Game, The - Bigger Than Me Lyrics

These niggas ain't bigger than me
These niggas ain't Nas ain't Jigga to me
These niggas ain't Em, they ain't 50 to me
You ain't Pun, you ain't Pac, you ain't Biggie to me
These niggas ain't Crips, they ain't 60's to me
These niggas ain't Bloods, they ain't dripping with me
Niggas talking that shit, bout the new generation
Man Fuck these niggas, I'll slash your fucking faces

You niggas ain't sold shit, not an album or a rock
Pussy nigga putting rings on my old bitch
Dick down the throat ass niggas
Old ho' ass niggas
Happy cause you went gold ass niggas
These niggas ain't spitting with me
You ain't sicker than me
Fuck out my section you ain't sitting with me
This for very important people
It's clear that we not equal
Clear you niggas faggots, I'm the black Marshall Mathers
Like "ying, ying, ying" on a motherfucker
Who needs Hulk Hogan when you got Sting on this motherfucker?
Less than five albums, Kiss the Ring on this motherfucker
California throne and I'm the King on this motherfucker
I don't wanna hear it
Weak ass lyrics
Crying on the hook, thinking we gon feel it
Old lost ass niggas
Voice crack when you talk ass niggas
Rolling blunts for them boss ass niggas

I came in with Ye', Jeezy and boss ass niggas
Your Freshman cover a whole bunch of soft ass niggas
Tampon lyricists, evacuate the premises
Mute BET Cyphers, cause I don't wanna hear that shit
May you Rest in Piss, you fuck niggas
Aye, Frank Ocean go ahead and fuck these niggas (yeah they fuck niggas)
Ain't no 3 stacks in your class
Take your Top 10 spot and shove it up your ass, bitch boy
Niggas already fucked your bitch, you bitch boy
And every time you kiss your bitch you suck my dick, bitch boy
And when you buy that ho a bag that bitch carry my bricks, bitch boy

I was in the Double-XL
Red Chucks round my neck
I was the G in the Unit
Had Buck in my set, word to the rhymes
Had Bust a bust around my set
Gave Who Kid a Glock in case they bust round my set
I'm from Compton
Where the glocc can't fuck with that tech
That's on bompton
40 Glocc got socked in his neck
This a spawn in the flesh
Fuck all these pussys, give me any name to call out
Left Aftermath, Dre told me

Black Marshall Mathers, time to show 'em what it's all 'bout
"Ying, ying, ying" on a motherfucker


Eh Frank Ocean go ahead and fuck these fuck niggas
"Ying, ying, ying" on a motherfucker
"Ying, ying, ying" on a motherfucker
Drop your single, I drop dreams on that motherfucker
I should let my daughter scream on this motherfucker
The industry soft, I should let Miguel sing on this motherfucker
Ride out
Blood money, we gon' ride out
Ride out
And don't think I won't send six niggas to your hide out
Rich Gang

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Game, The Bigger Than Me Comments
  1. Shad 23

    When I hear a soft song from today's era I turn this track on Immidietly!

  2. Fred FireDatAssUp 904


  3. nyadpics

    BANG DAT IN 2020!!!!

  4. 《CROLO》

    2 pack
    The game
    The life of the struggle if it were a person💪👌💯びてぃせかい

  5. Zub ZeriesVEVO

    Still 🔥 in 2020 tmc 🏁

  6. ßlade

    The black Marshall Mathers 🤣

  7. Rolle Smith

    Lil dirk take yo 10 th spot n shove it up yo fruity azz🍒🍓🍍🤣😂

  8. Patrick Richardson



    2021-2022 any one 😈😈🔥🔥💯💯

  10. Tyrone Jones

    You ain’t “Venice” if you ain’t Shoreline to me...🔵⚪️💙

  11. Terren O'Neil

    We need more songs that involve chainsaws.

  12. Angus Hall

    Like Martial garner

  13. Angus Hall

    Like Alexis Sanchez Green woonD

  14. thebigpentertainment

    Thumbs up if you liked the Wrestling reference or are an Old School Fan of Hip Hop

  15. raul jonkers

    Game still on top of gangster rap 🩸

  16. Lindokuhle Advocete

    2020 still fucking with this classic shit

  17. trustory83

    As 🔥🔥🔥🔥 as this Song b every yr can bump it cuz still Relevant in the State of Hip Hop

  18. Walter Perez

    Fuck been underrated. This shit GANGSTA PERIOD. You either fuck with the best meaning the west

  19. Christopher Tolliver

    Can't believe I'm now just hearing this in 2020 this shit go too hard

  20. Sam

    meet your maker

  21. Sean McGuire

    Who this about? Or just anyone I'm general, like anyone can get it.

  22. Silke Road


  23. Anthony Leonard

    i smoke the greenleaf on the mother fuker 🤣 i drop the greenleaf on the mother fuker 🤣

  24. Justus Döhla

    Its so sad that he end his career.....

  25. Njuguna Njuguna

    2020 ying ying on a mofucka

  26. Lycirian Zentri

    The Game: Ying ying ying on a motherfucker

    Me:Ying his head bro😠

  27. Lycirian Zentri

    Shit for real. In my eyes no rapper ever go one step further and signed an underground rapper like Skall from Germany. This men represent the street and talk free with no fear not like these wannabe bullshit rappers these day with fake backround. Skall is the only one who said what he thinks without lying. Rapper these days who got fame never give rappers like Skall a chance and this is why rap will dying soon and these mumble punks ass kiddi wannabe rappers are destroying real hiphop.

  28. Brunor Mass

    Game for life

  29. Terren O'Neil

    What do you call someone who either seeks to kill everyone or die themself ?


    2020 still banging this beat

  31. Paul Granda

    2020 yen yen yen 😡🔥

  32. moti swisa

    The game really the black eminem!

  33. Alex Payne

    This nigga went in!!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️

  34. Anthony L

    2020! STILL FIRE!!

  35. The KING

    One legend TUPAC the Legacy the one

  36. Pheel Tha Truth Full Truth Music/Records ENT

    Texas Chain Saw To Tha Adam's Apple!

  37. Pheel Tha Truth Full Truth Music/Records ENT

    One of The Realest Songs Ever Made! Hands Down! Real Game From Tha Game. Lets Get It Bro! To All These Bitch Boi's! It's A Takeover!

  38. Aldrin Manes

    Song more sense now 2020.

  39. qM-Kamani QueenMafia

    Love this man & what he spits 😍😍

  40. ThugLifeEazy

    my favourtie the game song

  41. back to Nature

    I never like game beats

  42. alex500DG

    This song for 2014 and up

  43. The Game

    I hope all of u Westside mother fuckers hear this song at 2020. Allah is with u all my bloody brothers. Selamu aleykum from Germany

  44. Josh Holbrook

    If this song was about me, I’d be like, dam this goes hard. I’m gonna tell him I’m sorry.

  45. Bless Bima06

    Yo its 2020 and this shit's still 🔥🔥

  46. Carl Cj Johnson

    WhoS HeRe IN 2020


  47. ALL DAY TV

    sampled from 8ball & mjg

  48. Robert Pressnell

    Ying Ying on a Mutha Fucka these Niggas ain't bigger than ME!!!!!

  49. faisal mishmish

    January 2020???!

  50. Ry Ry

    I’m tryna cop a shirt like that, anyone know where I could get one?

  51. niyah boo

    2020 this still go hard

  52. Rolle Smith

    2020 better

  53. Bang_BangSosa Ent

    Who still here in 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    C S


    Alfred Jallah


  54. Roger Lackey

    He ain’t doin shit with that chainsaw. He didn’t even put the chain on . Still slap tho

  55. Eyosyas Tebeje

    The morons who disliked this are Lil pump fans

  56. Eyosyas Tebeje

    Haha rest in piss

  57. Cesar Vega

    "Ying Ying Ying on them mufuCuz who needs Hulk Hogan when you got sting on them mufuCuz"
    Homie Game Crashed dat Hoe
    💯🎯💯🎯💯🎯 7one3 🤘Tx to CPT Cali

  58. Melnj Baca

    Damn ain’t he saying what em said in 18? Today’s rap is horrible

  59. dahnye mac

    Who needs hulk Hogan when you got sting

  60. Googlee Dood

    Game for president 2020 👍

  61. Gerry Bone

    Still playing this in 2019! Still relevant to this day with all these wack ass rappers out now. And I don’t even fuck with The Game but this shit is one of my favorite songs ever because it’s hard af and he spitting straight facts.

  62. tikipfly

    between Game and Eminem, mumble rappers got bodied. can't wait to hear the next trend to get smashed

  63. DjTooReal

    Classic 4ever ✅🤞🏾

  64. Dirty Money

    Who’s listening this in 2022?

  65. Anthony Everett

    2019 still fucking 🔥

  66. Preye Fid

    The black marshal is hopsin

  67. t cook

    You can't call yourself a black Marshall Mathers unless you got homies back.

  68. mako rampage

    The gangsta doomslayer

  69. media hub RN

    That frank Ocean line lol

  70. Ferdi Bylbyli

    Respekt for The game. ❤️❤️🖤🖤🌹🌹🌹🙏🤲

  71. cameron bruce

    Games the man, but you ain’t cutting shit with that chainsaw haha

  72. Juan Masday

    Lyrically the game is better than 50

  73. benblac83

    Still ring in 19

  74. Spridzeklis

    Black Marshall Mathers deaaam

  75. Mark Robby

    This is definitely the hardest ever, period!!! Full of real lyrics!!!

  76. ben zuniga

    Predicted the future of mumble rap..

  77. Justin Charles

    This be banging as long as am alive !

  78. Gabriel Yeowart

    This still goes harder than most a few weeks away from 2020🔥

  79. Christian Charles

    FUCK 50 CENT

  80. Amazing Amy

    And no you can't stand under my 🌂

  81. xGSKx

    Ying Ying Ying

  82. Ofentse Tsiakana

    Who's still here 4 the greatest rapper of all time?

  83. Christian Charles

    Fuck 50

  84. BlackedOut Bob

    Crazy how this is years old but has less views than his west side song from a month ago

    cisco 630

    The original got removed to to copyright samples

  85. guzmanj824

    born 2 rap

  86. Rayon Dyer

    i dont think this song came out in 2014

  87. MittyThaKiiD

    He just Put Us On The Game??

  88. Alexander Schwabauer

    when it comes out i was on streetz i was throwing 2Eur in internet cafee just to hear it for half n hour its great

  89. Yurii L

    Game is game.

  90. Reno Jacquin

    Da game of

  91. Flavia Shirley Ferreira Ferreira

    The best rapper alive
    Brazil in da house

  92. Kartik Metre

    I love that he show respect to GOD

  93. Kartik Metre

    Dec 2019 !

  94. The KING


  95. DickTatoR Beats

    He got to rap on my Beat! check it out!

  96. Frimino Manhisa

    ohhhhh shit this is drug who ever dislikes this dope song definitely jealous this n***as ain't big that game no doubt, man, straight up big up.