Game, The - 40 Ounce Love Lyrics

This is us
Impalas parked next to Bentley trucks
Four bins supposed to be here, I should dig 'em up
But since I can't, I'ma hold this Henny up
15 years of greatness
15 years of hatin'
15 years of patience, that's what I had to practice
So I ain't end up back on that country jail mattress
Fuck all this rap shit
In Compton we in the dirt, sticks on us like a cactus
Cincinnati on, closin' on the third strap
Gave two away to some fans, this my third hat
Runnin' this marathon, I'm on my third lap
Where my key to the city, don't y'all think I deserve that?
L.A. sheriffs left Ryan on the curb, flat
37 shots, so I'm on 133rd strapped

40oz love, white Air Force Ones in the mud
Young front end on the Cutlass like, "What's up?"
See my dead homie mama, hop out and give her a hug
40oz love, niggas gon' ask, so choose one, Crip or Blood
Money fallin' out your pocket while you're sellin' drugs
Every drink of Old English, grab a cup, I fill it up for you

You outta gas? I fill it up for you
You surrounded in the club? We pullin' up for you
You went to jail? I took that money, I put it up for you
You still got your hand out like I ain't did enough for you
You put on that snitch jacket and it stuck to you
On my life, I love you but I can't fuck with you
I gotta stick to the code
Never slip, never fold, stay rich 'til I'm old
Love my kids on my soul
Both my baby mamas know if I go, open the safe and give 'em all the gold
And my cousin, Magic Cold, he in the pen on his toes
How you talk them people into transferrin' you to a level 4?
He got 20 months left, that shit movin' hella slow
20 blunts, half a pound a day until they let him go
I give him 30 racks every time he touch the surface
I'm startin' to think this nigga goin' to jail on purpose

Either way, I gotta keep givin' you 40oz love
White Air Force Ones in the mud
Young front end on the Cutlass like, "What's up?"
See my dead homie mama, hop out and give her a hug
40oz love, niggas gon' ask, so choose one, Crip or Blood
Money fallin' out your pocket while you're sellin' drugs
Every drink of Old English, grab a cup, I fill it up for you

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Game, The 40 Ounce Love Comments
  1. The Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    😏😎The spirit of Nipsey was flowing through The Game on this one.

  2. Lamar Carlisle

    Man i wish i could meet The Game And Smoke One Blunt with him... All the way from Mississippi Love Ya Game✔💯👊

  3. catmuffin69 lol

    This song some real life shit💯

  4. Tray Day 216

    R.I.P Eazy E ☹️

  5. 609Dully

    Y Is all the women in the pic pregnant

  6. timoback3000

    1 of Game's best songs

  7. Surfboard Jerry

    Idk about this 1

  8. Edward Whiteside

    Something cringy about this cover art.

    Ross Anderton

    Edward Whiteside hes reproducing to keep the fire alive

    Edward Whiteside

    @Ross Anderton He weak. So will be the babies. Those women are gonna beat him up. He owes all them an apology.


    @Edward Whiteside Man, they are not his kids, you fool. They're pregnant girls the Game picked to be on his album cover, that's all it is. The game described that in detail on his interview with Big Boy. It might be annoying to some but it's a genius way of fitting in his album title.

    Edward Whiteside

    @gunnyo50 I said its cringy, not his BMS. Smh!!! Too serious you are.

  9. KingRasta 614

    CAN WE SAY ALBUM OF 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. David S

    The problem with the rap game is highlighted by the fact this video doesn’t have at least 50m views

  11. IMPlive 17


  12. B- Head

    Easily the best beat

  13. Ty Young

    This got NIP all over it!

  14. Myles Scott

    The beats suck I'm a fan of the game but these beats are garbage

  15. Eric Mccauley

    Bangin this Saturday morning at the stove with the bandana on!💪💪🔥🔥🔊🔊🔊🔥🔥🔥

    nick brown

    Game would have wanted it this way

  16. Evann Jefferson

    Any body else realize all em bitches is preganet

  17. Jeffrey Wynn

    That shit 🔥

  18. Darrell Wallace

    About damn time a classic album real rap

  19. John Willett

    My favorite rapper

  20. Thomas Blanks

    Nip would of killed this shit smh

  21. DMack4rmTheWest

    "so i aint end up back on that county jail mattress...

    see my dead homie mama, hop out and give her a hug..."
    just beat a STUPID case, lost my my dawg/neighbor while i was in.
    lil bro been locked up, shit movin slow hella af....
    crazy how as an artist you dont realize how much your music touches others until it actually does.
    this the type of shit that'll make a nigga keep making music!
    #Blessings OG!

  22. Ju Mooreman


  23. Rod Warren

    That Clark Sisters "Endow Me" sample in the background is dope! 🔥🔥🔥


    I knew it was an "old" clark sisters sample, but I couldn't catch which one...thanks

  24. DZAG Productions


  25. Yungis Todoit

    Appreciate this while he here... Last album 🤦


    It his last I don't believe it


    Hasn't he said that about a few albums tho?

  26. Ray L

    Game killed that 💯💯💯

  27. Tyler Pacino

    On my life I love you but I can’t fuck with you

  28. oliverrando

    Man this album has some dope hits

  29. arsenalboy4ever


    Tell Me Something

    Wayne "had" a better career, but both are great in their own right.

    Artificialo Stylexd

    At this stage of their careers or hell even the last 5 years yeah but Prime wayne is above Game for me

    Jeremy Johnson

    Lets not get disrespectful.👿👿👿

    Marc Villa

    ...........fuck no, NIGGA QUIT CAP’N 🧢 🧢🧢😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    456 456

    @Tell Me Something better career not at all better rapper not at all Wayne in his prime maybe not

  30. 40 KEVINS

    I hear NIP 🙏🏿

  31. Leroy Greer

    I love the title to this song

  32. Being Black In Amerika

    Goin to jail on purpose...🔥

    nick brown

    One of the best lines on the album

  33. YoWhiz

    I'm like 🤔 this 💩 straight 🔥🔥

  34. DYproductions

    Nipsey flow 🔥🔥🔥


    Naw, this was Game's flow to meItts must be a west coast sound overall.

    dirk diggler

    ILikeExoticStuff man you sound stupid lol


    ILikeExoticStuff tf you talm bout😂😂

  35. Rayshawn Howard

    Wow so far there's not one truck I don't like yet but honestly the only thing I don't like is the album cover I think the game could have done that better


    Rayshawn Howard, Agreed. Would have been okay with just the game in the studio writing, 10 years ago game mixing, 20 years ago game rolling a blunt, 30 years ago game sipping soda, toddler game sitting on the couch.

    Tell Me Something

    Not really that bad actually. It's obvious what it represents: Those that inspired him taught him to inspire others.

  36. Carlos tha Realest

    Not surprise Album Bangs from beginning to end This 🔥🔥🔥 right here! 🎧🎤💯

  37. Nick Leblanc

    Listened to the whole album in order and I'm just realizing all the bitches pregnant 😂😂

  38. Kruega DiorVEVO

    Game wit the Nipsey Flow

    Troy Harrison

    I've thought that on songs, not this one though

    Johnnie Gray

    He trying to sound like Nip

    Kruega DiorVEVO

    @Johnnie Gray no dicchead he sounds like him like I said Bitch

    420 Everyday

    @Johnnie Gray Nigga he came out before Nip

  39. Danny Lee

    Beat going crazy cuz!🏁

  40. Zăpadă

    🔥🔥🔥⛽ Beat going brazy

  41. Michael Cobbs

    Good song.

  42. SniperDemon 1K

    🔥🔥🔥⛽️ Beat going crazy