Frights, The - Frat Kids Lyrics

So now you're leaving, and that's real nice
Cause we don't want you anymore, you better look into my eyes
And we don't need you anymore
And we don't want you around at all

Talked about what we both said
After all of them bullshit lies I told to you
I should of known it, you make me cry
But you can go fuck yourself, you can't find another guy

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Frights, The Frat Kids Comments
  1. gekyoom

    the best song from the frights 🚫🧢 intended

  2. Brad Worley

    I thought he wrote it about my ex girlfriend fuck you Brittney Davis go find another guy oh yeah she don't let go one branch until she has another the frights for ever help me through everything

  3. Humdrum Princess

    Here for the weed

    Angela Abril

    a fucken mood bro

  4. BDC Matt

    Good Tune

  5. Makeout Reef

    lyrics are wild. i think the songs about the ex drummer wanting to leave.