Frights, The - Tungs Lyrics

For if we ain't got the time
I tell ya baby I don't think we're doing fine
We just haven't got a clue
I keep my love
I want my blood inside of you

Do you think I'm cute?
Well it's too late to check
And I don't care
You got your tongue against my neck
Do you like my style?
Have you seen my shoes?
Cause they've been ripped to shit
From walking the world for you

Everybody knows I'm right
I can't control it
Got my eyes on you all night
We just haven't got a clue
I keep my love
I want my blood inside of you

Do you think I'm cute?
Well it's too late to check
And I don't care
You got your tongue against my neck
Do you like my style?
Have you seen my shoes?
Cause they've been ripped to shit
From walking the world for you

Do you think I'm cute?
Well it's too late to check
And I don't care
You got your tongue against my neck
Do you like my style?
Have you seen my shoes?
Cause they've been ripped to shit
From walking the world for you

Do you think I'm cute?
Well it's too late to check
And I don't care
You got your tongue against my neck
Do you like my style?
Have you seen my shoes?
Cause they've been ripped to shit
From walking the world
Ripped to shit from walking the world
Ripped to shit
Ripped to shit from walking the world for you

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Frights, The Tungs Comments
  1. 1,000 subscribers without any videos

    Believe it or not but I’m here from Instagram😉

  2. Elizabeth idk

    This makes me feel sad but happy at the same time hard to explain 😔

  3. Alex Mason

    I fuckin swear kids ruin everything man... For now on I'm not going to read the comments on songs I like.

  4. Yagurlll.spooky

    Better than kpop fight me

    (Don't take offence please lol)

  5. Jackson Rall


  6. Alex

    I was drawing and then I heard the lyric "I want my blood inside you~"

    I literally paused what I was doing and looked up with an expression basically saying, "Wtf did I just hear?"

  7. G K

    I feel like tiktoks version hits harder? Like there’s a beat drop but not here in the original. Anyone else?

    MG Murray

    Yeah this one is a lot faster than the TikTok version. and has a better/different tune?

    lovesquid21 HBP

    There's a couple versions of this song, so check that out :)

  8. Amberly Jolly

    “this song is road trip approved”
    -me who is listening to this on a road trip

  9. koolkrespo

    Who was here back when this song had like 1.5k views and tiktok didn’t find it?

  10. lavender child

    im telling my kids this was vampire weekend

  11. Mmm Raw Eggs

    Tik tik doesn’t ruin songs, it introduces good songs to people

  12. Burntsocks :p

    This reminds me of my crush I have on my friend

  13. Shuddup bish

    This song gives me Christmas vibes, and I love itttttt 😍

  14. Morty Smith

    I’m so glad the frights finally have a million views!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for ever, they deserve it 😁🎈🎉🎊congratulations frights, here before a billion views!!!!

  15. Jammie DuRant

    No one is going to care how I found this song until I change my account

  16. Matt Matt

    Read more

  17. Nakiya Miller

    will y’all shut up about tik tok using these songs? it’s actually great because people can discover more music. stop with the “fake fan” “true fan” shit.

  18. Kiwi Wella

    What’s this song about? Maybe I’m dumb cause I just can’t understand.

  19. Clumsy Captain

    It goes from Indie to country to Early 2000s rock and I love every part of it

  20. Maximo Valentin

    My sister showed me this

  21. Cecy Palafox

    No inventen, yo venía por que la escuché en un lista en aleatorio de Spotify y me encantó la canción..

  22. rylee is rad

    gives me Never Shout Never vibes

  23. kag

    Ok no one cares u got this song from tiktok.

  24. Endy

    lowkey a vampire song

  25. café

    my neck

  26. Jazzmine Olson

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh tik tok why you do me like this i love the songs that get popular there anyone else

  27. Wierdo

    only millennials didn't get this song from tik tok

  28. PolarOp

    never his this song on tik tok...

  29. Alyssa Sonneville

    anyone else here because of TikTok

  30. Izabel Torres

    300th comment

  31. chelsey

    i think instead of thinking of tiktok as a way of “ruining” songs you should think of it as an opportunity for the song to get more popular! if a good song isn’t that popular but tiktok makes it more popular you should be grateful or something like that instead of saying tiktok ruined it because maybe some people will check out the artist if they like the song enough and it’ll get the artist to succeed more so what i’m trying to say is instead of saying “tiktok ruined this” view it as a way of making it more popular

  32. crookthings2

    thanks jocelyn for introducing me to this song. i had fun last night.

  33. Adam McMasters

    got this from a doomer playlist

  34. otter

    this sounds like smth weezer would sing whoa

  35. Aniya Howell

    I feel like this is a great song for ahs😁😁😁

  36. - Pakomlezotr -

    Damnit, I love so much this song. NOT BECAUSE TIKTOK guys

  37. Stinson de Jesus Tinsman

    my friend reccomended it to me
    listen to the album its so good

  38. Autumn Burch

    you know what yeah i found this on tiktok but sometimes it doesnt ruin everything! it might make songs popular and it might result in more casual fans but thats ok!

  39. Emeraldcat 4733

    Is it good or bad that im listing to this while im doing homework

  40. ЭЛЛИОТ

    Apparently i should start using tik tok, cause in every favorite song of mine the comments are filled with people from there

    mirandoo0 _

    ЭЛЛИОТ you really should, a lot of the songs are really up beat like this, benji krol is a big creator on there and every song he posts with is a bop like this

  41. Keanna Lautenbach

    I have discovered this today on the 19th of August, the year is 2019

  42. Kalyn Schreter

    I found the song by asking Google if she liked my shoes

  43. kayla-chan uwu

    ok but am i the only one who didnt come from tiktok

  44. SickoBlox

    Do you like my style, have you seen my shoes?”

  45. Gracie Xoxo

    *Tik Tok has entered the chat.*

  46. Theutus

    this song disgusts me i like it

  47. Daniel Miyahara

    Local band in LA plays this song, interesting

  48. Leila Ragsdale

    Tik Tok is the legit plug for good songs I don’t know

  49. T.A

    y'all complaining ab tik tok "stealing" this song, but it's getting more popularity +so is the band, and if you were truly a fan wouldn't you be happy they're flourishing now?

    i just want cheese

    @Fat Man there is such thing as gatekeeping tho :)
    And those people just want to keep things for themselves, they are the 'fake fans' my dude


    happy, but tiktok is infamous for being the grave yard of good songs, due to it being memed on by teenagers.


    Fat Man :flushed:


    Cremie if a couples of cringy 15 year olds ruin a song for you, that sounds like a you problem

    Morty Smith

    T.A yes!!!! I am personally even if it is from tiktok lol, goood point 👍

  50. The_real 54

    Idk why but i thought the icon was a bird

  51. rocio lemos

    This song is strangely nostalgic to me but it literally came out 3 years ago,,, I associate this with my childhood

    Duckyyy AJ

    rocio lemos you must be like 11

  52. G R

    Who was listening to this before Tik Tok took it

  53. rydenrosss

    Cant wait til they actually blow up
    Real friggin good band >:))

  54. Betsy Argueta

    Que bonito 😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️

    Betsy Argueta

    Yeahhh so bonito 😳😳😳😳👀👀👀

  55. Very Original

    i been here since before tictok and have watched this blow

    up not mad

  56. cleidson adrian

    This is amazing, my new favorite band. 💙

  57. FourGoose

    Vampire weekend anybody?

  58. Ace Bautista

    Spotify Discover Weekly anyone?

  59. Destiny U

    I just found this band and I’m kinda in love

  60. LilZedGaming

    Whatsup cutie ;)


    Wassup sorry I'm not gay

  61. Sam

    Not gunna lie I get all my good music from TikTok

  62. Jesse


  63. DrinkYourWater Pls

    I wish this song was longer

  64. Mortality

    This beat is the reason I come back to the song. It's stuck in my head.

  65. Vanessa Lloyd

    tik tok = greatest playlist of all time

    that dude who watches too many movies

    im not sure greatest is the right word, maybe strangest



    Echobox Gacha

    that dude who watches too many movies, yeah but once it a while it shows really good songs

  66. lovbats

    real vampire fucker hours huh

  67. sydney howard

    i am in love

  68. Beckett Oliphant

    I thought this was rex orange county

  69. Alejandra Corona

    i’m so mad that tik tok has made this song famous. IT DESERVED TO BE VIRAL A LONG ASS TIME AGO

    Rat *

    Well it is now so... 🙃

  70. lmaodrewww

    am i the only one who's not here from tik tok?

    Macaroni and Cheese

    lmaodrewww we’re a rare breed ig

    Becky Wilde

    @Macaroni and Cheese x2

  71. DarknessGirl06 -

    Merci Mon petit coeur

  72. Syliis

    how have i never heard of this song

  73. Cellogirl A3

    This is one of those songs that just instantly puts you in a better mood

  74. Simply Libby

    Tik tok who


    the look on my face when a really cute goth girl gave me her headphones and this came on...nigga maybe love is real

  76. Alyssa Marie

    Ew now tik tok people like this song curse the app leave these songs alone


    no. we should all be happy that they’re getting the recognition they deserve. i came here from tik tok and now i love the song. stop hating just because it’s tik tok. let people enjoy shit

  77. Lily Morrell

    this song is just heaven

  78. Um canal De Futebol Qualquer

    *0:54* *this* *is* what u came for

  79. Isabel Zambrana

    *0:54** tik tok users have entered the chat*


    @Taschip right


    @uwu ily tho


    @Taschip wot

    alli ;

    Taschip ily


    @alli ; ily2 ❤

  80. Daniela Dinoia

    90% of the comments: TikTok
    9% of the comments: how good this song is
    1%: random crap

    Presley Lovegood

    0% talking about how weird his album cover is

    p e a c h p i t

    @Presley Lovegood 0 talking about how amazing it is


    100% Enjoy the song


    eheh why do I find one of these comments on every TikTok song?

  81. Kat

    bb this is so cute

  82. Kyler Coles

    this song is cute

  83. Damann jones

    0:53. Yw

  84. Chris Flowers

    Tik tok is wack, but this song is good so I guess I’m thankful


    Tik tok helps me find songs

  85. Sandy

    I was sleepy before listening to the song, now
    I’m wide awake and hyped.

  86. Dominic Serrano

    can someone please sing this to me?!

  87. Michael Luster

    Tik tok

  88. Coke732

    Hahahahha I actually knew this song before tik tok i am so proud

  89. chanelle

    kevboyperry anyone?

  90. Riley B

    This song has been stuck in my head for forever, and I couldn’t remember where I heard it from......... found it on tik tok, thank goodness lol

  91. Wookie Masa

    The beginning reminds me of Crush Culture

  92. Grace Merritt

    the beginning kinda sounds like the beginning of peewee's playhouse intro

  93. BDX _1000

    I love it

  94. Jesse Wingert

    God damn these are some heartbreaking lyrics. All I can think of is how pissed and hurt I was after my ex and I broke up.

    frayl Is a homo

    I know exactly how you feel bub :(

  95. Samantha Rivera

    0:45. 2:10

  96. Callum Melvin

    Why has tik tok made me found some of my favourite songs ever? this app is too good

    Liv Glass

    Callum Melvin same here. Any recommendations?

    Malorie Oyler

    Callum Melvin same

    Josh Whiting

    @ehdhvfcbsj jus like ur opinion

    December Yeet


    Patrick Popp