Fruit Bats - You're Too Weird Lyrics

Somebody needs to tell me what I'm supposed to do
They say that I'm not supposed to be in love with you
They say that you're too weird for me
And you'll leave eventually
But then I'm the only one who ever believed in you

Somebody tell me what I'm looking to face
Everyone's saying that I'm just a part of your phase
They say you'll leave me if you could
As soon as the going's no good
But then I'm the only one who ever believed in you

Somebody tell me who else I coulda had
I don't love much but I love you pretty bad
They say that you won't treat me right
That you're gonna up and bolt in the night
But then I'm the only one who ever believed in you

So I guess I'll ask you if I will
Are you gonna run for the hills?
I'm the only one who ever believed in you
I'm the only one who ever believed in you
I'm the only one who will ever believe in you

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Fruit Bats You're Too Weird Comments
  1. scarlett213 lefty111


  2. Cat Moore

    All y'@ll too normal

  3. Stephen Johnston

    So cool!

  4. Kevin Heiniluoma

    This song is uhyjyfbgxgfcbyrdg

  5. The Summit

    Definitely getting a huge “Hello Old Friend” by Eric Clapton vibe from this song.

  6. Race Swami

    This song makes me want to swim the 200 meter butterfly with the grace and force of a mega-juiced 15 year old Ukrainian girl with booster fins.

  7. Felipe nunez

    I'm the only one to ever believe in you:(

  8. Rita-Marie Lawlor

    Oh fuck, I like this...

  9. M.B O one of the funniest things I've ever seen! One of those "finds"....all the way to the end. Hilarious surprises!

  10. Cherry Garcia

    one of my favorite songs ever. something about this video. that guitarist is cool. the girl posing is pretty great too. the freeze frames

  11. David Hanson

    Knocked it out of the park with this one. Bravo.

  12. CostaCola

    I'm getting notes of Abba's "Take a chance on me" and Foxx's "Only you can" with the composition of the video.

  13. will walkr

    This was a free song on Amazon. So I snagged it up. I didn't like much at first and let it slip from my mind. Then, one day I just hit play on my personal music catalog. It was so unlike any of my other music it stood out. Big fan ever since. Love this song.

  14. Lilaw Mohamad

    i disslike this musik

  15. Meir Moses

    Man I dig this tune

  16. Manny Rivera

    totally dig this

  17. Shane V

    Sharing NERD songs today in

  18. Jason

    looks like Donald Trump's son.

    Cullen Devene

    Jason Rainey it does indeed

  19. Shelby Meyers

    James Roday and Adam Scott's love child.

  20. DIYhealthyliving

    Reminds me of something that would be on the show psych

  21. Cherry Garcia

    great song, but what the hell did I just watch!? kooky but I like it

  22. Joshua Torres Berrocal

    Love this song. That feeling "What was I listening before?"

  23. rogerx bannon

    brilliant parody of the 80's, so many great parallels. The song is good to.

  24. Fenix

    Everything about this video/song experience is solid gold.

  25. Larry Fisherman

    Who's the blonde

  26. sk8nbrochacho

    looks like ben wyatt from parks and rec morphed with mark foster from foster the people


    yes!! parks and rec is the shit


    I thought it was ben but then thought "nah, this guy's mouth is too normal"

    Kayla Diaz

    +dragontatoes hahaha

    Cherry Garcia

    funny as ****

  27. Sofia Olins

    I love this so much- brilliant song- hilarious video

  28. anthonydreyna

    This video is gold

  29. RawrImAFish

    I actually really dig this 😂

  30. Ty Steger

    funny video great song

  31. flammingcarrot

    What are the guitar effects on the guitar solos?

  32. Cristina Faber

    loved! <3

  33. Top 10

    This is the best song I can't believe how much I dig this


    +LaDell Lupitan me too,i dig ur name as well!

  34. fai chung

    70S style 

  35. Game Boy

    These guys have turned into f*%%ing hipsters. This is complete [email protected]$

    very confused bot

    Of course you're brazilian and don't understand the joke.

    Game Boy

    Except they're not joking. They are total hipsters. Listen to how their music has changed since early 2000s. Btw I'm not Brazilian. But I speak Portuguese and English.

    very confused bot

    I lie they new songs

    very confused bot

    sry about the other comentary

  36. Robert

    I can't... It's too good.



  37. Chris Verrico

    Haha hard to believe nirvana was originally on sub pop

  38. midnightwolf2468

    Hilarious. Love them.

  39. Joshua Tithof

    Lead singer looks like the guy from "Psych"

  40. Ronnie

    Ahaha!! 2:41 They pulled this one off, can't be more cheesy

  41. St. Chloe

    One of the best vids out there. I watch this every few months just to check out Eric Johnson's sweet dance moves.

  42. St. Chloe

    all of them

  43. Dan Uptegraff

    I love that the guitar isn't even plugged in.

  44. Alejandro Reyes

    i hope this isn't a joke because I love how cheesy it is

  45. Gag Chose

    These guys are amazing, seriously, I usually listen to old music, 60's, 70's and 80's stuff. But once in awhile I find a band from today that is just awesome. Maybe there is hope for our generation, musically I mean!!

  46. chechisienna

    They are making fun of those videos in the 80's. It is a joke. I think it is great!

  47. Mare Maloo

    if you can not see this video correctly, move on to another. EJ is a gem. Promise.

  48. Brian Hageman

    I liked the song until I saw this video.

  49. paul goree

    What an awersome summer 2011

  50. Holden Caul

    all roads seemingly lead to Devendra

  51. leucifer

    This might just possibly be the best song and band ever.

  52. Der Wolf Der Anbetung

    This might just possibly be the worst song and band ever.

  53. Ethan Worthington


  54. Pablo Station

    Rex Manning in the house!

  55. TheRealGiblet

    This is way to egregious for my eyes.

  56. Trevvor Gorman

    This video and tune are beyond fantastic. Straight bitchin'.

  57. NicolasCage69

    Holy shit! Ron Jeremy's rocking out on the keytar!

  58. Thomas Nguyen

    For a Devon I thought they had Tom hanks on guitar

  59. reggieseaward1

    This is obviously a spoof video made to make fun of cheesy 80s videos. This video isn't made to be taken seriously. I think it's hilarious.

  60. Undertaker WOTWC Leader Creater

    Maroon5 and how they would look like,if MacGyver were theyr father O.O

  61. cleanplasticchild

    1:01 Is that The Governor from The Walking Dead? lol

  62. Daniela Lavon

    he remind me of Shawn Spencer

  63. Gerrald Vazquez

    He looks EXACTLY like James Roday...

  64. liljish10

    does this remind anyone of the rolling stones album cover?

  65. Matt K

    that would explain why i like them so much

  66. Woodrow.

    Gotta love the bats

  67. Seth chauvaux

    Yea Hello they are called the fruit bats.
    what do you expect??

  68. Hope Perry

    I died when my friend sent this to my friend who sent it to me xD

  69. BigTimeRushWorshiper

    My friend sent me this.... xD

  70. Dan Kane

    If you really think SubPop would put this out if the video were serious, you certainly don't know ANYTHING about the label, which, to remind you, gave us Nirvana. It is funny as hell though.

  71. MegaMemily

    These beautiful men oh my gosh.

  72. Mark Westinghouse

    fucking love this song I love cruising in my car to this song on a sunny day nothing better, its the little joys in life that make me happy

  73. TheRebexa

    ..........this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

  74. Zander Hayes

    lol what the fuck is this!!!

  75. nxaw91

    Always reminds me of Douglas Reynholm from the IT Crowd

  76. Jillikoi

    somebody tell me why i can't stop watching this video

  77. True

    I feel like that one guy in the video.

  78. Grigio Girl

    I love this so much. From the poly-satin sheets to the landline and incredible dance moves, this is one of my top five faves.

  79. culturaleyes

    This is right on the edge of being too weird for me.

  80. Glendaler 5

    sick hips while he's sawing that wood.....

  81. TKN plushie productions

    he looks like adam scott from "party down" and "parks and recreation"....

  82. EltonHamilton

    Allen Covert?

  83. katelynn watson

    does fruit bats remind anyone else of portugal. the man??

  84. katelynn watson

    reminds me of rolling stones, mother mother and portugal. the man

  85. me25422

    this is no parody

  86. Kristian Kuh

    I totally LOVE Sugarland!

  87. Mark Westinghouse

    I love in when the lead guitarist looks into the camera when he is doing the solo. he just knows

  88. Flick2025

    @iraqkiller3586 I think he looks more like Ben from parks and recreation

  89. cherubicnerd

    cute video. his (lead singer) looks are hilarious.

  90. André Emidio

    Fruit Bats>>>>>>>>>>>>MGMT (?)

  91. Woodrow.

    God i love that 80's soft lighting!

  92. TheSpoonyBard

    Planet Money listeners?

  93. petethepontiff

    Was this directed by Eric Wareheim?

  94. Paul Green

    lol did you se that guy in black face!

  95. VWestlife

    91.9 WNTI played this song!

  96. DenverKirk

    Yeah, the look is too Flock of Seagulls, but the song is a keeper.

  97. Nate Logston

    quite possibly my favorite music video ever!!!!

  98. llamagesicht

    I think I've secretly always wanted to see Eric Johnson like this. Wonderful song, wonderful band.

  99. chalkdust

    what a masterpiece - what is it 1981?

    eric d. johnson is truly both hilarious and great