Game, The - Big Dreams Lyrics

[The Game]
Cool & Dre
Back on the motherfuckin Westside
L.A.X. niggaz, yeah
Y'all know who the fuck I am

I'm free as a motherfuckin bird I swear
Disappear in thin air, there go Game, nigga where?
Posted on the block, in them black Airs
In that all-black Phantom, hug the block like a bandit
There, that V-12 is roarin
Flyin through the city with the pedal to the floor then
I put them 26, inches on the curb
Tell the hood I'm back, give me a corner let me serve
Swerve, I'm still dope, that's my word
All I did was switch the kitchens and subtract all the birds
Irv... Gotti know I'm a +Murderer+
Half these niggaz beefin with me, I never heard of them
If I was the old me, I would murder them
Matter fact, if I was the old me, I would CURTIS them
Courtesy of my Smith & Wesson
I kill tracks like AIDS nigga, get infected

[Chorus: The Game]
The whole world been waitin on him
Here I come, droptop Phantom I'm skatin on 'em
Look around, all the bitch niggaz hatin on him
Mad cause I'm Chronic 2008'n on 'em
Big cars, big wheels, big chains (YEAHHH)
Big money, big pimpin, big dreams
Dreams (dreams) big dreams
Dreams (dreams) big dreams, dreams

[The Game]
I "Get Money" like Junior M.A.F.I.A. used to
On my way to school, ten thousand in my FUBU
Lunchtime I was sellin
Behind the bungalows, baggin up rocks the size of melons
That's when the fiends start tellin
You can catch 'em on the couch, everyday at 4 o'clock like Ellen
Primetime nigga, is my time nigga
Jacob ain't got shit to do with my shine nigga
Cause when the sun come up
From behind the sea, niggaz see me behind the B
ENT, don't stand for entertainment
It stand for zero to 60, anybody see where Game went?
To the hood, parked crooked behind that chain fence
And I'm goin down behind my dogs but I ain't Vick
Tell me one album I put out that ain't sick
No I'm not the Dr. but I produce the same shit


[Extended Chorus]
Big cars, big wheels, big chains (YEAHHH)
Big money, big pimpin, big dreams
Dreams (dreams) big dreams
Dreams (dreams) big dreams, dreams

[The Game]
The Chronic, Makaveli to Doggystyle
Bad influences, so my momma told me to turn 'em down
She went to sleep so my father said I could turn it up
What did he care, he in the bathroom sherm'n up
So I let that Dogg Pound rock
Let that Ice Cube knock, 'til my sister pressed stop
Soon as she left out, like Diddy, I pressed play
That's when that Hard Knock Life, introduced me to Just Blaze
I would sit in my room, and just blaze
Before chronic had all these funny names, it was just haze
No hash, cause it was just haze
And I would get so high, nigga that I would just gaze
I mean I was so amazed somethin so fuckin green
could turn this little-ass house into a maze
Chronic 2001, got me through my hardest days
And just think, my momma said marijuana was a phase


[The Game]
You was wrong momma
Shit I love you but I'm still smokin
I love you momma~!
Chronic 2001 to infinity MOTHERFUCKER, haha
Dr. Dre started it
I just finished it! I mean, a-hem
Picked up where the big homey left off, FEEL ME?

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Game, The Big Dreams Comments
  1. Ricci420420

    This fucking HITS on JBL

  2. Marlon Alford

    If this shit don't get your head to rocking you just a soft ass nigga 💯

  3. Али Сафаров


  4. DeVince DeLowry

    Why isn’t this on Spotify or SoundCloud?

  5. Cornelius Moore

    If this ain’t one of da best beat n Song ,game smoked it n owned it

  6. Gabbin Tine

    Why isn’t this song on Spotify??

  7. SkrollieOllie

    Put this shit back on Spotify gaawwwwwddddd

  8. BucKshoTz

    2019 anyone. Straight banger 🔥

    Ryan Strow

    Fuck yeah dude, The Game is a boss.

    Michael Sandman

    Started singing it out loud today, slapping it at night!

    Marcus McKinney

    Michael Sandman ikr

    Marlon Alford

    That's that real shit fuck all new this age shit singing shit🦍

  9. Richard Diaz

    This song brings me back to when the album came out in 2007. Just getting my ass outta high school. Damn time flies

  10. Garid Cyan

    When i listen this song i think of me crashing my ducati

  11. Nhlaudi Magoro

    After 11 good years, Big Dreams still hit hard🤞😎

  12. Officer Vladimir The Vulture

    Who here in 2019?

  13. Emmanuel Hernandez

    2019 ....big deeams

  14. Rashida Hankins

    Thank you

  15. Soufian

    Why this song disappeared from Spotify ?

  16. crositel

    Fuck midnight club... thegame n his work brought me here! #onelove #bws4life

  17. mrkeitt

    I was a cheating scumbag around this time lol. I used to bump this on my way to my shorties cribs in 08 smh. Whole CD was 🔥🔥🔥 #WhatATimeToBeAlive But I've grown since then.

  18. Tsepo Letsela

    2019 anyone??!! Anyone dying with Game still??

    Ryan Gillespie

    Tsepo Letsela here bro 👍 👏 ✌

    Tsepo Letsela

    @Ryan Gillespie you the GOAT bro!!

  19. Ronald samuel

    If I was the old me I WOULD MURDER THEM

  20. Ricci420420


  21. BSG17

    Why did they take this off Spotify recently

    DJ K

    They need to put it back on


    BSG17 they have an international version on Spotify but you can’t play it in the US. It sucks :/

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    Nancy Zamorano

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    my love for this brother brought me here love all his albums nwa inspired him for a good reason keeping it real real game and gangsta 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

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    Third Verse is probably The Game best verse ever.

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    Love it LOVE IT AND YES I love you GAME

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    Well, this is my driving soundtrack every single f*cking day

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    Nancy Zamorano

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    2018 🔥


    Game had game...

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    CRONIC 2018

  44. Lekarm Thomas

    Like what

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    This is a good lifting song for me.

  46. Top Comment


  47. Dominic Glover

    One of games greatest tracks on his best album LAX was special

    enward lover bro

    This album ain't better than most of his albums

  48. Dale Cooper

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    So sad he changed his style. This song and "Dreams" are 🔥🔥🔥🔝

    Chrissy G city

    Reclaim_TV game still spit fire 🔥

  55. Terry Flemming

    I remember used play midnight club on Xbox my gamertag was ChckTalr2 lol this bring back memories!!

  56. Don Tringali

    Them big dreams turned into bigger dreams

  57. David C

    clowns talking about how they pimped they shit in midnight club, while yo stupid ass was playing games we real niggas out here in the hood blasting this beat.

  58. Patches O'houlihan

    I Miss Midnight Club Dub Edition Remix The BEST Street Racing Game Ever MADE

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    Still listening 2018

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    Bought my first game album in 2008. i didnt need a video game to bring me here

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    Next time im playing this while im on my way to f*** my girl when she says im home alone lol

    sean coonery

    Gabriel Lukacek 🤷‍♂️


    Midnight club pmots


    I remember buying the Deluxe edition and had this shit on replay... 08.

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  66. xXPROGAMERXx 1017/God

    Put it on tidal

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    I played this song so many times in college when it came out, people in the dorms started singing it. It get's you pumped in the gym!!

    sean coonery

    Raphael Francis what college

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    fuck midnight club Theotis Beasley brought me here

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    no one


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    I LOVE IT!!!!!😂😂😂😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👐👐👐👐🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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    this song brings me back to speedin down the freeway in my Saleen on Midnight Club Los Angeles


    My 64 Impala flyin thru South central on them goddamn gold Dayton's 😍😍


    M37S on H1 W in Hawaii for me

    Shade Barranco

    Mtomp_ 510 Midnight Club LA was awesome!!!

    6969 subs without a video challange

    @brittney Mccants ur name is literally brittney. Fuck east coast

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    my clk gtr breaking 230 mph


    this song makes me drive like a motherfucker on the highway of Midnight L.A.

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    This collab between Game and Cool & Dre is a masterpiece

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    SearchFindDESTROY _yt

    when midnight club played this that when I like it

    Avierre Plays

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    Midnight Dub Edition Remix.

    wasabi jones

    Midnight LA actually

  85. Aspire BMX

    This song brings me back to some early family memories before i lost my dad. good times, Rest easy pops.

    queso gaming56

    Well now you can come back to this song and remember all those good times with him

    Freddy Torres

    Same man same


    rest easy


    Aspire BMX bless him🌹

  86. Phantom-Oblivion

    midnight club brought me here, but in the game it sounds like he's saying big trains


    Phantom-Oblivion right

    Bigblack Cockus

    "I like trains."

    Officer Vladimir The Vulture

    Damn you're lit

  87. IMP Leno

    R.I.P, MCLA. Stupid Modders screwed up a great game.

    Perfect K

    Yeah last time I was online it was horrific, an the worst part all those modding fuckers got mics & talk trash about being fast/"""""good"""""?!?!?!?!? YOU'RE CHEATING. Mad they can't afford other games so they sit around & screw over a classic I hate people lol

    ur darkest fear

    I bought the bus for $30000 lmao and the modded skyline with neon blue everything for $120000 lmao

    Edward Elric

    I think they making a new midnight club game

    Edward Elric

    IMP Leno they’re making a new Midnight club game but I think it’s similar to Need for Speed (2015) it’s a remake of the oigrinal game and not a sequel. Which makes sense Rockstar has been struggling the only good game series they have is GTA

    xxCMP05x x

    Reed Uchiha I heard that they were just re-releasing it.

  88. Valerie Calabaza

    LAX best album ever!

    Oscar López

    No me había dado cuenta de lo hermosa que eres!!!

    Edgar Castillo

    Valerie Calabaza. así es, el mejor

    enward lover bro

    Not at all dude hos two before this one are better and Jesus piece is better

    mr big

    Straight blassic

    Hellrazor Television

    not really.

  89. Jonathan Akerele

    Definitely one of the best cuts in Midnight Club L.A. to be zooming down the freeway to. So smooth! =)

  90. Alan Torres

    Am I the only one that loves this beat

    xxCMP05x x

    Alan Torres nope

    Smash Diggins

    Ya this song has this many likes because everyone hates the beat...jesus no you aren't the only one stfu

    Ronald samuel

    Smash Diggins yeen hadda do em like that😂😂


    Yes Alan. You are the only one. How unique and Great do you feel now?

  91. Jay William

    high school music that you will remember forever and can stunt in the ride


    +Young Wood #FACTS This and Gangbangin' 101 was on repeat!!

    noah white

    Young Wood word......

    6 Speed

    In an Evo lol

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    I heard this song when I was costuming my lambo

    Cristian Dominguez

    Christopher Mamaril yo same


    Cristian Dominguez nigga u responed to urself

    Casey Heck

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    Mekhi Harris

    Christopher Mamaril You costumed your Lambo? Lmao😂

  93. 《 Megumin》

    the song I love it I heard it too in midnight club while I was checking my DUB camaro

    my name jeff

    haha, same! I'm actually customizing my DUB Camaro right now lol

  94. beefy squash 613

    Ive heard this song on pandora and i thought tht it was called no love cause thts the tittle tht it had but after listening to the song i noticed tht he mencioned big chains and trains and bi cars ive tried all those names but no matter i finally found it 👊🤓


    I heard this on Pandora as well under Godsmack Radio.