Frights, The - Pills Lyrics

There's a sad sad story in everyone
But something always gives it away
Is it the drugs you take or the mess you made
Or is it hard just waking up every day?
Now I've been scared before but it's hard to breathe
You're the only one keeping me sane
Have you had too much, are you going to leave
Can anybody make it okay?

'Cause I know (I know) Oh I know (I know)
I'm a lot to handle, I'm a lot to handle
And I swear (I swear) oh I swear (I swear)
That I'll do whatever

Call me crazy, call me self-prescribed
But I will carry these pills 'til the day I die
I won't lose you I might lose my mind
But I will carry these pills 'til the day I die

I got an endless wave of anxiety
And I think it gets worse at night
And the hypochondriac in me is
Screaming that you're gonna die
I never hurt myself but this hurts like hell
Getting better but its taking it's time
And out of all the people I lost before
I never thought of losing my mind
No, I never thought of losing my mind

Don't know why I can not breathe
My insides feel outside of me
I know it's weird I'm such a creep
I take a pill, I fall asleep

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Frights, The Pills Comments
  1. Cole Johnstone

    Just made a tutorial for this :)

  2. Gavrielle Villarreal

    This song is soooooo AWESOME!!!

  3. Pug The Cat

    This is great and all, but seeing it live? Best mosh pit I've ever been in.

  4. pikalove

    Love this song, it's my favorite on the album. I've been a fan since YAGTHT, and don't know why people hate this album so much

  5. Gaspar Rodriguez

    Que buenisimos que son

  6. Robert Velarde

    this whole album is .... pretty fuckking good!

  7. Candy Cane

    By far their best song

  8. Loic Baird


  9. Ruben Rivera

    I will carry this pills to the day i die

  10. Ralph Garrett

    Wowww blessed video!

  11. Firwik Howlo

    This sounds like weezer.


    thought i was the only one thinking it

  12. Katy Collins

    So nice 😍

  13. Ethan Goldrup

    first let’s go ayyy