Game, The - Be Nobody Else Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
I just wanna live a little
Smoke a little, fuck a little
Talk the middle, play the middle
Cuz I ain’t tryna be nobody else
Nah, I ain’t tryna be nobody else

[Verse 1 - AV:]
I ain’t tryna be nobody but myself
Why you niggas tryna be like everybody else?
And who the fuck I’m supposed to call when I need some help?
Nobody, I just play the cards that I was dealt
Say you niggas don’t feel my pain
Frustrated with the shit that come with money, causin’ fame
Baby momma on the phone, lil brother on the otha' line
I ain’t seen him in a minute, I just need a lil time
I been out here on this grind, tryna make if for my fam
And at the same time, show my mother I’m a man
I been on my shit goin’ hard in the studio
I know they say it’s takin’ long, at least this shit is movin’ though
Pray for me, I’mma make it the right way
My way different than these niggas, talkin’ night and day
I was taught to have patience
Now let you let you know what’s ready for you, it’s waitin'

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - Stacy Barthe:]
When I make a couple million, we all rich
When they make a couple million, they all switchin’
Niggas turn into bitches, bitches turn into hoes
Cuz when you beggin’ for fame, I guess this is how it goes
Real niggas be theyself, they neva switch the roads
Fake niggas keep fakin’ till they get exposed
Uh, it’s like we all work the same dreams
But we different, so we don’t deserve the same things
I’m just tryna turn a verse into a million
Without a beach, ya know, just say some shit these niggas feelin’
Cuz I was down for this shit when you niggas wasn't I made something’ outta nothin’

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 - Uiie:]
I ain’t tryna be nobody else, I’m tryna get it
Niggas say they wid it, talk that shit but neva did it
Niggas know pops and if they don’t check the screen near
Niggas don’t trip on my niggas but [?]
Tested and proved it, grabbed a choppa and used it
Pop the violence and use it, to make us wyle out and lose it
As if you dooders recruited, yeah, we was raised up to do it
Tryna survive through the struggles
Some people didn’t make it do it
I guess that’s why I smoke so much
It keep me goin’ Young fly nigga, I’m about it
Presidential dewey I be blowin’
Play the cona with the rock, California sprews plowin’
I’m just tryna get to this money, ball out like I hit the lotto
Bitches be plottin’ and schemin’, so TNB is the motto (Trust No Bitch)
All gas on full throttle, stackin’ M’s for tomorrow
Damn right I’m bout my motherfuckin' dollas Cuz I just wanna

[Hook x2]

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Game, The Be Nobody Else Comments
  1. Matt Anthony

    best song on the album & it's only bonus track... bigger than me & this one are classic rap tunes


    the FUCK IS THIS..