Futuristic - Hashtag Lyrics

Hashtag, I fucked your bitch
Hashtag, in some Gucci flip flops
Hashtag, I'm still in my closet
Hashtag, this gon' make a million dollars
Hashtag, I fucked your bitch again, goddamn

Hashtag, game over, hashtag, sold enough copies to buy a Range Rover
Hashtag, I'm a go on tour, short change overs, long direct flights across the world with no layovers
Hashtag, I let your girl stay over, hashtag, impossible to stay sober
Rap game Beethoven, stackin' up my chips like I play poker, hashtag, people two-faced, that's way they play jokers
Okay, what the fuck's a pound sign?, Hashtag, talent, homie, you should never doubt mine
Hashtag, what's your purpose? Think I finally found mine, go hard, when I cum's the only time I downsize
Hashtag, ridiculous, meticulous writtens with no fictitiousness on instruments
Intimate sentences since The Chrysalis, hashtag, limitless, hashtag, listen up when I'm spittin' this
I think the fuckin' CD skipped
Hashtag, even babies love to play me, even if I had a diaper, nobody could change me
I'm the shit, motherfuck the system, hashtag, follow your ambitions and your visions
Hashtag, I was in the kitchen cleanin' dishes at a sandwich shop and then I thought, "My nigga, you be trippin'"
So I quit it, now I make enough that I might start a business makin' sandwiches, the same ones except they'll be delicious
Tell my old boss she can lick it, now that's friendly competition, hashtag, I'm about to run a train with my niggas
Hashtag, goin' viral, hashtag, upward spiral, hashtag, watch me smile
As Seen On The Internet, all quotes, hashtag, that's all, folks

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