Fu Manchu - Asphalt Risin' Lyrics

I've got a full board on a frame in the yard
Ive got a half grown, and I ain't going far
With a hurst shift...gettin' me into four
And a hand full-I'll be needin' more

Of a super sea
A super sea
A super sea is what I need

Straight off the line...Im better every time
Pulled a left lane...supercharged it fine
Took a fourth try...to a star at right
Pushed a button for...a ride into the sky

I've got a full board on a frame in the yard
Ive got a half grown, and I ain't going far
With a hurst shift...gettin' me into four
And a hand full-I'll be needin' more

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Fu Manchu Asphalt Risin' Comments
  1. PnB Homesteading

    This was the first song I ever heard from Fu Manch way back in 1996 in a TowerRecords store as part of their "pick of the week" playable album display...TowerRecords what?!, they might be long dead but I still listen to the Fu!

  2. Alain Becerra


  3. mike johnson

    Fuzzier than a flock of cosmic gamma ray sheep maaaaaan

  4. vitja b

    Superfuzz, yeah!

  5. BornToBeStoned7

    sas gamaw olous

  6. Damn Deal Done

    To the people that said this was a Zvex Wooly Mammoth fuzz and a fuzz face, neither of those pedals sound anything like this. This is a Shin-ei fuzz wah. Shin-ei are one of the unsung heroes of the pedal world, much like Maxon, whose pedals were often re-badged by other companies who took all the glory. Crown, Companion, Jax are all Shin-ei 8-tr fuzz wah pedals with the badge changed. The famous Univox Super-Fuzz is a re-housed Shin-ei 6-tr modal. The predominant type of fuzz Fu Manchu used in this era and what the Shin-ei produces are octave fuzz pedals. If you want this sound you need the octave element.


    Scott used the Shin-ei. Pretty sure Eddie used a green Sovtek Big Muff

    Freezknotable/Metal Bunny Records

    +Damn Deal Done fuzz respect

    Matt Goodwin

    +nashmeister76 Green big muff had the BEST tone. There's just such a delay for the signal to process or whatever (for you to hear what you're playing) The black one was more responsive but that green muff tone is insane. We all had them back in high school.

    I use a metal muff now for the responsiveness.

  7. Tommy Alexander

    One of the great bands. Uncompromising, fuzzed out hook and slash rock and roll. I raised my kids on it. And Coltrane. ; )


    @Tommy Alexander I raised myself on this XD and to think in those history of rock class sI took in middle school made me think their was nothing but bland crap in the 90s. If only I discovered this back then.

  8. Freezknotable/Metal Bunny Records

    If you like Stoner Rock stuff like this.....Check out Freezknotable Channel!

  9. sevenhenchmen


  10. Joey Levenson

    Never listened to them before, dig the tones

  11. Peste Noire is nightcore for nazis change my mind

    nai mwreeeee! \m/

  12. boomhauer15

    at least one

  13. kmazanakis

    VALE 1H Kai PAMEEE!!

  14. mushyroomsathotmail

    More Cow bell

  15. phsoftnet

    born in '95 .. i suppose?

  16. icthruyounow

    we can pay in weed!Be more original,pommy

  17. xTheOxx

    I don't think zvex was even off the ground back then.
    Fu Manchu was more into using old 70's beat up stuff like a Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face or a Univox Super-Fuzz.

  18. telecattolica

    the best fuzz tone ..of the stoner age(crown fuzz and fuzz face I think)

  19. Tim Drinkwater

    Mean song!

  20. icthruyounow

    @Meatrockman ahem,I mean another one,they didn't hit Greece...

  21. Meatrockman

    @icthruyounow Well. they just motherfucking did

  22. Clemasi

    In a fight between a Camaro and an Impala Fu Manchu would win.

  23. Endgeschwindigkeit

    so manly, my laptop grew a beard

  24. Levente Deli

    damn i love this picture : D

  25. weathermaker91

    best stoner rock ever!

  26. dingo20

    @bw213 these guys and clutch are both great bands

  27. Thomas Docherty

    Was a bit disappointed about the turnout at Cathouse GLASGOW last night. Awesome gig 'though awesome. Tightest band I've seen for a while.

  28. Thomas Docherty

    Are they playing this album start to finish on this tour? Any other songs? Going to Glasgow gig tomorrow.
    Mongoose gonna fly.

  29. lindyloo

    Seriously looking forward to the gig in March in London!

  30. Trevor Seery

    Who is a flying Monkey from oz if there mainstream or not.. They still produced some A grade fuzzed out tunes... The latest stuff didnt inspire me that much but In search of is a killer record..

    Anyone gonna try catch them in Euro tour in 2011..?

    Cheers and Beers,

    Desert Rock Ireland ~ finding a groove in the spaces in between ~ :)

  31. RevengeOfTheNerfed

    Awesome! Sounds like Beck meets Nirvana!

  32. TonyRedgrave1501

    @greenvaepor I now what peroid you mean. It was the "california crossing" record period. that record was very bad, especially because there are no fuzz guitars on it and then the melodic singing on it! but this song here "asphalt rising" and the whole "in search of..." record is definetlly to heavy and fuzzy to be mainstream also the new record "signs of infinite power". when they are mainstream why isn't there any music video for the current record? because its to heavy and they are undeground

  33. EternityInValhalla

    @greenvaepor No one gives a fuck if they were or not. They're an awesome band. That's all that people need to know.

  34. greenvaepor

    not mainstream? I'll assume most of the posters here are too young to realize just how long Fu Manchu has been around... It has been played on the radio for a long time... just because you are too young to have been around when they WERE mainstream doesn't mean they never were. Still one of the best bands in history though.

  35. Ben Coleman Sounds

    OK, how many fuzz pedals do you reckon have been sold because of this band?

  36. shortuf0

    It'll burn the hair off ya nuts

  37. cartier.fresh

    non mainstream but is awesome !!!!!!!!

  38. pel666

    Great sound!!! That must be a Zvex wooly Mammoth fuzz? Just Awesome \m/

  39. DerSwine

    the youtube nazis keep pullin it down,..havent seen it up here in forevaa...

  40. simsZW

    cant find the real vid for asphalt rising anywhere. can anyone point me in the right direction???

  41. Totes Magee

    there is actually a crap load of good bands that are considered "underground", if you got time, just look up "local bands" on youtube and you will get lots of results =D or look up original song, have fun! xD

  42. ChefKev'sHouse

    Speaking broadly, I'm not a big fan of much after about 1984 or so. Fu Manchu is one of the few exceptions. Great. Thanks for posting!