From Indian Lakes - Garden Bed Lyrics

We were lost, in the tree lines
I saw glimpses of your love in bloom
And I feel the cost, of your absence
Every branch is reaching out to you
But I can't see the colors
Of your eyes behind the leaves
And I wait patiently

And when the weight is gone
When they pick you up
I'll be your rotting petals
I can be sentimental
And when the thorn is soft
Your stems are breaking off
You are a burning flower
You're suffocating in your garden bed
Garden bed
Garden bed
Garden bed

I was calm, in the grass
I spoke my mind you never said a word
And I moved along, but it's always
On my mind, now I'm never sure
And I can't see the colors
Of your eyes behind the leaves

And when the weight is gone
When they pick you up
I'll be your rotting petals
I can be sentimental
And when the thorn is soft
Your stems are breaking off
You are a burning flower
You're suffocating in your garden bed

Garden bed
Garden bed
Garden bed
Garden bed
Garden bed
(And when the weight is gone)
Garden bed
(When they pick you up)
Garden bed
(I'll be your rotting petals)
Garden bed
(I can be sentimental)
Garden bed
(And when the thorn is soft)
Garden bed
(Your stems are breaking off)
Garden bed
(You are a burning flower)
Garden bed
(You're suffocating in your garden bed
Garden bed
Garden bed
Garden bed
Garden bed
Garden bed
Garden bed
Garden bed)

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From Indian Lakes Garden Bed Comments
  1. Trainbike_

    it's incredible how personal FIL has been. Been listening since TMWWL and every song and album had been important to me and touched me. this song is just as important to me if not more, as well as most of this record.
    . Idk how it's possible. favorite artist of all time for me. <3

  2. T Mcd

    This album has been a true highlight of the year. Thank you for all the musical treasures you put forward and for all the wonderfully matched MVs. Hearing your new releases for the first time genuinely feels akin to unwrapping the perfect gift!

  3. lauren

    i’m confused about the story :(

  4. Jeanpaul Figueroa

    Can’t wait to see these guys live in DC. SONGBYRD

  5. Martín

    Is this about someone who has passed away?

  6. A taverna do KS- KroStter

    Hei, in Brazil we love your song too!

  7. Alfi Syahrin

    I can't compare Joey's 2 latest album to any other artist..... it's very pleasant!

  8. Jeanpaul Figueroa

    They have gotten so much better. Can't wait to see again on DC.

  9. Matt Porter

    Been loving this album, feels like art straight from the heart. Keep it up my guy.

  10. scaheye

    my boy joey said gay rights

  11. Braun Knew

    You are king dude

  12. Lauren Leon

    I cannot and will not stop listening to this song

  13. NSlyFoxN

    Блин, ребята, я вас просто обожаю!

  14. Brian Koch

    I just found y’all recently and listening to this makes me so happy I did. Beautiful sound even better cinematography. Keep it up.

  15. Numan Naveed

    garden bed...

  16. Qurida Pearson


  17. Luis Utrera

    newest favorite song, much love

  18. Shannen Everyday

    it's the best song I've heard for a long time ... I love all of this, Joey make an acoustic version, please ❤ greetings from Peru 😍

  19. Dust to Dust

    Any particular reason you put the title in katakana at the vid's start, btw?

  20. Dust to Dust

    I dig it; sharing it. ✊🤟

  21. Kori Santos

    Wishing one day I would see you live in the Philippines 😭

  22. Guy's Workout Channel

    Not enough singing, the music and singing mesh to much.

  23. Chris Neeson

    This is MY loving boon

  24. Logan Elliot

    i have never been more drawn to artistry as i am to yours, musically, visually, emotionally. all across the board, you’ve got it. what you put out into the universe never ceases to amaze me. i’ve been a fan since the man with wooden legs days, and have been so lucky to grow with you every single album. can’t wait to see you in dallas next month!!!

  25. Brooke Sweat

    Your music touches my soul

  26. Payton Parker

    I love ya'll so much, can't wait to see you in NY

  27. Tori Marie

    I love this song, this video, YOUR DOG, everything. Thank u

  28. Eduardo Santos

    Is such a beautiful Voice, omg!

  29. Danny Hipp

    Alright, this song definitely sucks at sucking. Not that I’m surprised at all, given your previous offerings. My man, you’ve done it yet again!

  30. Maria Dallacourt


  31. Stinkyfinger

    That was beautiful! Hey Mr. Joey - remember that guy in Little Rock who asked if you've played Bad Holiday live yet? That's me, and I'm still waiting on it! The season is coming ;)

  32. Stinkyfinger

    Anyone else move their mouse to see if the timer at the end matched the youtube video?

  33. Brat Rat

    “It’s like Napoleon Dynamite meets Broken Flowers”

  34. All Day Sea

    love love love

  35. Carson needham

    my favorite single and video from this release thus far!

  36. Ryan Hoyle

    Saw you guys with Copeland in February, been stuck on this sound ever since. Patiently waiting on the green press I ordered to meet me at my door, and I'll be seeing you again in Chapel Hill next month. Thanks for all the good tune feels.

  37. Weajue Mombo

    THIS. It's beautiful on so many levels. thank you for this ep, I wish I could fly to a show, you should come around Canada

  38. BeensaWiesna *Spencer Van Wie

    This is beautiful

  39. Joshie D

    I fuck with this aesthetic/collab so hard

  40. Austin Meier

    God I love you so much man. Your music is just the best. Planning on traveling to Atlanta to see you in November can't wait to see you there!

  41. Anissa Grant

    Me and my husband love you guys music.. This song and video gives me chills, both you and miris voice is amazing!🎧🖤✨

  42. Gabrielle Navarro

    just realized i’m listening to from indian lakes, as i’m wearing a from indian lakes shirt. obviously my fave 🖤💫


    I bought the white one and got spaghetti sauce on it the next day...

    Crow Daddy

    got one of the older ones a blue pullover :D

    Tom Younker

    I have my hoodie on!

  43. Max Gensler

    One of your best songs to date! The upbeat tempo with your ghostly voices make this a perfect contrast to the lyrics and the overall vibe/sound of the song. And a great visual piece by coleton. The guitar solo is also so well placed - having the chaotic sound puts so much emphasis in the feelings you're portraying. BIG LOVE JOEY!

  44. Jesse Davis

    Dope! love the video it play so well with the song.

  45. Brandon V.

    You and Miriam killed it ❤A beautiful song ❤

  46. TinyLivingTougeCafè TLTC

    When are you coming to Las Vegas!!! I want to see you live again your music is everything great to me. Thanks 🙏 for letting the world feel something so beautiful. Your music leave my mind in a peaceful place.

  47. Evita

    From Indian Lakes is national treasure.

  48. Daily

    I've been hyping up this song so much since I heard you play it last tour and Jesus Christ dude did that hype pay off. This is 100% my favorite one so far. Your's and Miri's voice are so haunting and beautiful and I cant wait to hear her on other songs on the album. And GOD DAMN that solo gets me head banging every time. I'll surely be listening to this on repeat for the next two weeks until the album comes out. Thank you so much for sharing this music that inspires me incredibly. Love you Joey, I'll always be supporting you!

    Dani' el

    I also saw them on that tour and I realized I wasn't familiar with that song when they played it. (I forgot if they mentioned it was new or not) So you made me dig up my recording of that song and sure enough it's Garden Bed !

  49. Tommy Adams


  50. Rob Kaufman

    Can’t wait to see you live! Just bought the vinyl too. ❤️ u

  51. Kasper Orion

    thanks i love it

  52. The Lost Lambs

    Yassssss I'm so excited

  53. From Indian Lakes

    I have never been happier to share a song and video with you! This song really touches me on a deeper level, many nights getting emotional hearing it come together. Miri's voice is so perfect and powerful on this, i love her so much. Thanks for watching and supporting as always! Like and subscribe, leave a comment and say nice things about Miri and listen to her band Queen Of Jeans! We are both playing shows this fall!

    Joseph Niehaus

    It's been years since I was this excited for an album. Each one is better than the last, my man.

    reefer 5

    Another masterpiece

    7709 wataridori

    I love your music so much.Please come to Japan.

    Lila Ysabel

    From Indian Lakes Got tickets to the LA show! Excited!

    Michele Rizzi

    This song is the hug from your best friend, the cup of tea in a winter day, the shower after a summer run. Thank you Joey !