From Ashes To New - Through It All Lyrics

There's not a day that passes by
The pain has not amassed inside
It's breaking me down to the ground
It's like I crashed and died
It's hard to leave your past behind
Especially when you're last in line
And half the time it acts like vines
And wraps inside my fragile mind
Hiding in plain view it seems
The same old shit I choose between
Taking who I used to be
And keep it subdued beneath
Close to dead and losing me
You took a chance and you believed
So did I, I let you lead
And grabbed the line you threw to me

And through it all...
You saved me, you made me
And through it all you changed me forever
You love me, you hate me
And through it all you changed me forever

You've given me a chance to change
Helped me in ways I can't explain
I'll never understand the way
You took my hand with no dismay
Now I'm who I am today
And that's the man I plan to stay
But can't escape, I can't evade
You stranded me and ran away
Why'd you do it why'd you leave
Why'd you help me find my feet
Why'd you guide me blindingly
Then turn and say goodbye to me
All this time I tried to be
The person you applied to me
This lie you feed that I'd succeed
Is why I'm me, a dying breed

You saved me, you made me
And through it all you changed me forever
You love me, you hate me
And through it all you changed me forever

Through it all you changed me
I'm not the same me
For better or for worse this person that you made me
Through it all you changed me
I'm not the same me
For better or for worse you changed me forever

It's killing me down deep within
It makes me strain to breath again
All this pain I keep it in
If it's the end where'd we begin
It's so hard to comprehend
Where we are is where we end
Let's make believe let's just pretend
You don't hate me and want me dead
What you said stays in my head
An unrelenting discontent
It torments me to no extent
Entrenches me just like cement
It makes no sense what your intent
Bled for me then fled instead
You never meant to be content
Fuck the words let's just be friends

You saved me, you made me
And through it all you changed me forever
You love me, you hate me
And through it all you changed me forever

Through it all you changed me
I'm not the same me
For better or for worse this person that you made me
Through it all you changed me
I'm not the same me
For better or for worse you changed me forever


Through it all you changed me
I'm not the same me
For better or for worse this person that you made me
Through it all you changed me
I'm not the same me
For better or for worse you changed me forever

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From Ashes To New Through It All Comments
  1. James Pierre


  2. Lawrence Penner

    Fuck when u try to give your wife the best of life with no worries and always safe plus when u made a butuifule daughter love u babe ...both u and are daughter Eva Ann shepherd Penner Poch

  3. Neil Nunez

    Badass song thx guys

  4. bigconk74fe

    I hate rap rock but these guys are something different.

  5. El CID71

    Now I get it!!! The dude had all those problems with the chic, cuz she’s left handed!!! Duh 😂😂😂😂

  6. Sidewinder 99

    Who's the girl in this video?

  7. Lyle k Maynard

    Keep it coming brother yall got this.

  8. Sloth King

    Damn this is awesome!!!

  9. intentionally__offensive

    every song from every album is liked by me :)❤ truly amazamazing works of art

  10. Psychodo

    gave me chills, some songs hit hard

  11. Alexander Gredzens

    song is just amazing but the video is garbage

  12. Jill Barker

    Best song ever!!!

    Jill Barker

    Helping me get through my and my kids toxic breakup!😭

  13. Xavier Martineau

    Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. haunted irishblood

    Lesson learned. Don't date

  15. ItzChuuu

    2:32 now THAT deserves more attention

  16. Jure Gašper

    this sounds like someone is fuckin a bucket full of shit. mclovin this crapidiots

  17. Nathan Lynott

    I want this singer to come back. No hate for the new one. But I became a fan from their first ep

  18. Sir Shinoda official

    He raps like Mike isn't it

  19. Sir Shinoda official

    I found similarity to Linkin Park... My friends recommended me this band and I discovered one new here that's Hollywood undead

  20. Felix Vigilante

    Damn! I wasn't expecting the ending like that. Is it wrong to dedicate this to my fucked up mom? She left me now she's back and thinks shit can be worked out yet she still doesn't contact me or care to see me..?

  21. Maisa Chhaakchhuak

    Lead singer don't change me

  22. Bass booster

    My phone survived through all of the drops

  23. Bass booster

    1:46 my favorite part

  24. Trucs bizarres

    2k19 still there ❤️

  25. insane professor x zone

    I see he rapping. It like Mike shinoda. And skillet. Sound like.

  26. Matt Underdahl

    Damn but that ending tho

  27. Anthony Cobetto

    Ill tell you this to anyone out there that's a good person there's hope dont change into a monster dont let the demons in you out you'll find someone it might not be today it might not be in a month but I know one thing if your a good person and do whats right and don't look back you'll find someone that doesnt fuck you over wish all of you luck rock on and punk forever

  28. Undead Spartan

    Is it me or is Danny Case voice is one of the best vocal singers their is?

    Zombie Crafter

    Not just you but this is Chris Musser, their old singer

  29. Cecilio Ravioli

    When sk8ing and "metal" meet. :D

  30. Mr.SoloDolo

    Thought I'd check these guys out but meh..they're pretty poppy.

  31. Jenny Barnett

    Ok Kirkland I get your message with this song

  32. chief 1 redwolf

    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life life for God did not send his son into the world to condemn it but that the world through him can be saved Jesus said and that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👟❤️📖✝️

  33. Steve Woods

    One of my favorite bands

  34. Alexus

    Hooked from the beginning. This is great.

  35. Nick Pucello

    Who is the smoke show ?

  36. Jimmy V

    It’s kind of funny how people hear something new and instantly say this sounds like these 2 bands or this band and that rapper.

  37. Anantam Bisht

    Why ain't they blowing up??

  38. Ur full of BS

    Yaoi are not black.

  39. Павел Савчук

    Девушка очень очень красивая!

  40. brandon faletti

    Those tiddies were literally the only good thing about this trash shit.


    The next chester

  42. Arlene Strait

    Ain't no man keeping a box of a girls pictures 😂

  43. Shane Spencer

    To me I give the world , it is a scary tucked up one to live in. Don't give up on yourself and the ones you love . Society takes you down and it's hard to stand your ground when there are demons that live in the shadows beating your self-esteem to nothing. The ends coming and ill love to watch it burn

  44. Ash Mitch

    Bitches suck but not in the good way

  45. Badkittymia meow


  46. Water Combat

    HU + Linkin Park = From Ashes to New

  47. Thanawut Wansai


  48. Madisyn DiNovo

    I miss December 10th. That concert was lit🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️

  49. Krazy Ass

    Just wanted to say thanks! Love the song...

  50. rakawibisono 97

    the rapper looks like mike shinoda or is it just my imagine?

  51. Obscured Visions

    This is like a parody of what nu metal is

  52. Vitor Silveira

    Quero mais músicas com vídeos incríveis desse.

  53. Michelle Heckler



    I like them too

  54. Lina's Kitty

    Miss this 😍😭

  55. jc50gt

    0:24 Papa Roach hat 🤘

  56. João 6 da matina

    Uchiha Madara rules...

  57. Some Nerd

    I studied so much, but in the end it doesn't-

    Wait, wrong band

  58. roachxyz

    What happen to the singer?

  59. tretert erterttert

    2:31 emo.exe has stopped working

  60. Bearded Republican

    Is this the rapper from the old Pepsi Blue commercial song???

  61. Kawari Uzuki

    Foda D+

  62. Gangrene Gangster

    This song made me decide to check out the rest of their music, and it's the best choice I could have made.


    Glad you did its good

  63. Hashim FBI

    Hello fortnite 😂🏙

  64. Alph Monroy


  65. MrJeridan

    I'm just mad her nails were blue before he left then red when he died. Continuity please.

  66. zanakis words

    Melhor banda de rock muito foda, ainda bem que eu achei essa banda num amv kkkk

  67. Ian Gill

    I met the lead singer yesterday , he came in to the gas station I work at and asked me if I was into rock and told me to look them up and I’m really glad I did! They’re great!

  68. Elcio Souza

    2019 🤘🏼

  69. JT LUCAS

    wher have these guys been hidein wow my new fav band hell yaa 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  70. Jeff Morris

    Great song!!!

  71. Phuc Chu

    Maliciously underrated

  72. Frédéric Jean

    Impressionnée on dirait en fermant les yeux en écoutant j'ai u l'impression écouter du linkin park o.o

  73. DVM

    1:38 anyone else has Tim Mcilrath vibes from Rise Against?

  74. Conor Brennan

    2:33 guitarist swing his guitar

  75. Matthew Harrison

    Thank you God..... Thank you music, band

  76. Juraj Strýček

    Linkin park 2

  77. Josh Abbott

    You sure this isn't Linkin Park reincarnated? They died off and came back more badass!

  78. Steven Hardwicke

    Everyone of us could dedicate this to SomEonE. 💯


    Linkin park 2 ..jajajaja

  80. Май Кемрик

    Линкин Парк напоминает )

  81. tristananvilcaster

    The rapping reminds me of Johnny 3 Tears from HU and the chorus sounds like Masato from Coldrain! Sick mix 🤘🔥

  82. Max-nü-metal Gontier

    Imposible compararlo con Linkin Park aun pero que increible calidad de sonido y musica ojala sigan creciendo porque sobra talento ahi

  83. The_New _OldSkool_Kids

    Awesome, love the new music. I got to see these guys at Texas Live in Arlington TX and also meet them, they are amazing ❤️

  84. Shresth Kumar lal

    Reminded me of chester 😢
    U guys r great !!

  85. Melissa Secore

    Seen them a couple months ago there good live

  86. sylsyx

    vous êtes linkin park qu'on a perdu

  87. Bob Stevie

    For some reason this song reminds me of young by Hollywood undead

  88. Stephen Davenport

    8 million views, crazy! And this song is not played on the radio!

  89. Dylan Goff

    I have always been a fan of Linkin Park and after what happened to Chester I have looked for new bands that will keep producing similar music (Obviously NOT forgetting Chester or Linkin Park in the process). From Ashes to New does what I feel is one of the hardest musical combinations, which is combing rap and rock, well. I had a bad break up after 2 1/2 years and I have always looked at it in such a negative way. It has changed my life but I was not able to appreciate the positives of the relationship until this song. This song allowed me to see my growth, and the benifits that I gained from my past and I could not explain the amount of appreciation I have for this song. I hope From Ashes to New keeps growing and eventually gets to be a well known band for many people. I know many people can relate to what I said and thats why this song is so amazing. Keep rocking From Ashes to New 🤟

  90. MetalMan1245

    Usually I can handle the amount of dislikes on good music, but 3.1 thousand is simply unacceptable.

  91. Samyaza

    "fuck the words: lets just be friends" so true

  92. Fhen rik

    Camera Guy: Hey drummer, make like you are enraged but make no noise

    Drummer: What the F%$#? No noise?! You sure??

    Camera Guy: I SAID NO FU%$&#@ NOISE!!

    Drummer: Ok... 0:23 *moves violently the sticks but makes no noise*

    (The drums enters at 0:31)

  93. Андрей Зинченко

    Круто, это как более тяжелая версия Linkin Park, но очень классно. Спасибо ребята.

  94. simon murphy

    This song is amazing

  95. Louder Noise

    Stream or Download the new album by From Ashes To New - 'The Future' -