G-Eazy - Jack Skellington Lyrics

Ok you know it's whiskey straight no chases
Yeah I've been a few places
From Montana to Indiana these girls know what my pace is
First night with your girlfriend we ran a couple of bases
We made it home I dug her out then I made her one of my aces
Marijuana fragrance this tree here is outrageous
Want me to play in your city send an email to my agents
I'm working in the studio I tell my fans have patience
Because once I drop this new shit then it's on I'm off to them races
Yeah lanky as a mother fucker rap game Jack Skellington
I will surely blow up soon that's what I've been telling them
Most the time I'm lurkin in New Orleans like a pelican
Walking in the party dapper looking like Duke Ellington
Yeah always wear a latex when I skeet
Got Balenciagas on I got your paycheck on my feet
Rappers hit me up for tracks I need your paycheck for a beat
At my stay at home job wearing gray sweats in my suite
Man this shit ain't got no concept I just felt like rappin
Started writing lyrics and then I just felt like snappin
See I'm trekking past the stars I swear I just felt like captain
Man I smoked a blunt then smoked two more then I just felt like nappin
When given my druthers I'm mixing downers with uppers
Shouts goes out to Splurgeboys I only rap over thumpers
First I got with this babe and then I moved on to her mother
I just came through and fucked her afterwards she cooked me supper
You can hate me all you want to but my rents paid
Off of writing rap songs I got my ends made
I get bitches plus I even get my friends laid
You see the girl I'm with you probably wish you can trade
Ok I'm killing y'all on this music shit
Sophisticated flows went to school and shit
You should really know who you're fooling with
I'm too legit I do this shit
We don't drink vodka I'm drinkin that brown
Lotta rappers out now jackin my sound
Drop a new song shut the internet down
And I would keep going but that's all for now

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G-Eazy Jack Skellington Comments
  1. Farou Adam

    Whiskey straight no chasers

  2. Crybaby Martinez

    The fuck?? 😂😂🤣🤣

  3. Trevor Graf

    Please get this on Spotify for me dogs the world needs it

  4. Mary Chairez


  5. Mary Chairez

    Yay. Weirdoooo

  6. Dana Yankanich


  7. Braedon Wells

    First comment of 2020🔥

  8. Brennan Seltzer

    Ok, this song needs to get on to Spotify. So does Monica Lewinsky!

  9. Noah Willems

    wait.. is this Breathe but like new?

  10. Brandon Kingery

    Is this in iTunes can’t find it cause this is fire

  11. Nariman Ghods

    Put this on Spotify dammmit

  12. California dream 123

    Wtf is this ? He is the worst singer honestly he’s over hyped up 🤨 he just can’t rap he just talks


    he ain’t a singer he’s a rapper stop hatin bitch

  13. Trisha Myer

    Why is this not on Apple Music 😩😩😩

  14. aaron pollock

    Flagrant false advertising!!!!!

  15. Mike Freeman

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  16. Nomadx83

    Amazing damn god

  17. Shadow Skateboarding

    Why TF isn't this on spotify

  18. Infinit3 gt

    Back after he dressed up as him.

  19. Trinity Marie

    Here after he was this for Halloween

  20. Sir MonkeyNom

    Play it at 1.25 speed

  21. Rebekah Bautista

    He finally dressed up as Jack Skellington for Halloween. October 2019???

    korey koukides

    Rebekah Bautista our this shit on Spotify

    Kitzberger Soma

    Yeah surprised Me also
    It's so lit coustume ☠️

    Duke Vald

    Legs lengh is that sam3

    Piotr Solarz

    It's almost 2k20, but this song still banging', amazing creation of art and image.

  22. Glo.matt

    G’s Halloween costume remind anyone else about this song lol?!? 🤷‍♂️

  23. yusuf mahathir


  24. mt4lennox

    Happy Halloween everyone. Keep it lit.

  25. Mike Martovitz

    G-Eazy always gonna be on my playlist wish you’d bring some shit like this back from the beginning days! Help me thru my years

  26. Jordy Bautista

    Spooky season

  27. Kat Kassel

    Sounds like Skitz Kraven stole this beat 💯💯

    Kat Kassel

    Check out Bad Guy by Skitz, the hooks especially... Tell me he didn't copy G???

  28. Sami Rose Figueroa

    G could be Jack Skellington the dude is fucking tall

  29. Elliot Musical

    This should be on Spotifffyyyyyy

  30. Bs.Jocee

    Miss this Gerald!🔥

  31. Mr Kiwix

    Best music for Halloween

  32. Marilyn Hale

    Why do I feel like G is disrespecting Jack by rapping about women like that in this song? He's got plenty other songs about bitches (even before this song came out). Can't he come up with something more original?

  33. Robert Marshall

    This song put me on g easy

  34. Faith D

    Forever an underrated song 🤙🏽still fucking fire though

  35. Luke Garrett

    that time of the season again. time to get fucked off of jack daniels

  36. MrWasGeht SieDasAn

    Sooon mf sooon is Halloweenn, but first i need to role One... had a stressful day

    batars al01

    What kind of stressful day;?

    MrWasGeht SieDasAn

    batars al01 everything goes wrong at this day :(

  37. Vlad Iordache

    Was this on private?

  38. Miles And me

    Sounds like tom McDonald. Must be one of those clones he sings about

  39. Mr Sloth

    It’s spooky season and in the mood for this song

  40. nuttyelf21

    It’s Halloween time and I’m back to this song yesssssirrrrrr

  41. Bst BeeB

    G Easy fucking SUCKS!

    Tyuk Kyapchi

    Your life sucks

  42. Davi Dias

    Carambaaaaa!!!!! Que música é essa?? Quase tive um orgasmo kkkkk em 01:07

  43. Jeremy Baker

    Just quit rapping

  44. Jeremy Baker

    Shits wack.

  45. Fukit Igiveup

    I know it sucks to be you about now

  46. Spook Cyc0

    My sexy ass bae showed me this shit
    Lacey galindo 😜😘💍👅💜

  47. Sebastian R

    I could see Gambino on this

  48. Carri Ann

    im obsessed with this movie

  49. Carri Ann

    g-eazy knows jack skellington? its awsome

  50. Crimson Excalibur


    S P O O K Y B O I S H I T! ! ! !

  51. JxY WorldWide Entertainment

    2019 he did blow up tho NO LIE!!!

  52. McGwire Fortier

    We need this on Apple Music!!!

  53. Jasmine Zimmermann

    I love Jack Skellington ♥️♥️♥️

  54. Side Street Soldier

    Rap game jack skellington

  55. Adolfo Robledo

    Gito, Fuk lovely and the band and the revivalist there from Portugal.

  56. Amilia Torohernandez

    I love Jack and this song

  57. Amilia Hyena

    WOW !!!

  58. Chaseston Changes

    Just hearing this...smh

  59. _Dinoswilldie _

    7 years later and its still a banger

  60. Shawn Conrey

    6/28/19 still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. Brianna Kemp

    Bruh I need this song in Apple Music

  62. stripe801

    wow “drugs, drinking, i’m rich, i’m better than u, girLs” what a fuckin unique song. he need to be next to fuckin die after joke ass miLLer

  63. ISnacksI

    Walking in a party like a pelican....sounds dumb af

  64. Hannah Morales

    7 years later it's still a bop

  65. Wesley Reitz

    Who still here in 2019?!?!?!??

  66. Alyssa Owens

    It’s 2019 why is this on my feed..? Anyone else?

  67. Tyler powell

    This aint gerald!????

  68. Ryan Fox

    still coming back in 2019, been a fan since the beginnin

  69. Freddy Dede

    Dood fuck man drop somthing like this when your alowed

  70. marie curtis

    What the f*** are you smoking dude where the hell is that supposed to be anything to f****** do with Jack Skellington go take your money and your huge rap career and go back to the f****** drawing board cuz that was f****** retarded that was just as bad as bad as TI with up jumps the Boogie who the f*** get a life you two retards

  71. King Kamaji

    YouTube in 2012:
    2019: We'll just put this in your recommended ;)

    Vlad Gorgovan



    How original

  72. Nicky Luna

    Marry me 😍😘🥰🤩🤙🤘🖖✌😛🤤

  73. CrazyCupcake69


  74. Hopelessly Queer


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    He need to remake this beat🔥🔥

  76. Yeeter Boi

    Where was I

  77. RebelBelle

    I love this

  78. Lance

    What a way to taint a classic.

  79. Legit Lee

    This is one of my all time favorites

  80. Ti Huffman

    Okay but throwback

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    anyone get a weird feeling when they listen to this song?

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    love this rap song im a huge fan of jack skellington

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    It’s mad how this song was uploaded the night before Christmas

  91. Петър Василев

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  92. Wyatt_cars

    Who is here in 2019? Still fire🔥




    every time someone mentions Jack Skellington I think of this song haha


    His halloween costume brought me straight back here ahaha

    Matt Patt

    November 4 2019

    Devon Sabin


  93. THE BEAST 20

    Secret stash

  94. Kespo

    2019 btw.

  95. Qualin Hunter

    G-eazy is my fave rapper