G Herbo - Control Lyrics

Hello, what's up, I'm in the studio. No, hell no, no, no I don't got nothing, I'm a call you back, I'm a call you back man, I'm a call you back when I leave the studio

She want shopping sprees
Oh, she want designer jeans
Oh, she want a wedding ring
Oh, she bringing anything
She can get me anything
She want control of me
Oh, she want a hold on me
Oh, she want my soul from me
She tryna fuck my mind but I don't have no time

She a scorpio
Oh, she like that devil though
Oh, but I can't let her go
She used to be my homie though
Now act like she don't know me though
And when I met her it was regular, just sex with her
I'm doing shows but I'm still calling and still texting her
She fuck with me cause I stay real, no I don't flex to her
In states with different hoes but she couldn't tell when I laid next to her
But minus that she fuck with Dex, he got that check put up
He used to trap and cop them grams from a connect with her
A lil down bitch, he think she a rider
But she think he a provider
He [?] the designer
Really only fuck with dope boys, couple athletes in the lineup
Let her have the keys if you drive something
She don't let him fuck if he ain't buy her nothing
I'm MOB and I let God be my witness
Feds she told everything, don't let 'em know your business
These bitches

She want shopping sprees
Oh, she want designer jeans
Oh, she want a wedding ring
Oh, she bringing anything
She can get me anything
She want control of me
Oh, she want a hold on me
Oh, she want my soul from me
She tryna fuck my mind but I don't have no time

Say she ain't never going back to not having shit
She say she ain't gave a nigga her heart who ain't damage it
She say she can't stand niggas, she say we so scandalous
She say she can't fall in love, her heart like a mannequin
This bitch just a sack chaser, she got me panicking
Might let a nigga air me out, money all she care about
She just want a new car, she want a new bag
She don't fuck with last season, she want that new swag
She almost fooled me, I gave myself a news flash
Dex put her on Balmain and even buy his ass a du-rag
When that paper dried, that's when she moved back
These bitches ain't shit dog, I already knew that
She want jewelry, clothes, and bankrolls, and bank hoes
She just want control in your mind, in your soul
In your time, stop your grind, no more shine, no more hoes
That's a double wrong, what you focused on?

She want shopping sprees
Oh, she want designer jeans
Oh, she want a wedding ring
Oh, she bringing anything
She can get me anything
She want control of me
Oh, she want a hold on me
Oh, she want my soul from me
She tryna fuck my mind but I don't have no time

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  1. Jovan Lopez

    2020 listeners 💯💨💯💨💯💨💯

  2. Jada Burgess

    it took me years to find this damn song

  3. Taliyah Episode story maker

    This shit still go crazy 🐐

  4. Marker.

    Who still listening 2020?🤣🤣

  5. Jinxxx

    This song hits different.🍃🥴🤤

  6. Gad Da II

    This song for ari! Ik this was released before all the bullshit but folks a prophet

  7. Angel Of Death



    damn its already been this long since this has been out??

  9. Justin Case

    Good looks for this one herb most niggas aint on this ! Watch this bitches that want everything and give shit back in return. I felt herb on this

  10. Justin Case

    She want, She want shopping spreeees !! 😢💯

  11. Mick Glz

    King CAP that lion no cap

  12. Tha Don Baybee

    0:28 the start🔥

  13. Nxt_jaizon

    This song is then best when slowed

  14. Aidan Mojica

    I’m still in 2019

  15. Infused

    dex? like famous dex ? lol

  16. Fictions

    Whose here in 2019

  17. Brian Willoughby

    Use this style on a track with juice

  18. potthead 4204


  19. Jay Leon

    Instead ah worrying who that bitch fucking go getchu some money

  20. ÂmrøñÎsÑørmâ Backwards

    2019 Anybody ?? Cuss This Shh Still Ahh Bang❣️💥

  21. antonio rodriguez

    The girl he’s talking about is the devil. Straight up


    antonio rodriguez i love the devil he talkin bout.

  22. Alee Terrell

    G herbo - Wilt Chamberlin "yo girls don't gotta work". This song you saying something different. Which is the real you? Bipolar maybe

  23. tre exe

    i miss the old g herbo, the sad g herbo xD! 2019 squad where you at!



  25. Thyreak Suggs

    In 2019 still slapppin

  26. Mercedes King

    2019 and this shit still go 😈

  27. WhoSHOTyou1738YT

    Still 🔥 in 2019

  28. Youngin1_8

    2019 ????

  29. Gtavo GK

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  38. Chatogoon69

    Fuckin with 150 goin into 2019😤

  39. Nana S


  40. Moriah Israel

    She want she want 👜💃🏾💅🏾💍

  41. Brendan Higgins

    Herb needa drop some mo shit like this 😩🌊🌊🌊

  42. Destiny Newsome

    Shit still fire #2018💖

  43. Reem Gibson


  44. Hazy Bishh

    Anyone else notice that once the beat starts it kinda sound like the 28 weeks later theme song just tuned to a different tone? Love g herbo though

  45. KEILAM


  46. Brandon Hatcher

    ohhh she sound like a thot to me

  47. Roberto Luna

    Where am i

    Roberto Luna

    Woah nice name

    Roberto Luna

    Thanks guy

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  49. Miracle Wright

    Still LISTENING To This🤷🏽‍♀️🤘🏼

  50. kota kash

    She want a wedding ring

  51. Diego Flores

    me all day its never gets old!!!!!

  52. Real Prophet

    This song sound like it’s bouta be hard until 0:28

  53. Niah J .

    God Bless You & Your Family & Everyone & Everyone Family Have An Blessed One Everyone Amen 🙏🏾💓💗💞💚💛💖💜💕💙💘💝

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    Free max b

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    Still listen 2k18

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    don't let now fuckthat bitch ..sack

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    Idgaf if this was in 2016 I’m still listening to this in 2018 fym

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  60. TreyDay All Day

    I been playin this a lot lately

  61. TreyDay All Day

    One of G Herbo best songs

  62. Nicole Garrett

    😂😂😂😂 this song kinda cracks me up

  63. Kia

    Who else a Scorpio & fuck with this song 🙋🏽‍♀️

  64. the neme

    Bruh this song with a blunt is perfect


    the neme a blunt? Lol that shit is weak. Try woch

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    Can't believe I'm just now hearing this

  66. kenya mitchell

    I wonder was this about ari😂😂

  67. wifis funeral

    does he have more songs like this??

  68. Elmore aka ebeatsgosoharditellya Allen

    That nigga tellin a story here. That nigga herbo said dex put her on balmain and aint even buy his ass a durag

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    Who still fucking with this song in 2018?


    Duke King #2019

    46 Savage

    @GAMA BLAIZE 2019 gang

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    Brian Willoughby

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    75 percent of people who clicked dislike did that shit on accident and

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    She Want the finer things 🔥

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    Y'all don't even understand the pain behind this. *I Feel You Herb* 🙌🏾💯

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    Went through this shit...
    I forgot about this song herb.... Shoulda came back to this 2 weeks ago fuck

  82. Danielle Lewis

    Herbo you a good rapper

  83. robert demonte

    Y’all “love” g herbo but when I use his old handle lil herb no one kno his ass lol

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