Front Porch Step - Stones Lyrics

I know that I've made mistakes,
And I'm aware I've told some lies.
I'm sorry that I broke your heart.
You'll be glad to know that I broke mine.
Well I lost two good friends this year,
And I buried both my dogs,
So if you think that I've been hiding out of fear,
Then you just don't know me at all

You can hate me if you want to.
That's if you think you've got a right.
Just make sure that you're not jumping to conclusions
Before you go to draw your knife.

I never meant to hurt a soul,
But just keep saying what you will.
I just tried to use the earth to fill a hole,
I've found that God can only fill.
I learned a lot of things this year
But there's one thing that helped the most.
It's okay to burn a bridge down to the ground,
Right where you should've built a moat.

I can feel the pressure coming over me like setting sails.
Tried to come to my senses,
But sometimes they tend to fail.
And I tried to come out swinging
But I couldn't hold back tears.
It's no wonder that a can of soup
Can't get me through this year.
And I've taken advantage of the debt that Jesus paid
And I'm scared my heart has damage
From the wars that I have waged
And its true before, I've been a whore like Mary Magdalene,
And I've felt stones that crack my bones,
I'm just glad that God stepped in.
I'm glad that God stepped in.

Well, there's a Father that forgives,
And there's a God that knows the truth.
So I'm not scared to face his Judgment.
I'm just scared that you will too.
So you can go burn all my records,
And put me six feet in the ground.
There's still a flame that burns forever in my heart
Your hatred just cannot put out.

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Front Porch Step Stones Comments
  1. Chris Thompson

    As an aspiring musician, I have to say, this music is a joy to play as well as listen to. Thank you!

  2. Rachel Liliane

    "It's okay to burn a bridge down to the ground, right where you should have built a moat"

  3. Ibrahim Evans

    Really really love this song thanks for doing this <3

  4. Kevyn King

    Not exactly into the whole God aspect, but if you just look at it as being his journey (which it is) then this is still an amazing album

  5. Hope

    5 seconds into the song and I already love it

  6. Sinead Sanadoval

    You became my favorite the second I heard your voice 4 years ago. You being back is the most pleasant surprise. I've worn out your previous music.

  7. Constance Lujan

    Your amazing 💙

  8. Chris Spires

    I've missed you so much!!! Thank you so much for this!

  9. Caralina S

    You always been my favorite band. I'm so glad you're back!!!

  10. Levi Roberts

    such an amazing group...can't get enough.

  11. Shawdisy

    yayyyyyy he's finally back CX also this song is so poetic

  12. Eli Hughes

    thank God he made more music fuck the haters

  13. Anthony Locke

    "You'll be glad to know I broke mine"

  14. Thomas Henry

    absolutely hits home

  15. William Cuddlefish

    The comments are up! Thanks for the new tunes!

  16. ZeroSwerveGaming

    I'm so happy you are back. This has made my life🙏