Fruit Bats - Heart Like An Orange Lyrics

In his cold little town there's no singing allowed
No one smiles much and no one makes out and no one smokes down
He had a click in his knee and a sore in his mouth
Had a couple of girls but nothing so great to keep him around

So from up on the tundra he wandered down
Like a stray cat running from the snow
Took his mouldering boots off and breathed the air

Tried to live on the beach and was seared by the sun
Back on the farm his folks were up in arms crying, "our baby's a bum!"
But them Florida Girls kept him at ease
Ginger and rose and jasmine and all the other smells on the breeze

Up from the marshes she came to him
Like a flip flop floatin' on a wave
Like a hummingbird flying across the sea

If you lose a wingbeat when you're over that sea
You'll be swallowed by the drink, you'll sink and you'll sink
You'll sink, you'll see

But up in her room smells like sweet cinnamon
Cedar and sage and incense and smoke but few men had been
He's lost and he's gone
Gotta heart like an orange

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