G-Eazy - Maximum Lyrics

I just drank a fifth of vodka, dare I take a drive?
Push the limit, it's a wonder how I stay alive
They think I'm crazy and I am, but every day I thrive
They said a tab of this will get you there, I'm taking five
I smuggle drugs and hella liquor right through TSA
I mean in my belly, I did it all when I was on the way
My Uber driver ain't no what the fuck was going on
I walked in shirtless he was like "Hey man, can you throw one on?"
I'm with a blonde and my Johnson is what she's blowing on
I'm in the backseat, I nut, she catch it like a Pokémon
The 9th Wonder of the world and still got it going on
I stay providing, it's your track that I am flowing on
Life would be different if I ever had a fuck to give
Remember saying "eh, I just need enough to live"
But now I'm rich and I'm a greedy selfish asshole
Patrick Bateman, swear my life is really that roll
They say "Your alcohol abuse will take a bad toll, there's bags under your eyes and you're not even that old"
(Bitch, shut the fuck up)
Eh, what? I think I'm hard of hearing
I'm ordering hookers online until they start appearing
I busted all over her makeup and it started smearing
Tears of joy, she's so bad that I started tearing
Like you're too pretty to be doing this for a living
But then I snapped out of it like "What the fuck I'm thinking?"

I just wanna live to the maximum
Liquor, drugs, hookers all day
I'm just having fun, yeah
This is what the world's come to
If you're offended by this shit
I'm saying "Good, fuck you"

Tsss, I'm just playing
Really no, I'm serious, I'm not
I'm just playing
Really no, I'm serious

I dumped my girl cause I was sick of keeping her around
Always pissed and she would always feel like turning down (turn down for what)
But then got lonely and felt sorta down
So I took some ecstasy, I knew my mood would quickly start to turn around
Saw rock bottom, passed it up, and now I'm further down
At the depths of the world, no one heard a sound
The world's biggest dirtbag, I'm coming for the crown
Ash a blunt inside the Oval Office 'til it's burning down
Killing birds with a stone, I'm tryna combine 'em
Fuck Donald Trump, I took a shit, I look just like him
I wish McGregor and Mayweather could like just fight him
That part's for real though, I'm not just [?]
They take everything I say to heart
When I met Adriana Lima, I swear I heard her fart
That's when my plans changed for my mission to steal her heart
Like covering with my nose with my shirt and walking away awkwardly
We ain't close no more, they say I can't rap about coke no more
Ok, I swear that's the last time, I'm 'bout to focus more
Running around the house party I'm feeling hella hyper
My dealer came through with my drugs, I had to pay the piper
I move with the precision of a sniper
Your girl will be mine if I like her, it's a given, I'ma pipe her

I just wanna live to the maximum
Liquor, drugs, hookers all day
I'm just having fun, yeah
This is what the world's come to
If you're offended by this shit
I'm saying "Good, fuck you"

Tsss, I'm just playing
Really no, I'm serious, I'm not
I'm just playing
Really no, I'm serious

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G-Eazy Maximum Comments
  1. Nick Vogue

    one of the best song he made!

  2. Michael Papamarkou

    Why did 9th wonder give a beat to this muppet

  3. REEV

    The real question is, did he really hear Adriana Lima fart?

  4. Goodtimez Productionz

    He sounds like a mixture of Slick rick, Eminem and Mac Miller on this dope ass 9th joint!!!!! agree hit like

  5. Jose Vazquez

    i hear the cocaine in his voice.. wish he made more songs like this

  6. Kavi Jackson

    I'm ordering hookers online until they start appearing I'm done!!!😂😂😂

  7. Jalen Fancher

    Someone make an instrumental to this

  8. Abdel G.

    whys this single not popular and known?

  9. Jaki Stewart













  10. Campbell

    Anyone have the instrumental to this??

  11. Shane Bratel

    Witt Lowry. You’re welcome.

  12. Laurie Ann

    lowkey liked the song, but then i heard the several eminem lyrics.


    this song came out the day I left for my vegas trip it was my anthem the whole trip

  14. Youngin19XX

    Young Gerald just getting better and better

  15. marcos sosa

    Reminds me of Say So.. 😂

  16. Eleanor

    This song is bonkers

  17. Yung Aidan

    this nigga made me call the fire department again

  18. Andy Guanaco

    This is what I've been waiting for from G-Eazy. Lyrically at his best

  19. Jayden Wyatt

    KYLE, G, Eminem- Perfect

  20. David Abbott

    This whole song is either a full on homage to Eminem or he's just straight up biting off him

  21. G- ZUZ

    This Is An Old Eminem Type Beat Too, Shits Dope

  22. JD EL Embajador

    same shit, different flow, change it up G, been listening to you for 5 years, how many nuts you gonna bust , millennial lines, Coke , dude, tell me something else man

  23. DGP Music, Sports, & Extras

    Ending of the song was trash.

  24. Eddie Hodzic

    "They say I can't rap about coke no more" - Slim Shady, song: Kill you

  25. DGP Music, Sports, & Extras

    I'm ready for the instrumental, I'mma eat it.

    El Ultimo Pibe Piola de Internet

    still waiting on it?

    El Ultimo Pibe Piola de Internet

    Issokay you'll kill it someday

  26. Royall Thief

    dang fire and I like he's takeing some notes from shady can't rap about coke no more ha love it

  27. Fluffy Lollipop

    he is better than this

  28. Jatavior Byrd

    please let this song be in deadpool 2. maximum effort.

  29. _theoneandonly_35

    sounds like an eminem style song, this shit's beyond dope

  30. Jp Yoseph

    Mac miller faces?

  31. The Greatest Plays

    Who else thinks this sounds kinda like an Eminem song

  32. j h

    Independent Gerald is 100x better

  33. Aaron Garcia

    G-eazy be dropping fire all day man

  34. cartoonjoe mex

    This on Spotify yet?😩

  35. Edgar Faria

    This song makes me laugh for some reason😂

  36. Elecprobe

    The slim shady references

  37. JayDee

    "im just playin ladies you know i love you" boy this track is the best thing hes put out in a minute

  38. David Rodriguez

    fuck Donald Trump i took a shit that looked just him lmao 😂

  39. freshvibes.

    love g-eazy man

  40. Jordan Anderson

    I think he's serious guys...

  41. Gabbstar M

    im not joking this is real music

  42. Sammy Stefaoui

    "I just drank of 1/5 of vodka, dare I drive" Stan? you're alive?

  43. Phat Beatsies

    Thats the G-Eazy I came to love!

  44. Ian Rundell


  45. Benz OK

    This low-key sounds like a song off of Mac Miller's Faces mix tape

  46. Sanchez Stubbs

    Pure Eminem derivative song

  47. Maxima Barras

    We want the fucking whole album!!!

  48. anonymous kwani

    holy shit this is crazy

  49. quinn

    Shit no hook?

  50. CPRobert21

    Definitely trying to sound like Em in this one.

  51. Dylan Shea

    looking for support
    Follow "Cardnyl" on spotify

  52. ItsThe DroBoy

    Multiple shady references.... I fuck with that 🔥

  53. Latitude 16

    I loved These Things Happen, and When Its Dark Out...but im sorry this is wack. He used to be my top 3 :/

  54. Alan Dean

    Same tempo as STAN. Hm...

  55. Tj Kolesnik

    Em x Eazy collab.. Please

  56. PorterPlays

    So gooooood

  57. Travis841

    if you were a real geazy fan youd know that this is NOT NEW

  58. Bree Borgosz

    Damn G you okay?

  59. Bradely Dowling

    Dope as Hell!!

  60. Jaki Stewart

    If bad and boujee is the internet best song, this song better be next

  61. Harry Mayhew

    Is this brand new? Fire 🔥either way

  62. Madison Levine

    Taking notes from the rap god himself

  63. n titan

    How to start an argument: Logic is better than G

  64. Brian Bett

    He Just dropped this Hit on his Birthday. Live to the Maximum....

  65. Christine Bahe

    Happy birthday g

  66. Grezzer

    This is too dope and the story telling is funny

  67. Paul Louis

    so dope

  68. 245654 344555

    this is g eazy talking. not Gerald. know the diffrence

  69. LEDDY

    911 operator: "What's your Emergency?!?!"
    Me: "G-Eazy had too much Fire, my house is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥."
    911 operator: "Okay sir, we've had a lot of people calling with the same case, we'll send the fire department there shortly."
    Me: "Also my Ears are on Fire."
    911 operator: "Yeah, you're fucked."

  70. 1985

    Wow... An actual G-Eazy song I like.

  71. Maleft Buttcheek


  72. Project_Unknown

    I love him, but he's stolen alot from Eminem....

  73. BearticGaming

    dude releases a new hit weekly and sometimes 3 times weekly

  74. ItsItachi

    Crazy flow DAMN this is why this dude is my role model

  75. PorterPlays


  76. j h

    This beat is so damn cold

  77. itzFadex

    Godly <3

  78. Random Stuffy Stuff

    beat so fresh

  79. Andrew Barriger

    Yeeeeee! Too lit🔥

  80. Rory D Garside

    I know this is just a throw-away, but it's brilliant. Gerald changing up his flow and voice slightly. More rapping with less cheesy hooks. Funny lyrics with some decent punchlines, despite not a new g-eazy topic... I sincerely hope the new album has some similarities to this..

  81. Danetripp

    RIP Endless Summer 2 😩 this fire though

  82. Matthew Fillmer

    i love G but Eminem would burry him

  83. Angel Mendoza

    whats his next album coming out?

  84. lindsay c

    in loveee w this mf song! good job, g! 👅👀

  85. Jeremy Flatt

    few eminem references in this

  86. River Travis

    g easy looking like shia lebeuf

  87. Alissa Dean

    It's just this song thts lit and puts me in a mood I can't explain

  88. ThisIsFugitive

    G must be chilling with Em or something. That'd be a pretty sick collab

  89. 5-in-NY

    this goes so fucking hard

  90. DinantdK7

    The coldest white rapper since the one with the bleached hair


    Elver Galarga yea I'm sure he knew his name, he was referring to lyrics from his song where he says that

    Alexwest West

    @JasonSmith I like how you don't know what song what it is😂😂😂💀 kill me #truefan the song is called calm down not "that one song"😂😂😂"


    Alexwest West no I knew the song, I was saying the guy above me said Eminem like he didn't know who he was describing or didn't know it was from a g easy song lol I know all of g easys music


    dont forget copywrite..

    Gustavo Sifuentes

    Now we got both artists on a murder spree. R.I.P MGK 🙏🏼

  91. Tyson King

    I don't like G Eazy but this songs fire! 💥💥💥

  92. Kait Furtado

    I love gerald so much, but i'm not feeling these lyrics :/.
    i like the beat though

  93. That Nigga Right There

    I don't know why but when I listen to G-Eazy I just get this immensely strong urge to just get up and suck so much DICK

    Adrian z

    ilyLad DaBlasian yes I'm also gay

  94. Nick H

    Mad endless summer vibes on this track!! <3

  95. Jowita

    G's voice is so sexy and raspy in this track. But seriously, I hope his new album isn't all just drugs, alcohol, and BJ's.

    Eddie Hodzic

    I dont know if you know this, but this flow and what he raps about is what Eminem rapped about on his MMLP which sold over 25,000,000 copies, this kind of rap is great we need more like this!

  96. Nojus Steliulionis

    "life would be different if i ever had fuck to give."

    This dude is a legend

  97. Kyler Popp

    Love your page and I love how vocal you are. Almost half a mil 👍🏼.

  98. Promoting Sounds


    Jack Lynch

    Promoting Sounds My Main G 🤙🏼🔥

    Killer Memestar

    Promoting Sounds Yee!