aaliyah that I love her
Back and forth in a Lear
My grandmother say I never see her
She want me come home on Thanksgivin'
Put on some black on black like here
Black on black to my dear
Black on black in my ear
Black Maserati that I gave to my mama
Right hand to the father, she can't even find the gears


[Verse 2 - Jeezy:]
Hold up, hold up, hold up
Shit get real, we don't fold up
This is what I told myself in my grandma's kitchen
At the table, nigga, choppin' my blow up
Said she want to sell more like my father
Same time, had me for a couple dollars
Yeah, I'm 'bout to pull an all nighter
And now I'm 'bout to kill these niggas
So you might not see me 'til tomorrow'
Yeah, like that, then my palms start itchin'
Suede hit the block, then my bong gone missin'
See, I'm 'bout to take me a trip to the other side of town
And I'm goin' there to buy me a chicken
Yeah, I got a nigga in the spot with a nine right now
So, I'm goin' there to sell him a pigeon
My pastor told me that the money is the root of all evil
I said if it is, then I lose my religion

[Bridge - Jeezy:]
If I had to be precise, tell you two things about life
Niggas win everyday, niggas fail every night
I say, "Now, Oprah got a billion dollars
And you know what near her"
Type of shit I tell myself while starin' in the mirror


[Verse 3 - Kevin Gates:]
Mayonnaise jaw, straight drop, no whippin'
Electric's off, everything's spoilin' in the fridge
I ain't bathed in a week, house smellin' like pickles
Street showin' no business, still gettin' to the business
Safety pin the zip, break it down, sell nickels
Had to ball him out of jail, blew the money on the bail
Went flat, bounced back from a 30-cent flipper
I don't even know a nigga livin' how I'm livin'
I don't even know how many times I've been to prison
Shit get gangsta, we call Hot Beezle
Bought two things at the third, I wanna appease you
Two-fifty-two on the scale, that's a nina
Eighteen zaps, five hundred-four grams
Add an extra gram when you weigh it with the bag
Real trap talk, keep it real, don't believe you
When you get out of line, swear to God, I'm a leave you
Dicks cut the water 'fore they kick a nigga door
Tried to flush it down the toilet but the dope just float
Tear gas from the cannon
Everybody scramblin', but I ain't never panic
Double homicide, broad day, that's my jacket
Tried to bird feed, cut throat on my jacket
And I take change, I'm a serve when they askin'
Come from out of town, I'm a taste, no relaxin'


It's okay, Daddy, I'm not scared
I know, baby, the rest of the world is
You ready to go home?
Yes, Daddy
Let's go

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Game, The Black On Black Comments
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    Fact but true,hard times make u more into a man

  2. Manuel Morris

    God yes

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    Ty my sham time sounds pristine...

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    This was my shit when this song came out real shit hard Cuz

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    Pussy nick both of you

  7. Evan Ficklin

    Bang on me bitch

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    Fav rappers of all time!
    But Maaaaaaannnn!!
    Gates set it on fire ***

  9. YeahNahWhateva

    Jeezy went slick on himself. Big ups to his verse.

  10. thecheezy bleezy

    Boutta be 2020, wish time would slow down man

  11. Rowland Dinkins

    "Dope just float"
    Real problems!

    Eric Ellison

    Street Life!!!

  12. savage life

    Had to drop kick my sister for saying this song dont hit 😊 #proudsibling

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    Evan killed all u

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    Quincy Lamar i want you on this beat

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    Fuck'n Busters Hate

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    Get'em Gates !

  22. Mike Swazyy

    It’s something about the beat and sample that make this shit hard

  23. 2EmsFromTheDot

    I still have this on repeat in 2019

    Eric Ellison

    12/4/2019 still here!!!!

  24. Amanda Bentley


  25. Luke C

    2019 yeahhh still a big tune

  26. Charlene Sutton

    Gates went OFF!!

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    I'm still bumping this shit ain't nothing better to manifest shit too

    Talk about inspiration these niggas made a gem ong

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    Everybody went hard

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    Almost the end of 2018 and this track still🔥🔥

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    Gates blanked on this

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    This song is ok

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    I need the instrumental

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    If you are reading this you a real one. Keep on hustling playa!

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    Justin Banks

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    Daniel Oestreich

    Said in your best white guy voice

    Jaadale Hammons


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    Bless up who ever you are

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    This beat son lol

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    Still think this song need to be on the radio.

  57. James P

    This whole album goes hard as fuck! Still slapping in 2018

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    This is top3 best game song all time

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    Kevin killed that shit right there

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    Shit get real we don't fold up
    This is what I told myself at my grandma kitchen at the table everytime I blow out " 🔥🔥🔥

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    get money ppl

    Ask your mom how I do

    Ninja Huh!? All three verses went hard as my cock for your mom’s hot mouth 😂

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    This track is so fucking badass.

    TheChronicDocumentary DreGame

    I know right. Game, Jeezy and Gates killed it.

    Uday Thambimuthu

    Massacred it.
    First time I heard Kevin Gates, it was like hearing Nas doing NY State of Mind for the first time. Lyrical mastermind with the flow of a rap god.
    The fact he's from New Orleans is a bonus.
    And Game has, well, stepped his game up a hell of alot in the past couple of years. Its like he went back to the BWS Vol. 1 lyrical mastery, with the dirty, go fuck yourself flow that he had on Doctor's Advocate.

    Uday Thambimuthu

    *You know what it is Volume 1. Not BWS Vol 1.

    Uday Thambimuthu

    Actually it was BWS Vol. 1. My bad.
    The Cypha was my shit back in the day.

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    Game needs to stick to making this kinda tune and chill with the fuck shit and publicity beef.

    Uday Thambimuthu

    Some of his new stuff is fire though... El Chapo is my jam.
    Skrillex actually kills it doing rap beats. Who woulda thought?


    *raises hand*

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    he has to express himself fully cant hold that energy