Gallagher, Liam - Chinatown Lyrics

Well the cops are taking over
While everyone's in yoga
'Cause happiness is still a warm gun
What's it to be free man?
What's a European?
Me I just believe in the sun

Take me down through the streets of Chinatown
Show me that you know some places
God told me live a life of luxury
All our lives we've both been waiting

Telephonic doses, eliminate neurosis
And some say it's the cause of it all
Concentrate on winning, forget about beginning
Forget about the middle and end

Take me down through the streets of China Town
Show me that you know some places
God told me live a life of luxury
All our lives we've both been waiting

Take me down through the streets of China Town
Show me that you know some places
God told me live a life of luxury
All our lives we've both been waiting

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Gallagher, Liam Chinatown Comments
  1. Jhonatan.Raymundo3 YT

    😍 nice 👍

  2. gravity shots

    Alot of memories drinking to this song when i used to go out with ma pals gid days like

  3. Oliver Godfrey

    What’s it to be free man... fuck off if you don’t love it. Go listen to Noel and his A list buddies playing disco music, twats. I only preach the gospel according to Liam, Keith and Brian. ✌🏼

  4. Pablo David

    Que lindo tema.

  5. FoxGirl 123


    *T O R D*

  6. Jhonatan.Raymundo3 YT

    Liam Gallagher 👊

  7. palmy


  8. LTH AVN

    This song,man...

  9. Ilona Kadic


  10. Ilona Kadic


  11. Ilona Kadic


  12. Ilona Kadic


  13. Ilona Kadic


  14. Ilona Kadic


  15. ElFabriWTF

    Liam Gallagher ❤ 😍 Genio

  16. Guy Lawrance

    Wow, Best tune I’ve heard in over two years - up your ass Ed Sheehan you illuminati piece of boredom.

  17. Steve Downard

    The one and only true rock and roll staarrrrrr

  18. Lewis Lister

    .thats it. im buying a parka.

  19. jack frost

    I do what I want. Only God can judge me

  20. Alief Darul Ikhsan

    when HAPPINESS IS still A WARM GUN.

  21. Ilona Kadic


  22. Satanis Von Jesus The 3rd

    One of his best vocally. John Lennon would have been proud

  23. Dean Lahaye

    Liam your walking towards Vauxhall kid turn around mate

  24. Richie Partout

    Encore un tube.👍

  25. James W Mount

    Loving that one.

  26. Lucia. _ . Bossino

    Who’s here in 2019 listening to him before the music festival in Gibraltar

    Matthew Axton

    Lucia. _ . Bossino me!

    Jeri Lee

    I'm here in 2019 in America still reeling over Why Me? Why Not and his appearance on Fallon Monday. Whoa.

  27. Laurentiu Borza

    lame artist, behaving like an asshole in concerts

  28. Ivan Arcajo

    te amo liam

  29. Cunticus Cunticus

    What's a European?

  30. Jeff Corn

    Best song he wrote since their split.

  31. Dick Triangle

    Wherein Liam channels Peter Gabriel.

  32. AJ W

    He never plays this at he’s gigs. But I really like it

  33. Ilija Plevneš

    Thank you Liam. God bless you.

  34. GunsOG

    What’s a European?

  35. Callum G

    best song of the album for me

  36. 1mins and then say goodbye to Eponymous


  37. Andreas Stock

    Check out the magic - bold flute

  38. Luca X

    i am so in love

  39. 2019 Stymie


  40. Chris D

    2019 Still my fave song off AYW.

  41. David hill

    oh god ...I can't stop playing it.....

  42. David hill

    I never would of expected to fall in love so hard with Liam Gallagher song, when he was in that quaint band with his mates, I was stepping to second wave Jungle in warehouses and leisure centres convinced that somehow this would stop the future being shit. Anyway this present is shit thanks to people like me being too busy getting wasted and not making any changes, fortunately before we kill ourselves from the guilt we all feel for this we can listen to this awesome song and have a bit of a wistful

  43. Bees1970


  44. Anadin Extra

    Should have filmed this in Chinatown in Manchester would have been mint


    What with all them spiceheads loitering around the closed off pagodas😂😂

  45. mrjo2thec

    Thinks he’s John Lennon.

  46. Michael Mc

    21 year old Male massive oasis fan and I'm crying, love ya liam thanks for the memories

  47. j D

    This album just gets better and better..if he can top it this year we are in for a treat

  48. 2019 Stymie

    You dont need to go to china ,because they dislike you HIV

  49. walrus does stuff

    happiness is a warm gun wonder who write those lyrics first?

  50. AED Art

    I like this. You’re still supersonic

  51. AED Art

    I like this. You’re still supersonic

  52. AED Art

    I like this

  53. hzwn

    definitely maybe guys

  54. George Wheelwright

    For all Noel,s god given he would kill for liam,s voice,,!iove this new tune,,authentic ,real, just like the man himself !.

  55. Rob Brown

    Brilliant tune from LG

  56. Garry W88

    Never change Liam 👍👍💪

  57. Otras Pastas Producciones

    This video reminds me "Fool on the hill" video of The Beatles but in the streets.

  58. MarbellaBhoy

    He makes every lyric he sings stand out. Guy is a genius. He's done it all and over again. Love him

  59. Aaron C

    Liam is a better singer than Noel, just saying🤷🏼‍♂️

    Michelle fall moore

    it really just depends on the song.

  60. Sami James

    love the chorus

  61. kitten pablo

    Happiness is still a warm gun, lads and gents

  62. Carl Wakeling

    ARSE HOLE!!!!!

  63. Meryn Rossiter

    This song is great but he is screwed... this was his last bit of Noel residue

  64. Meryn Rossiter

    He was ambitious enough to make this song work but being patronising also works in this situation technically

  65. Meryn Rossiter

    Bloody brilliant

  66. Lee Maloney

    Loves the way he gives the bouncer the eyes at the end

  67. Daniel Winstone

    Show me that you know some places

  68. Jhonatan.Raymundo3 YT

    Liam gallagher manchester ❤

  69. Harry Bell

    Ey guys this is a real good song

  70. Auditor

    Just expecting the Noel’s guitars solo in the music

  71. sonnys film's

    This album is one of the best comebacks in music history in my opinion

  72. Brendan Clarke

    Let me take you to chinatown, I know a good restaurant!

  73. Magrith888


  74. Maxime Graceffa

    Much better than Beady Eye to me. No offense

    Chris D

    Beady Eye was great. Trim the weaker tracks of their albums and forgot about Noel, and you can hear it. They really had a lot going on, I wish they would have take 3 years off and done a 3rd album

  75. Georgie Is not okay

    “Happiness is still a warm gun” Great Beatles references as always, haven’t stopped since definitely maybe.

  76. zaidabanksnyc

    Forever And Ever...Liam 💕

  77. Attica '71

    God told me live a life of luxury
    Where were u while we were getting high
    same fucking tune lol

  78. Janko Francisty

    I'm addicted to this song ! Listening to it for day's man and I'm just high on it.. He still got it !

  79. Adam Turner

    How the fuck is this only on 4 million views? Amazing song! .. uplifting as any narcotic! 👑

  80. Ayrtsg

    Fuckin miss oasis

  81. meditationgrl

    Best Song on the Album
    Love Liam

  82. Bama Kimble

    Oasis was/is good, but Liam's awesome.

  83. pitu marques

    LG as you were is a new breath for this century

  84. Meryn Rossiter

    Bloody brilliant!

  85. Hank Scorpio

    La piel de gallina cuando entra el "break" de la canción...

    Alan Rodrigo

    Pensé que era el único. Esaa parte me lleva a volar. Qué canción tan subestimada, porque es de lo mejor de As You Were.

    Hank Scorpio

    Alan a mi me hace recordar viejos momentos por donde dejé mis pedazos de corazón allí donde iba en el extranjero(a trabajar) y además también a nuevos retos futuros.

    Hank Scorpio

    Creo que Liam intenta retransmitir eso en el break. Que nos define el tiempo.

  86. Jhonatan.Raymundo3 YT

    Legend ;) <3

  87. Lord Prosser

    Brilliant production when it kicks in, like holding back a fight

  88. Cómo maman Culo ya alv

    Te amo Lian, believer hasta la muerte. <3

  89. Maurizio


  90. revol148

    Give up mate - please - your voice is wrecked, the lyrics are even worse than Oasis on a bad day and because your brother hates you there really is no chance of Oasis every getting back together - it's just embarrassing now.Please stop.

  91. Vivian Lee

    Liam my Love

  92. Luis Rodríguez

    Now Liam sounds like Damon Albarn